BoM characters on tumblr

Elder Price - Reblogs lots of pictures of Orlando, Disneyland, Salt Lake City, posts of Mormonism and Joseph Smith. Always tags his stuff and worry about things like followers a lot. Fanboys over Disney movies and Mickey Mouse a lot too, and makes posts about how much he believes in Mormonism and how he’s going to change the world one day and how he’s going to have his own Planet Orlando. Pretentious asshole.

Elder Cunningham - Major fandom blog, mostly LoTR, The Hobbit, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and tons of horrible liveblogging, corny failed textposts, reblogs anything he finds funny. Makes a bunch of awful puns, doesn’t really care about followers because he mostly just follows others’ blogs and stalks Kevin Price daily. Tumblr really ruined his life. He has a lot of fun tagging and constantly sends love through other bloggers’ ask boxes, especially Kevin’s.

Elder McKinley - GAY PORN. CUTE ANIMALS. BROADWAY MUSICALS. SHINY GLITTERY CLOTHING. COSPLAY. SHIPS A LOT OF GAY CHARACTERS LIKE DESTIEL AND JOHNLOCK. His tumblr is just a safety place to let all the gay out. He loves making gifs too and interacts a lot with fellow tumblr users and followers. Has an autoplay of the Wicked soundtrack. Sometimes flirt with Kevin, which their followers ship.

Nabulungi - Wouldn’t get a hang of tumblr for a few weeks, but then eventually learned how to blog and reblog. Social justice, feminism, vintage, fashion, clothes, and pretty hairstyles. She posts a lot of selfies too, and is really sweet and polite to all her followers. Arnold’s ultimate tumblr crush.

Mafala - I have maggots in my scrotum. Ok I’m done.

You Look Like You Could Use The Help {McPriceley}

Alternate title: Roommates. Will be multi-chap. McPriceley with some Arnaba thrown in for good measure. New York City isn’t all it’s cracked up to be- at least not to Connor McKinley.

Chapter One

"Tough day?" Katie chuckled, eyeing Connor out of the corner of her eye as she removed her retail apron and fixed her appearance in the break room mirror. Connor scoffed in an admittedly rude fashion before turning to his co-worker.

"You have no idea," He responded coldly, "I moved here to perform. Not to spend the week before Christmas Eve working in some shitty little department store. And now I have to go home to my even shittier little apartment and pretend I’m not spending another holiday alone."

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