I had a few people ask me about the icons found in the screenshot I posted yesterday. I found a bunch of them on MacRumors, by the user Arn0, and turned them into a template so I could make more. I uploaded a few of the more common ones here, with a few of my additions and tweaks. I’m loving the consistency of my current dock. AP.net user RyanPM pointed me to the free app LiteIcon for quickly and easily changing icons (I’ve found it makes it easier for apps that revert after an update).

I also tossed into that thread a new version of my Alfred theme to better match Yosemite. The new default Alfred themes are actually pretty similar to what I had created a while back, but I had a few readability tweaks I wanted to make.

And for fun: There’s also a workflow I modified to quickly respond to your last iMessage and one for uploading a selected image on your computer to imgur.com for sharing (an action I do daily).

I also plugged the app Hazel for doing a bunch of cool folder tricks. Currently I’m using it to automatically categorize every photo I take into dated folders on Dropbox as well as run some rules on my Downloads folder to keep it nice and organized. Definitely worth a look for power users. And, while hovering around the Apple topic, I think I’m going to pull the trigger on the new Retina iMac upgrade.

All of the things I’ve been reading, and the praise from many I trust, leads me to think it’s time. I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend thinking through the decision and what workflow changes it would need — and then make the final call Sunday night. Or throw back a few beers and be reckless while budgeting out and buying Christmas gifts for friends and family … we’ll see what wins out.