Things I've learned while being in a military relationship:

1. Throw all your calendars out, because if you even THINK about making plans, something will fucking change.
2. Better get used to Skype sex being the only sex you get for months at a time.
3. Have fun having emotional breakdowns at least once a week from missing your significant other so much.
4. Get used to putting on a pretty face and acting like nothing’s wrong when you haven’t been able to sleep for the past 3 nights without hearing from them.
5. If you make it through a deployment, you can make it through anything.
6. Better get used to spending all yo extra cash on plane tickets.
7. 900 miles seems like a Sunday afternoon walk when they move 7000 miles away.
8. 3 am phone calls are the shit.
9. So is ditching studying for 11 am Skype dates.
10. Your love is the real deal.
11. You really want “normal” couples to start appreciating the little things more.
12. Dates change, change, and then change again. Did I mention don’t make plans?
13. Every second you get to talk to and spend time with them makes all the not talking to or spending time with them worth it.