I blogged a while ago a Peugot frame that we resprayed, i think i made some comment about it having 8 bit lugs. Anyways the frame belongs to a good friend of mine and he sent me some photos of the bike built up, pretty authentic as far as i can see, with 650B 44c Michelin tyres, which look flippin’ amazing, and a handlebar setup of dreams.

The 650b size is making a bit of a comeback in touring and mountain bikes so there should be a bit of a better selection of tyres and rims available, which is good if you have an old frame like this of course.


Early 2013, I worked with a spraying company called Armourtex in East London in order to respray my main bike and apply my early Massif-central logo idea. I even challenged Duncan to spray the internal face of the forks a different colour and he did it beautifully. 

Not only did we respray the bike but we also got to apply custom and  decals. 

A great result and quite a bit of fun trying to get it right too.


Peter, who does the wet-spraying, is super handy with a spray gun and produced this test piece on a Leader 722 to show off some of his skills. All paint is lacquered over with powder coat so the paint work is tough as old boots. We can pretty much do anything on your frame that you like (as long as it’s legal) so let us know your ideas and we can make your magical wishes come to life, through the medium of paint.


Old frame plus new parts pretty much makes a new bike by my calculations. Maths was never my strong point. Copying my friends homework plus (+) not really paying attention equaled (=) a mediocre GCSE C grade in maths for me.
Still look at me now; quite the career-driven high-flyer. My teachers would be proud. Or at least surprised that I’m still alive.

Anyhoo. This build turned out super nice with it’s brand spanking Campag Veloce gruppo and Vento Reaction wheelset. It looked even nicer after the bars got taped up.

Not sure what the frame is, modern-ish though with a 130mm dropout spacing, but the whole build came in at a pretty respectable weight and rides a whole lot better, about 63 percent better, than an alloy frame.

You do the maths.


2012 Sunday Gary P P P P P PRO model in the shop.

Out of the box this is a bike that would cost you a grand to put together from parts, once again Sunday giving you outstanding value for money with top Odyssey parts on their full Cromo frame, forks and bars.

Quadrant rims, Vandero hubs, Thunderbolt Cranks, Evo 2 brake, Odyssey’s convertible seatpost and Aaron ross tyres are some of the highlights of this pro level complete.

Basically it’s the bike you would build up yourself anyways so you might as well buy it innit?

We are doing this at an amazing price but I can’t remember what it is because I’m writing this from home and i didn’t write the price down before i left the shop so call us or even better come in and see us and we may make you a tea and offer you a biscuit.

We may not though so don’t get your hopes up.

But do call about the price; it’s mind blowingly good.


We are fully equipped to dismantle, paint and safely reassemble a Brompton so that it still folds up which means that you can have whatever colour you like, if you like! These things are a miracle of British engineering. Kind of like a Dyson. Although i’d rather ride around town on a Brompton. But i’d rather hoover my house with a Dyson. But this isn’t about me.


Billy  rom the shop made some wicked mods to his custom TJD BMX including new fancy paint, those new Eclat moonbuggy rims that i blogged before, new seat, bigger bars and Fit tyres. Also he made some custom graphics to dub his steed Evolution.

Evolution indeed.

This thing is always changing.

It changes more than a Vegas dancing girl!

One of the best BMXs i ever did see though, and he rides on it pretty good as well.

You can buy these frames from us now and we can supply all these parts and pretty much anything else you are after.

Also we have some other rad stuff in our bike shop like…… erm…..

A whole industrial powdercoating facility!


Sorry i haven’t been on the blog recently, i have totally been sick with some weird disease which completely wiped me out.

Hands down Brooklyn Machine Works are one of my favourite bike companies of all time.

Real tough steel bikes ranging from Park Bikes, through full suss 24” downhill race bikes, track bikes and cruisers up to the unforgettable 20” full suss BMX.

Anyways these two came into the shop last a couple of weeks ago to get stripped and sprayed. These are version 1 (orange) and version 2 (raw)  Gangsta Track frames.

The V1 was made in the US, as is most of their stuff, and the V2 is their first Taiwanese made frame, a bit different from the V1 in that it has a integrated headtube as standard, which was available on later V1s, and drilling for brakes front and rear, to make it more commuter friendly and to comply with the super strict Japanese road regulations.

Both are True Temper tubes but the V1 has super skinny stays, no bridge and a really hand made looking dropout.

The only thing i own that they make is some of the super rare BMX forks, which you can see here on my STA as i had it set up a couple of years ago, via my good friend Andy’s Tumblr:

Flipping cool stuff chaps and chapettes


This is definitely the oldest/weirdest bike i have ever worked on.

Dating from before 1900 this US made track bike came in for a complete strip and rebuild, complete with resto work on all parts and two wheel re-builds with copper plated spokes!

The bamboo rims were so warped but we just about got them round again.

The brake is freakin’ awesome! It’s like a mechanical Magura!

The BB is completely bespoke, with crank being held on with a reverse threading nut.

The seat post is no vertical adjustment and is held in place with another big nut.

Finally a photo of Billy riding it to prove it actually works.