So, Tery’s mod was the one who showed me the female armor showcase. He really liked one of the armors, the Gogumajiosu one. At first (saw de video on my phone, so couldn’t really tell) it looked really weird to me. But with time (and the chance to see it on my PC) … it has grown on me.

Full body cover, still shows the face with a neat facemask. Muscle-like-tissue forms the armor, fits the body and remains tasteful. And looks nightmareish all around.

Tery’s final armor will most likely be this beauty, so here’s the girl with said armor. Enjoy.

Shiny Knight by Bruce Levick
Abbey Medieval Festival 2010. We photographed and filmed this Medieval Tournament at Caboolture, north of Brisbane. What an awesome day that included all the historical elements of Medieval times like Jousting, Falconry, Archery, Sword Fighting, German Sausages and Deep fried bread. Catch me at or on Twitter @brusca or check out my panoramic collection at

Finally did a Brienne photoshoot this past weekend and just got some photos back tonight. And holy crap. They are so good. I love them. This one is my favorite. (And yes, technically the sword’s on the wrong side, but this is my good side, so I don’t care.)

Costume made by me and the boyfriend. See more on my Facebook page!

Photo by DWRD Studios