I had a wonderful day! We (my Mum and Step-father) went up to London in the morning and visited the Tower of London and the Household Cavalry. Then we met my Dad and us two went to The Old Vic.

Now for the bit that you guys will be interested in!

The Crucible was absolutely fantastic, again! Truly breath taking. Seeing it for a second time allowed me to see things that I hadn’t noticed before. Richard brought tears to my eyes during today’s performance, not only because of the raw passion and emotion he put into the role of Proctor, but because of his voice. On multiple occasions I could hear the strain that he was putting on it and couldn’t stop myself from worrying.

Stage door was fantastic! Couldn’t have asked for more. Richard was prompt, but not rushed and he took his time to take photos and sign things. My picture with him turned out a bit dodgy, so the one I have posted has been put through multiple filters and enhancements to get it to a better quality. My Dad was kind enough to ask him to sign my copy of The Crucible. Rich had moved on slightly before I got the opportunity to give him my letter and the book but, because he was signing things for the ladies next to me, I was still able to hand them to him. He said thank you and in that moment I saw just how genuine he is! He is such a kind and gentle soul (and even more handsome in person)! I was able to say something to him, which I am absolutely over the moon about. One of my favourite moments was that his hand brushed mine as I handed him the bag with the book and letter in it! 😱 I like the fact that he isn’t beaming in the photos but his smile is reflected in his eyes and in the lines around his mouth.

I love this man, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop! Xxx


Harry : Actually, l went on a date about a hundred years ago with someone training to be a vicar.
Geraldine : Funny you should say that…
Harry : Couldn’t get past the dog collar. l just kept thinking, ”no, God’s watching and he’s bigger than me.” lt really put me off.

There’s something I don’t like about Harry (wait ! don’t burn me for heresy just yet !) : In order to prevent Geraldine from telling him that she’s the vicar, he interrupts her again & again. I know it’s for the comic part, but it’s really off character & it irritates me everytime !
My problem with Harry is that I love Harry too much to believe that this is him. Poor me ! :p

The Vicar of Dibley, The Handsome Stranger


Interviewer: “We heard that you and Y/N are Pregnant, is it true?”

Richard: “We are! Y/N is at about 7 months *laughs* She’s a tad bit crazy right now.”


Interviewer: “Has Y/N had any weird cravings?”

Richard: “She had a weird addiction to pickles, but It’s Flaming hot Cheetos and Blue Cheese Dressing now…It’s disgusting! but I love her.”


(Hoped you like it Anon)