he Temple of Garni in Armenia. An example of Classical Armenian architecture of Hellenic inspiration, this Temple was first ordered to be built in dedication to Mithras by Tiridates I in approximately 66 CE. The god Mithras in time became merged with the Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) of the Roman Empire (Picture Source: Skyscraper City).


Stills from the most beautiful film I have ever seen in my life.

Sergei Parajanov’s The Color of the Pomegranates

"A biography of the Armenian troubadour Sayat Nova (King of Song) reveals the poet’s life more through his poetry than a conventional narration of important events in Sayat Nova’s life."

You can watch the first part here on youtube, I highly recommend it.


"Genocide denial can have a double impact. Survivors of genocide, and their children and grandchildren, feel the worthlessness in contempt and inferiority that the initial perpetrators intended and it incites admiration to those perpetrators and a dangerous desire to emulate them."

So many excellent quotes, I could hardly choose. Please watch this speech—it is very strong, moving, and eloquent. 


 Vak’if (Վաքըֆ), Antakya (Antioch)

Vak’if is the only remaining Armenian village in Turkey. The residents of Vak’if are the descendants of the Armenians who resisted the Genocide of 1915 on Musa Dagh. The local Western Armenian dialect is very thick, and cannot be fully understood by other Western Armenians. Vak’if hosted Syrian Armenian refugees from Kessab.