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so few people talk about this its kinda strange considering how bloody and horrific they were


Apadana relief showing Armenians bringing gifts for Darius during Nowruz Ceremony at Persepolis ceremonial capital of Achaemenid Empire 500 BC. 

The Armenians are wearing horseman’s dresses and cloaks. Their tribute consists of a/o a bridled stallion, which more or less confirms the statement by the Greek geographer Strabo of Amasia that the Armenians paid 20,000 colts. The detail is a relief of Armenian tribute bearer carrying a metal vessel with griffin handles. From the eastern stairs of the Apadana in Persepolis.

January 19 a very dark day for Armenia.

1990 Moses Gorgisyan (29) died in Yeraskh (near Nakhijevan), while defending the town from Azerbaijani fire. In 1996 he was awarded the title of National Hero of Armenia.

2007 Hrant Dink (52) was assassinated in Istanbul near the office of Agos newspaper, because he dared to speak about the Armenian Genocide and advocate Armenian-Turkish reconciliation.

2014. Armen Hovhannisyan (19) died in Artsakh defending the Armenian border from an Azerbaijani subversive groups intrusion. Was posthumorously awarded Medal or Courage by president of Artsakh, Bako Sahakyan.

2015 Seryozha Avetisyan (6month old). The youngest and the only survivor of the Avetisyan family murder in Gyumri died in the hospital from wounds.