Leraneh - Msho Gorani

“Biraz kartol, biraz sımışka, biraz da peynir koyup büyük bir bezin içine denk yaptım, vurdum kendimi yola. Kars’ın tepelerine kamp kurdum. Sırtımı toprağa verip göğü seyrettim. Ülkenin sesini dinledim. Sınırdaki harabelere kadar gidip yıkık köprüleri izledim. Sözcükleri yan yana getirmeyi kuşlardan, sözcükleri kanatmayı insanlardan öğrendim.

Yeğişe Çarents

— Bu tınıda “yâre” sözcüğü ‘güneş tadındaki meyve’ gibi duruyor, ağızda. 

Just a sample of Graham Norton’s Eurovision comments

“the song means ‘Don’t Forget’, but I think we will” - France

“you can tell how excited they were.. Skateboarding, in the rain, in a park.. ‘Thanks a bunch.. Dankeschön..’” - Estonia’s Postcard

“that was worse than i remember, I would have warned you, in rehearsals it wasn’t that bad..” - Armenia

“but luckily.. no let’s go with luckily, she survived” - Lithuania’s Postcard

“he says he did something awful, it may be this song” - Norway

“Australians can vote for Electro Velvet, so if you any relatives over there give them a nudge, we’re not above begging..” - Australia

“They drew the short straw, how grim does this look?” - Austria’s Postcard 

“he’s had a career spanning 2 decades, maybe 3, probably 4..” - Montenegro

“apparently theres a real shortage of Botox in Montenegro, I dont know why” - Montenegro

“so they just said ‘you do it’, and now look at her, skiing in a wind tunnel” - Germany

“its Sia-lite” / “this is one of the worst song titles tonight” / “She’s dressed like a novelty toilet brush to be honest.” - Latvia

“so the suitcases represent that, or they don’t trust security in the dressing rooms” - Romania

Yep, she went with her nickname ‘Boggie’, she could’ve chose anything, Trixie Bell, Flu Flu.. But no, ‘Boggie’.. - Hungary

“You still there? Its over..” - End of Hungary’s performance

“the outfit tonight does contain some roadkill.. Song 23, did they die in vain?” - Georgia

“largest floating stage in the world, so many people vying for that title..” / “you’ll be distracted by the.. oh lets call them dancers.. surely its choreographed” - Azerbaijan

“don’t put the kettle on during this, it is tempting” / “..she won the voice, and now look, she driving a snowplough, dreams can come true” / “okay its 3 minutes you’ll never get back, but think of it this way, you’ll never have to hear it AGAIN.”- Albania

“there’s going to be a recap now, you know the drill”

“’He’s getting beer to numb the pain’. That’s the way”

“Watching this was your first date and your still together?”

“40 countries are voting tonight. Yup.. 40, countries…”

“It’s not killing much time, is it?”

“time for another awkward chat, this time in Italian”

“’we would like to listen to a little bit of your song’ yes, a little.”

“he’ll probably be old enough to enter by time the voting’s finished”

“this is where we feign interest..”

“she thinks we remember her entering with a song called ‘Marry Me’, we don’t.”

“now give us the 8, 8, say it, 8″

“no fountain, just smog… it really makes you want to go”

“I hope so, it will keep me interested and awake”

“’I want to be there, but well’.. that restraining order..”

“children’s entertainer much?”

“Star Trek the musical, hello”

“to be honest I’ve forgotten they were in it”

“obviously dress down Saturday in Denmark”

“its like a bit of shed has came off and hit her in the neck”

“there’s a country doing much better than it should”

Eurovision so far:
  • Conchita slaying it
  • Cops in leather
  • A really big clock
  • Lorde
  • A lace mask
  • Wind machine     
  • Common Linnets 2.0
  • Dead leaves            
  • Greek goddess
  • An actually deep touching message
  • Trees
  • Hahaaaa-aaha    
  • Pride flags        
  • Danish direction
  • We’re all alive                  
  • Amazing dark princess/warrior        
Eurovision 2015 in a nutshell (live update!)
  • Slovenia:she wore headphones because she was nervous and pretends that she's in a studio...that's adorable
  • France:such a powerful song and first that's non-English (ballad 1)
  • Israel:omg makes you wanna dance golden boy
  • Estonia:cute duo~
  • United Kingdom:20's electro swing with glowing light costumes...LET'S DANCE!!
  • Armenia:"face every shadow you denied...don't deny" (ballad 2)
  • Lithuania:ONE KISS ...technically three kinds on stage ;)
  • Norway:another cute duo about letting their love go because they see themselves as monsters (ballad 3)
  • Sweden:singing simultaneously with cartoons and visual effects THAT'S HOW YOU USE A STAGE GREAT WORK SWEDEN
  • Cyprus:Such a crisp voice (ballad 4)
  • Australia:SOUL MUSIC
  • Belgium:"We're gonna rappabab tonight" Sounds like Lorde but sounds so flesh! Such great vibe
  • Austria:THE PIANO IS ON FIRE why am I not surprised (ballad 5)
  • Greece:SUCH POWERFUL VOICE!!(ballad 6)
  • Montenegro:second song NOT in English! (ballad 7)
  • Germany:the background looks like James Bond (ballad 8)
  • Poland:despite being in a wheelchair after a car accident back in 2006, Monika shows that you can still go strong! (ballad 9)
  • Latvia:such fabulous dress! And THAT VOICE (ballad 10...drink up)
  • Romania:third song not in English and its very uplifting (ballad 11)
  • Spain:fourth song not in English, guess which language. fabulous and hot dress reveal with sexy guy (ballad 12)
  • Hungary:A powerful message. Make love not war, as music is the universal language for peace! (ballad 13)
  • Georgia:BALLAD COMBO BREAK (finally) did I mention how much I love that costume?
  • Azerbaijan:such a crisp strong voice (ballad 14...)
  • Russia:BEAUTIFUL VOICE, POWERFUL SONG, THAT DRESS, THE STAGE EFFECTS (ballad 15...this is an exception though)
  • Albania:Pretty good voice and dress (ballad 16...the last one better not be a ballad)
  • Italy:THREE GORGEOUS MEN IN SUITS and fifth song that's not in the English language. Their harmony is so HEAVENLY GOOD (ballad 17...sighs)