I Sent You An Armarda (Song Lyrics)

You didn’t notice, but I sent you an armarda,
I sent a battalion of flutes and notes from my chest
To fight with the fading, whilst we were farther,
To arrest you further, pull your heart, make you invest.

You didn’t notice, but I called in an army.
I sent a booting of precision and uniform, flung,
To fight with the temptation whilst you were out of town.
I sang so loud you were bound to hear what I’d done.

But this orchestral silence;
It’s an interval that never ends.
And I wrote in invisible ink,
But I dare not send.

If you were a general I think I’d question your tack,
Because I let you invade, you explode, and I want my country back.
You crossed over the borders, and you fired at will.
You reap the benefits, but the fall out lingers still

And what more is left of me, now you’ve spread across my land?
I’ve been fighting for ceasefires, though I know you got what you planned.

And this ridiculous stand off;
I’ve been misfiring all my guns.
And I know I started the war,
But you don’t show, so I hold my tongue.

Here is a first version, of fairly poor quality, for how it might sound. Best in headphones.

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Something to watch before bedtime!

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Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior

my armarda list

Clary/Jace, Matt/Karen, 11th Doctor/River Song, James/Lily, Neville/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Sirius, Doctor/TARDIS, Amy/Rory, Simon/Izzy, Magnus/Alec, Dante/Renee, Finnela/Hugo, Percy/Annabeth, Carter/Zia, Sadie/Walt, Sadie/Anubis, Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Arthur, Me/Percival, Lexy/Ciaran, Rachel/Matt, Mum/Jason, Katniss/Peeta, Peeta/Gale, Haymitch/Effie, Draco/apple, Draco/Ginny, Snow White/Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin/Belle, Huntsman/Emma, Justin/Brian, Emma Watson/Tom Felton, Maura/Tommy, Rick Castle/Kate Beckett, Christopher Isherwood/Wystan Auden, Jamie/Binky, Millie/Professor Green, Beyonce/Jay-Z, Finn/Rachel, Sam/Quinn, Santana/Britney, Blaine/Kurt, Will/Emma, Rose/Scorpius, Lily/Scorpius, Albus/Scorpius, Christopher/Heinz, Alex/Willow, Mr Derbyshire/Mr Cassidy, Ted/Emmett, Brian/Michael, Rachel/Ellen, Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby, Deeks/Blye, McGarret/Catherine, Dermot/Maria, Ron/Chicken, Luna/Pudding, William/Kate, Will/Elizabeth, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Lynne/Jordan, Tom Fletcher/Giovanna Falcone, Harry Judd/Izzy Johnston, Chelsea/Pascha, Kara/Artem, Shrek/Fiona, Donkey/Dragon, Prince Charming/Ugly Stepsister, Maria/Tony, Romeo/Julliet, Maria/Captain Von Trap, Me/CHOCOLATE, Rachel/Danny, Penny/Leonard, Sheldon/Amy, Bernadette/Howard, Scott/Ashika, Simba/Nala, Belle/Beast, Ariel/Eric, Aurora/Phillip, Tarzan/Jane, George/Jane, Georgina/Rupert, Selena/Ron, Laura/Nate, Parker/Hardison, Madam Vastra/Jenny, Rachel/Rachel, Me/Alex….

I have NO regrets!!! haha

Peaches Tagged me~ :3

1. Name: Audrey
2. Nicknames: Shadey, Shade, Auds, Aud
3. Birthday: August 6th
4. Gender: Female
5. Sexuality: Fucked if I know-Sexual
6. Height: Five foot five?
7. Time Zone: AEST
8. Time and Date: 12 midday September 6th 2014
9. Average hours of sleep I get each night: Fuck.
10.OTPs: An armarda…
11.The last thing I Googled: I’m not even on google yet!~
12. My most used phrase:
 Puss Puss (nickname for my cat Puss)
13. First word that comes to mind: Flashman (Don’t judge me)
14. What I last said to a family member: Didn’t say anything yet
15. One place that makes me happy & why: Going out to the city because it’s fun~
17. Favorite beverage: Coca Cola, Tea, Chai Vanilla Tea, Ice lemon tea,
18. The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians Of The Galaxy
19. Three things I can’t live without: my friends, my books, my mother, my drawing stuff.
20.Something I plan on learning: Drawing better and anything related to drawing in general.

21. You need to go listen to this song: "Love Runs Away" By the 69 Eyes.

22. A piece of advice for all of my followers: You have a lot more power than you think you do.

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My current status.

Well I moved back to my original hometown of Burntwood and things are getting more than settled. I love the whole situation of this huge and epic life change I’m going through because I remember 6 months prior I still smoked weed, lacked confidence and generally doing nothing to help myself.

6 months today, its noticeable to the world I’m growing in this progress take I seem to be given on my shoulders and most of all its noticeable to me. Everyday I’m gaining confidence and I think a huge help to my lifestyle of what is bodybuilding, found out I’m perfectly naturally for it. Gained a stone in 12 months of breaking myself in the gym and eating the correct nutrition until I’m physically sick.

….instead of acting like a sad cunt, I’m being a sick cunt and its give me all the advantages.