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Armanenschaft album:

  • Artist - Thallium mp3
  • Album - Armanenschaft mp3
  • Year - 2008
  • Genre- Metal


  • Our Dreams Belongs To The Stars
  • Ordo Ab Chao
  • Outro
  • Return From Near Death
  • Lay In Disease
  • Intro
  • Eagles Eye
  • Ii

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Armanenschaft - Psychedelic Winter [2008, Primitive Reaction]


More pitch-bending than I’ve ever heard on a black metal album before.  The vocals are guttural, the drums are crashing and deadened in the mix, and the guitar is super-fuzzy.  It’s hard not to at least head-nod along with this, thanks to really strong riffs and drum-beats.  There’s also an interesting rumble effect applied to a few of the tracks, as if the music is being shaken apart by the intensity of the reverb.

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Thallium- “Return From Near Death”