Meet the first recruits of my “Future Heroes” story.

The one in the middle, Empathy, was the one that started it all. League of Heroes member The Ace of Spades was called into India by a college friend about a weird girl a sect of gurus had encountered. Ace had taken her in and before he knew it he was assigned to teach a new generation of teenagers with powers how to control their abilities and become the next generation of heroes.

Material Kid, Armadilla III, TechnoBro, Scentorama, and Infiniti were sent to the team by their parents who were already members of the United Nations organization for people with powers called “Heroes Unlimited”. Hyperactive was a discovery who was eager to join when his family told him about the opportunity.

Empathy whose origins and limits are a mystery, can read the feelings of others in an unknown range, and project her own onto others. She can also astrally project and posses the bodies of others, gaining new knowledge when she returns to her body.

TechnoBro (James Newman) has a great brain for technology. His intuitive aptitude allows him to know how systems work and his technopathy gives him full control over the power armor he built for himself with help from his mother and father.

Scentorama (Maurice “Gold” Munios) is TechnoBro’s best friend who, like his father, has the ability to create and control gases and pheromones.

Hyperactive (Terry “Tex” Currit) is a speedster, obviously, who can instantly increase his speed with continuous intake of sugar.

Armadilla III (Hillary Custodia), daughter of Armadilla II, unlike her mother, could not produce forcefeilds as a natural ability, but when your family as as rich as theirs, you don’t let that deter you from getting into the family business. Instead, Armadilla III has technology that allows her to create kinetic barriers.

Material Kid (Theresa de Cote) is their leader who, like her mother, has the ability to temporarily turn her body into any inorganic material she touches.

Infiniti (Isaac Lesser), son of The Infinite Man, is able to create duplicates of himself.

An awesome post from an Anon

at FYeahEnglishMajorArmadillo:

"In response to a post I read on March 19th on the issue of people claiming their favorite books are Twilight and Harry Potter, and how those people need to appreciate classic literature:

While I do agree that most of the “literature” we find today is nothing in comparison to classics, I do have to point out the frustration I feel when people compare the Harry Potter and Twilight series. As a Realist Literature fan myself, I’ve never really liked anything written within the last one-hundred years. However I must comment on how Rowling created a fascinating story with a writing style which matured alongside her characters and audience. If the evolving writing doesn’t qualify for some, it’s also important to note that the series follows the classic “Hero’s Journey” form and is already beginning to be analyzed as a social commentary.

I agree people should be educated in the classics, but it’s also important not to dismiss Harry Potter simply because it is targeted at children and young adults. We can look at many children’s books in the past who have spread important messages through very simple texts, and have stood the test of time to become those literary classics we now revere.

Harry Potter tells an engaging story with an age appropriate writing style, while at the same time giving a nod to preceding classic literary forms. It has themes and can be ‘close-read’ like any other legitimate text.

Twilight is about a self-effacing girl who can’t function without her boyfriend and his stalker-like behavior. The writing style reflects the work of one who thinks looking up words in the thesaurus and writing in excessive passive voice equates legitimate literature. Simply put, it seems to me that Harry Potter has the possibility to be examined as literature and Twilight remains nothing more that a type of “fluff” novel.

Although I would hesitate to call anything an “instant classic”, I would also like to pose this question: Will our generation’s children be reading Twilight or Harry Potter?”


probably the coolest armadillo i’ve ever seen

South of Southby

The Nekkid Armadilla Extravaganza unofficial SXSW event is relocating to San Antonio. In it’s 3rd year, the Nekkid Armadilla has hosted nationally touring bands such as Mobely, Kinfolk and Little Brave.

The Nekkid Armadilla South Of South By will host 3 bands from around the country, 1 local group and 1 group all the way from Sweden.

“This showcase was designed to increase a level of discovery of new emerging artists,” says Tim Slusher, “You may see the next break out band. One of the best things is just finding a new band you really dig.”

Scheduled to perform:
Roenik (Sweden)
Smoke Season (Los Angeles)
Mobley (Austin)
Stop Light Observations (South Carolina)
Black Market Club (San Antonio)

Sam’s Music Hall ( is located at 330 Grayson St. San Antonio, TX 78215
Follow along with all Nekkid Armadilla announcements on Twitter using #PlayNekkid
The Nekkid Armadilla is on Facebook:

Unboxing February 2015 Flicker Box!

Unboxing February 2015 Flicker Box!

Welcome to my new subscription box!  I love candles and have been having candle-envy when I see bloggers show their candles that they have purchased.   I also happen to hoard my candles, just like I do with my artisan crafted soaps, so I thought by having a candle subscription, I would have plenty of candles to use and break my hoarding habits!  Also, I will have candles to gift as well, because…

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