I apologize for the lengthy caption but this is something many can relate to on some level.
➸Self acceptance. I’m done putting myself down for what I’m not. Being ashamed of how my body looks, getting upset over how it isn’t the ideal perfection you see in ads, on magazine covers, in all the media. I’m not that type of perfect; I don’t have the long slim legs, perfect toned flat stomach every girl dreams of, I don’t have much of a chest, and my skin isn’t flawless. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. I am who I am, and that is absolutely alright. Comparison to the other girls, the super thin ones, the models, and comments from others, all stuck in my brain and would make me think less of myself. You know those numbers and sizes in the stores? Those things don’t make you any more or less of a person. They all mean nothing.
Absolutely. n o t h i n g.
We see our own flaws much greater than anyone else ever could. I hear too many people each day, including people I love dearly, who I see as nothing less than beautiful and wonderful people, call themselves UGLY, complain about their own bodies and the way they look. Who has put the ideas in our heads of why our own bodies and features shouldn’t be the way they are? The way they’ve been built to carry us? Our bodies do AMAZING things for us on the daily that we take for granted. DON’T ever allow yourself to think you can’t eat, or you’ll just skip a meal, because you’re trying to lose weight. DON’T let the comments of others or things you see plastered on social media to make you think less of yourself, or like you need to fix anything about yourself. I promise you are wonderful & your body is beautiful. And if you have goals to make yourself a better you? Do it for YOU, and no one else. To show your body love and respect by giving it good health. NOT because of someone your comparing yourself to, or to make others like you. Love yourself and love your body, you’ve only been given this one, don’t tear it down.