Anti Body Standard

Anti Body Standard

by Jacki Teague

Skinny isn’t necessarily unhealthy, and slogans like “Anti Size Zero” can mislead. Don’t be anti size-anything. Be anti body standard. Women shouldn’t be expected to be a size 2 OR a size 12. We should just be.

It seems that there are two extreme beliefs about how the female figure should look. In pop culture all you see is overly photo shopped, busty size 2 girls flaunting what they’ve got. And on the internet you have girls bashing REAL (as opposed to overly photo shopped super models) normal girls who really are size 2.

Every time you walk through a mall, open a magazine, or turn on your television you have pictures of super thin, busty women everywhere. Obviously these standards for the female body are seriously skewed, however, almost every time I scroll through my tumblr I see at least one post consisting of a picture of a girl who looks to be a healthy weight, or even a tad chubby (NOT a bad thing), and one who looks slightly underweight. There’s always a caption for the underweight girl that says something along the lines of “this isn’t beautiful”, and then another caption for the picture of the bigger girl that says something like “THIS is”. So let me get this straight, I’m not beautiful because I have a high metabolism that refuses to let me gain weight, and I’m active? I’m all for body confidence, but it hurts to see slogans like “Anti-size zero”. That makes it sound like they not only hate the severely messed up pop culture standards for women, but also real girls, like me, who are naturally healthy size 0’s. I’m not Anti-size anything. I’m Anti-body standard.

I think it’s wrong that there are any standards for what a woman should look like. That means I believe women shouldn’t be expected to be a size 2 OR a size 10. We should just be. Women come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you’re a healthy weight for your height, there shouldn’t be a problem. I understand that there are women who have a lot of trouble losing extra weight, just as I know there are women, like me, who have the same struggle to gain weight. People shouldn’t judge if someone has “a little extra weight” or looks “too skinny” because sometimes that woman is trying to do something about it but it’s hard.

I get my physique from my maternal Grandmother. We’re both stick thin with almost no curves to speak of. I don’t own a pair of jeans bigger than a size 2. I am five feet tall and weigh ninety one pounds. My whole life has been a struggle with my weight. When I was little my Mother would send me to her best friend’s house before a doctor’s appointment for the sole purpose of shoving food down my throat so I would weigh something. No matter what I eat or how much or how frequently, I’ve never been able to gain much weight. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even hit a hundred pounds. Is that my fault? No. So why are those of us who are naturally a size 0 or 2 being targeted by these girls who feel so slighted by the media? Take the battle to those who try to force being a size 2 on you, not those of us who are naturally that size.

Out with the Body Hate, It is Time for Body Love by Arletta Saafir

Each of us women can recall the time in our life when we went from being blissfully content with our body and unaware that there was something wrong with its shape, size or weight to coming into the awareness that our body didn’t measure up to the then “ideal body” type and that we were in fact ‘fat’ and impossibly flawed.



I saw the blade. He made sure I saw the blade and how skilled he was with it, slicing through air, conducting each movement of this unheard symphony. In true it wasn’t a blade as much as a razor. A razor, an ancient artifact, straight, single purposed, deadly. He made sure I saw it as he prepared it for task. So bright, wickedly sharp, lethal. “Don’t move now or I will cut you.” He must of know that was a command I could not obey. Nerves. It touches me now, the razor, unyielding steel against tender flesh. It’s not cold. In fact there is a certain warmth. A familiar comforting sensation. I open my eyes. He smiles. The orgasm subsides. Now we can begin, again.

T Blackmon Jr. Presents SEXY INTERLUDES!!!!


When I confronted him with my marital status he didn’t even blink. He just kept talking to me as if I hadn’t said a word. Perhaps the veil had worn thin. He saw the truth of my condition. Yes I was married, but it had be a very long time since my husband last treated me like someone he adored. Still I endured, for the children, for the only life I had known for so many years. In the beginning I was strong. I could play the “I’m married” card with the speed of an old west gunslinger. Once the would-be intruder was vanquished life would return to normal. There would be peace. Now my skills had grown weak due to neglect. The perfect marriage, the perfect life, the measure of affection that I thought would always be there had diminished. Now here I was out in the wilderness having to defend myself barehanded. I tried again - one more round. “I’m married.” He just looked at me piercing brown eyes fixed. “So am I.” He replied and I felt a connection.

It appears that the more powerful women become, the more pressure there is for us to get rid of the padding and curves that make our bodies so different from the bodies of men…When we lash out at our stomachs and thighs, our hips, our backsides, our breasts, and our cellulite, we are hating our femaleness.
We live in a culture that demonstrates its ambivalence toward women in the prevalence of rape and battering. When we hate our bodies, we are turning against ourselves.
—  From When Women Stop Hating Our Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession, Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter; Fawcett Columbine, 1955 

OOh WEe Yall, I am starting my psychic advice column so any questions you have challenges about or need insight and direction on on love, relationships, money, health and destiny send them my way. Love to hear from you. As always straight from my heart to yours…ArlettaLightSeed Channel aka ArlettaUNLEASHED

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A division of ThoughtDimension International, and one of the UNLEASHEDment Companyies, ArlettaUNLEASHED  is a global, multinational Media focused umbrella whose aim is the facilitating of full ‘Unleashedment’ of feminine energy to millions  worldwide. This is to be accomplished through a variety of vehicles including.

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Arletta Saafir is an international leader in empowering and transformational communications. As founder of The UNLEASHEDment Company, the company in the Feminine Empowerment field that has set the stage of the process of awakening and unleashing the feminine in all aspects of experience, Arletta Saafir has facilitated the unleashedment of delicious luscious feminine to thousands of women for over 10 years

Arletta Saafir’s distinctive methods and results-oriented work have been featured on the Phoenix Rising Talk Show and The Wombanist Views Talk Show. Arletta Saafir is the author of UNLEASHEDment: A 90 Day Sensual Guide to Awakening Sexy Powerful Feminine, and is a popular speaker in both the transformative and feminine power arenas. She speaks and conducts workshops for clients as diverse as teenage girls with her fashion, style and self-esteem workshop Deliciously Me to addressing women’s business associations on incorporation of feminine energy and presence in the workplace.

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Arletta Saafir of ArlettaUNLEASHED is the UNLEASHEDment expert. A Freedom Facilitator with 15 years experience in inspiring and teaching women worldwide how to awaken and reconnect with their lusciously powerful feminine. Arletta is best known internationally as the’ Sensual UNLEASHEDment Expert’.  For women seeking to become fully unleashed in there delicious feminine, Arletta is the go to resource for how to awaken, connect and implement living from a lush place in full, sensually intuitive awareness.  Arletta is the acclaimed Bloghost and T.V. Talkshow host of ArlettaUNLEASHED  and author of the best selling UNLEASHEDment : 90 Day Sensual guide to Awakening Sexy Powerful Feminine and offers both private and group coaching opportunities for conscious women who are seeking complete ‘unleashedment’ from a dynamic fully engaged coach to help them achieve healing, integration and wholeness in empowered feminine


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In this 75 minute teleseminar you will learn how to:

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Join experienced facilitator, Arletta Saafir of ArlettaUNLEASHED, and a community of unleashed, courageous and sensual women for a sexy, exciting and expansive  exploration of your latent feminine while you surrounded by the magic, lushness, tranquility and spectacular scenery of the Big Sur coast. This women’s weekend offers the opportunity to step back from your busy life and courageously step out of your comfort zones and get in touch with your long suppressed, neglected and despised feminine core while learning how to listen and trust that truth-whispering still, small voice within. You’ll be shown easy, practical and engaging ways to engage in unleashing your mind and open your heart in a delicious and supportive environment. Through the connecting with the beauty of nature, ancient Goddess rituals, tapping into your inner wild woman, dancing under the moon, invoking the Divine Feminine, awakening our dormant ancient SHE memory, and body/mind/spirit celebration, you can come into balance and alignment with your feminine and masculine, become whole expressing your authenticity, and leave unleashed with your fullness embodied in every aspect of life.



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Design Your Destiny: by Lisa Nichols

Design Your Destiny

Blog Posted by LisaBlog on December 20, 2011 with No Comments

You have to be in action about what you want.  You’ve committed to creating something, and the universe gives you the creative ideas and the resources to act and make it happen.

When you bump into the right person at the right time, it’s up to you to follow up and call them back. When the universe sends you an idea for a new book, it’s up to you to begin writing.

You are an active participant in your life, an active participant with the universe. In fact, you will probably become even more active because you will receive more opportunities than you ever dreamed.

Mini Boot Camps

I strongly recommend you consistently do the Four Step Boot Camp. However, you can also do mini boot camps throughout your day.

For instance, when you’re driving home from work and waiting for a red light to change, take a moment to look in the rear view mirror and quickly congratulate yourself for a positive action you took at the office or forgive yourself for a negative comment you made during a meeting.

At home remind yourself in the hallway mirror what you’re committed to. Give yourself quick snippets of support throughout your day to keep your tank full of love.

Design Your Destiny

You get to write your next chapter.  You get to write it will full expression, with full acceptance, and with full expectation.

People have asked me, “Can you believe you’re on the Oprah show?”

With all humility I say, Why not? Why not me?!

Why not that little girl from south-central L.A, who grew up in the midst of gangs, who didn’t look like any beauty queen, who couldn’t find any beauty in herself. Why not that little girl who was considered academically challenged? Why not that young woman who was so desperate for love that she picked wrong and almost lost her life? Why not the single mother who craves for the best possible outcome for her son, an African American male child with no father around?

The question is not “Why you?” The question is “Why not you?!”

You have been given the most perfect life with the most perfect experiences. God didn’t say everything in your life is going to be served with warm cookies and milk. But he did say that you have a right to come out of everything you go through. You have a birthright to abundance and prosperity.

The universe knows it, and it’s up to you to know it.

Shine On: How to DIY Dazzle Your Wardrobe


Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab spring 2012 Photo: Imaxtree

Designers did some serious bedazzling on spring 2012 collections. Dolce & Gabanna used glittering gemstones, Elie Saab used thousands of glittering sequins, and Balmain decorated his structured separates with shimmering studs. You can brighten clothes, shoes and bags with spring-savvy embellishments in three easy steps.

You’ll need:

Photo: Courtesy of DollDestash

1. Rhinestones, sequins or glitter of your choice. You can buy Swarovski crystals online in big batches, in almost any color. sells 144 piece packs for around $7. You can also buy plastic stones at stores like Michael’s, and A.C Moore (which is also the best place for glitter). Depending on the amount and the grain of the glitter, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4-$10 dollars.

Photo: Courtesy of Mod Podge

Mod Podge adhesive, $12.

2. Adhesive. what you’ll use depends on your project. For glitter, a paint-on adhesive like Mod Podge is perfect; for rhinestones or sequins, using a hot glue gun will give you the best results.

3. Chalk.

How you’ll do it:

1. Plan first. Using chalk, gently trace your pattern (check out our fav mega-embellished spring collections in the slideshow below) on your garment or accessory. When you work with glitter, make sure you lay out plenty of newspaper so you can catch and save what you don’t use.

2.  For glitter, paint a thin layer of Modge Podge and tap out a generous amount of glitter onto your piece.

For Sequins or Rhinestones, dot the back of each rhinestone or sequin with glue separately. Don’t draw lines with glue! You’ll wind up with hard, tacky, streaks that your stones won’t stick to.

3. Be patientThis is probably the most important step! Embellishing by hand can take days and you shouldn’t rush the process. If you take your time, you’ll have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece that would fit right in on the 2012 runway.



My path was lit by torch light. Shimmering beacons forcing back the darkness. This was her plan, her Valentine’s Day gift to me. A long unrealized fantasy brought to life this day. I followed the path that led to a door. The door led to a great hall. Torchlight was replaced with candlelight and the warming blaze of a man size fireplace. A grand scene stolen from a long forgotten time. In the center of the room a table - a banquet table designed to host honored guest. Upon the table she lay - nude save a delectable array of sweet treats.  Cream filled delights. Chocolate covered temptations all delicately placed upon her body. A tiny note read. Indulge Yourself. There in the light of ancient fires I prepared myself for the feast.

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column by ArlettaLIGHTSEED Channel

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column 
by ArlettaLIGHTSEED Channel

Hey Ma'am. So I have these three issues that I want to deal with. The first is extreme, constant irritation and irritability and impatience. I get so irritated so easily and I just hate it and have no idea what to do about it. Number 2… wanted to heal my womb and feel fully free in my sexual center and in my sacral chakra and to let the past go and negative, fearful thoughts about sexuality go. And lastly…. my life’s purpose has been to be a singer, songwriter entertainer. I have a picture of a world sound that I want to create. The Lord woke me up last week and told me that I have too much fear and he pulled the fear from my soul for me to look at it and observe it. He said if I can get passed the fear my dreams will come true. How do we overcome fear, especially as it relates to our dreams and our purpose. Okay that is all. Thank you so much for listening to me and helping. I love you to pieces. Respond at YOUR convenience.

Number 1: The first is extreme, constant irritation and irritability and impatience. I get so irritated so easily and I just hate it and have no idea what to do about it

My Dearest Beloved, this is Au’Shoka, Arletta’s guide from Spirit. I assist her in connecting to your soul and transmitting whatever guidance, clarity and direction that your soul wants to convey to you. This is love directly from you, all Arletta is is a mere transmitter…Your first concern stems from an excessive amount of self-judgment. It is human’s favorite pastime to constantly berate themselves, focusing only on the negative instead of drowning themselves in unconditional love, delicious 100% self-acceptance, a constant state of gratitude and giving oneself all of the credit, acknowledgement and accolades that you deserve. We want to remind you of the magnificent, amazing and infinite Being that you are. While realizing that you grapple with the negative programming of your human experience now is the time to make it absolutely essential and top priority to take out the time daily for some “Feel Good” time for yourself. Release and suspend judgment and wrap yourself in a divine embrace of joy, warmth and light and bask in that and see how this affects your irritation and irritability. Also check with Arletta for some excellent tools that you can use to completely release the internal critic and grow exponentially in self-worth and unconditional love. Expand in kindness, gentleness and light to yourself…And watch the more patient, calm, accepting you emerge…

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column by ArlettaLIGHTSEED Channel

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column
by Arletta LIGHTSEED Channel 

QUESTION:its about my fiancee. You know she asked that we shuld break up sometime last year and now we still have the feelings of coming back to each other but we are not sure what do you think i shuld do

GUIDANCE: Greetings, This is Au'Shoka. I am Arletta’s guide from Spirit and I assist her in connecting with your soul or higher self to get the answers you seek. Arletta is only a transmitter of guidance from your soul. Concerning your question it feels as though you and your fiancee are not clear on what want from your relationship. While you both have feelings for each other your desire to marry is stronger than your love for each other and this is what is creating the doubt and questions. Both of you are lovely and amazing beings who deserve to be married to someone who loves you utterly and unless your feelings for each other grow and deepen you do not have the necessary glue that it would take to have a successful and happy marriage. Take time each of you to get very honest and clear about why you both decided to become engaged, evaluate the depth of your commitment to each other and then decide your future interaction. If you decide to grow in your love, appreciation and devotion to each other fine. If you do not find that the desire is there then part ways in love and be free to find your best spouse. Be courageous in this and do not decided to remain together in fear for this is your life and your happiness that you are deciding upon. We trust that both of you will make the best decision and we send you showers of love and courage to choose joy, happiness and fulfillment.We are ever present and are available for assistance so call on us. And we congratulate you up to this point on following your heart. Continue to grow and expand in this and you will find happiness and truth at every step along the way…We are yours in light…

Lovely Peoples…If you have questions we have answers send me your questions for my HEART to HEART Psychic Advice column today….



Three hours. In three hours our divorce will be final. If I know her she’ll be sitting in the court office when I get there. She’ll frown at me for making her wait one second longer than she needed to. Then we will apply the final signatures and end our nearly twenty year union. It sounds sad, but we both know it for the best. We both agree that we probably shouldn’t have forced ourselves into this position, but that is what you did back then when there was a baby due. You did the right thing even if it was the wrong thing. Now the only two things that bind us have gone off to start lives of their own. Perhaps it is time that we did the same. She didn’t ask for anything. She made it a point to tell me that she didn’t need my money. Perhaps that has always been our problem, plenty of want, but very little need. Three hours. Three hours and our divorce will be final and I will have to learn how to live.

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column by ArlettaLIGHTSEED Channel

HEART to HEART Psychic Advice Column
by ArlettaLIGHTSEED Channel

I’ve reconnected with a childhood friend…….tell me what info do you receive from this…

Greetings Beloved, This is Au'shoka. I am Arletta’s guide from Spirit and I assist her in connecting to your soul and higher self and transmit whatever guidance your soul wants you to know. The direction you receive simply comes through her and is your very own. We are delighted in this reunion of you with your childhood friend. You have had a series of relationships and interactions of various kinds over many lifetimes. The special place in your heart for him is being reawakened and your soul is remembering so allow all of this to emerge. It appears as though you have some resistance to this re-connection. There is some fear, discomfort and trepidation around it. We are asking that you release all of the objections that are coming up and endeavor to take this one encounter at a time and to be fully mindful and present with each interaction. There is much growth and discovery for you here. Discovery of how much you have grown and growth in you experiencing a kind of love based interaction such that you have never experienced before. It is up to you how this interaction progresses there is possibility for a deliciously rewarding friendship and perhaps progressing into something more. The key is for you to master receiving complete love, acceptance, appreciation and value, for your previous relationship experiences have sorely been lacking in this. So enjoy this, breathe, dare to open your heart and allow yourself to be cherished in ways that you cannot yet conceive. We are excited for you and congratulate you on advancing to a whole new level of relationship. Keep expanding and growing in this new energy and watch your capacity for delight and joy increase exponentially. If you have more specific questions contact Arletta. We are yours…

Lovely Peoples…If you have questions, your heart is heavy or are seeking clarity and direction we have answers. Send me your questions for my HEART to HEART Psychic Advice column today