Ann Jarrell lives about 350 yards from the site of the Mayflower, Arkansas tar sands spill last March after an Exxon pipeline ripped at the seems. This is her grandson.

“We need help and we’re being ignored,” Jarrell says. “They should have evacuated a larger area…I’ve never been so sick. When my doctor told me don’t go back to the house, my friends picked up my clothes and medicine and my dog.”

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She tells of ongoing health problems, including headaches, nausea and respiratory ailments, and says her daughter suffered seizure-like conditions after cutting the grass, while her grandson has been put on an inhaler. 

Read more about the experience of people living in Mayflower:

(Photo courtesy of Ann Jarrell


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The Real Cause of the Financial Crisis: Financial Education, Poverty, and Unemployment

The Real Cause of the Financial Crisis: Financial Education, Poverty, and Unemployment

NOTE: This is part two of a multi-article post.

People will say that poverty and unemployment go hand in hand. Wherever there is more unemployment, there will be poverty. Though, I’ve never formally heard of very many economists saying this with a surety (keep in mind I’m still a student in college), I believe that more people believe such a notion. This part of my study is to release my findings…

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