On the drive home this morning…


While I was standing on the side of the road taking these photos, a beat up old rusted Ford truck drove by and slammed on the brakes. Then it backed up. A weathered-looking middle-aged fella poked his head out the driver’s side window. Scraggled goatee. Mullet. “What’s the problem, sir?”

"No problem. Just a pretty view." I held up my camera.

"What’s that?" he asked.

"It’s a nice view," I said, pointing behind me. "I’m taking some photos of it." 

"Oh. OK." He paused for second. "Well, I’m The Law out in these here parts," he said.

He stared at me. I stared at him. Then he just drove off.

Second Sidenote:

A deer ran across the road in front of me. So did a bobcat. So did a wild turkey.


On this day in History October 20, 1803: By a vote of 24-to-7, the United States Senate ratifies a treaty with France which resulted in the Louisiana Purchase. From what started with an attempt to purchase the city of New Orleans, the transaction proved invaluable. As you can see from the map above, the treaty led to the acquisition of land that doubled in size of the United States, adding territory that would become the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Minnesota, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. 

The price that was decided for the purchase of the land was $15 million dollars which resulted in the The United States acquiring approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River.

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