arizonasrobbin answered your question: what are some shows i should be watching that im…

the walking dead and scandal!


bartonoff answered your question: what are some shows i should be watching that im…

tonight show with jay leno

fuck you!

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sgtwilliamjames answered your question: what are some shows i should be watching that im…

the americans, breaking bad, strike back, game of thrones????????????????


TWD, GOT, and The Americans are all at the top of my list.


Ok so destielmycockles tagged me in this 4 question thingy so here it goes!

4 names people call me:
1. Ravyn (my name)
2. Rav (Family)
3. Gravy (Practically family)
4. Ray (Friends/Anyone else)

4 jobs I’ve held:
1. Gymnastics Coach
2. Babysitting/Nannying
3. Visual Tech (Just volunteering, does that count?
4. Yeah that’s about it

4 movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Sherlock Holmes (The one with RDJ)
2. Any of the Avengers movies (Who wouldn’t?)
3. Holiday Inn (Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire duh!)
4. The Blind Side

4 places I’ve lived:
Just Cali!

4 places I’ve been:
1. Germany
2. Hawaii
3. England
4. Paris

4 things I won’t eat:
1. Bugs (bleh!)
2. Anything that’s still alive
3. Can’t think of anything else
4. Idk?

4 TV shows I’ve watched most recently:
1. GREY’S ANATOMY (Calzona tehehe)
2. Castle
3. Supernatural
4. Rizzoli & Isles

4 things I’m looking forward to this year:
1. Graduating College (Yeah baby!!)
2. Getting a better job (gotta bring in the moolah)
3. Camping/Riding/Vacations with friends
4. Hmm…any suggestions?

So yeah aha. Not really all that interesting but I got tagged so why not? Bahahaha. I have absolutely no idea if this will work to tag people but here goes nothing. Have fun arizonasrobbins princessctiva mishanarry !!! 😉

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♥ ♥ ♥

ily Akira <3 

p.s. I watched The Judge yesterday and the main character’s daughter…omg she reminded me so much of you! her cute hair, her eyes, but most importantly, her smile…it filled the entire room :)

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kepnerrrd, calliettorres, arizonasrobbins, averybody


already answered :)  #love that dare not speak its name


I love my Zoey and I know she loves me too (even if she doesn’t want to admit it) :p. I love how open she is about her life and herself and how she doesn’t think twice beore she says what she wants to say. Plus, we’re 100% alike so I gotta love her :) but I’ll love her even more when I get her to watch some scary/painful stuff with me 


Akira <3 I still remember that one of the very first things she said to me was that she was hated by many people here. I didn’t understand it then, still don’t now that I know her better. She’s so kind and talented (oh and I love her smile and the pic of her in her scrubs is the cutest thing ever) Her edits are flawless and she loves torturing me with my babies but I forgive her haha


my dear linguist <3 (yes I know her name is Kate but that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see her URL sorry not sorry) I was so glad when I finally found someone here with whom I could share my (other) passion with, someone that would get it. Kate is a sweetheart and her edits are great. Since Anna has condemned my poor soul to love April and Japril, I’m guessing Anna and Kate’s stuff will be all I’ll (re)blog about very soon lol