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Nicknames: Juju, Hulia, Jujubean
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favourite Color: Black, red, blue, and purple
Current Time and Date: 4:05pm April 27, 2015
Average Amount of Sleep: 6-8hours
Lucky Number: 10, 11, 27
Last Thing I Google’d: archangels of love
First Word that Comes to Mind: Want
One Place that Makes Me Happy: Concerts
Favourite Character: Damon Salvatore
Favourite Food: Pizza rolls
Favourite Drink: Arizona green tea
Favourite Book: Looking for Alaska by John green
Last Film Seen in Theaters: Insurgent
Last Holiday: idk
Dream Wedding: I’m like 15
Dream Job: actress or an author
What are you wearing?: Red and black plaid jeans, a black frnkiero andthe cellabration shirt, faux leather jacket and leather combat boots.

I tag pimpdaddypete cupcakeesa ghostinthesnoww jaythepsychic raytorosavedmyhair projektrevenge and that’s it bc I have no friends oops