Arizona Bikers Plan To Wear 'Fu*k Islam' T-Shirts, Insult Worshippers, Hope To Incite Violence

Arizona Bikers Plan To Wear ‘Fu*k Islam’ T-Shirts, Insult Worshippers, Hope To Incite Violence

This Friday night in Phoenix, things could get very ugly. At least that’s what a group of motorcyclists are hoping for when they go to a local mosque wearing offensive shirts that say “F*ck Islam.”

Image Via Sincitywikia

The group says they are holding the event in response to:

“The recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorists with ties to ISIS attempted Jihad.”

This day of hatred and…

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Ford F100 (Explored), Kingman, Arizona by stuart spicer
Via Flickr:
The original of this shot started as a deep crimsom coloured pickup. I went into one of my photo programmes and simply moving the "colour saturation" bar or "density" bar created a shot where the car became another colour. I then saved that image and opened it and repeated the process to create the car in another car. I repeated the process about 70 or 80 times. These images shown here were then "softened " and "Sharpen edge" to create the final image. Original shot taken on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona October 2006

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