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On May 29, 2015 a group of bikers in Arizona are planning an anti-Muslim ARMED PROTEST outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Please be careful, these people are hateful and violent and ARMED.



This is the interview yesterday with the organizer of the Anti-Islam Rally. Notice how he says he wants to live in peace, but doesn’t care that he is threatening a whole group of people. Notice how he actually doesn’t understand anything about Islam. And notice that he wants to “expose,” Islam, but what he really does is expose his own BS, and the BS of everyone that supports this event.


As you may know, there is an armed protest outside of a Phoenix mosque today, May 29th 2015. As a Muslim in the area, I am calling on everyone to please stay away from the situation altogether! It is unsafe and likely to become violent! The fact that those participating are bringing weapons and holding a Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cartoon contest shows their true intentions! They are trying to push our buttons and incite something. PLEASE don’t let them win, and please remain patient and tolerant. This is our chance to show the community what Islam truly preaches. Don’t give them what they want… The opportunity to incite violence and then use it against us.

The armed protest organized at a Phoenix Mosque in the U.S. by an ex-Marine and the “leave our country”, “no place for violent Moslems in America” rhetoric of the rest of the organizers go on to show how the very idea of American patriotism is complicit in promoting prejudice against Muslims and minorities. I was just going through the event page of the protest and I am honestly beyond disgusted at the amount of vile, racist, Islamophobic hate speech patriotic Americans are spewing on that page. It’s not really a surprise when Americans wars to “protect freedom” have killed four million Muslims and patriotic soldiers kill Afghan civilians for sport. But let me ask you, which democracy is it that you are trying to protect that involves imprisoning children? How does torture and abuse of inmates protect human rights? How do systematic economic sanctions that kill a million children uphold ideals of freedom and equality that America is supposedly built on? The harassment of peaceful citizens by inviting people to gather outside a mosque after Jumma prayer and asking them to engage in a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest to disrespect believers goes on to show that such Islamophobia cannot be divorced from American patriotism espoused by imperialist wars. American patriotism effectively represents and reinforces the social hierarchies through exclusion of the “terrorists others” from American citizenship. You believe your own constitution allows you the right to harass and target innocent citizens and call it free speech, then clearly your constitution believes that a privileged few deserve more freedom and equality than the rest. Thank you, dear America, for teaching us how democracy works.

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If Oak Flat were a Christian holy site, or for that matter Jewish or Muslim, no senator who wished to remain in office would dare to sneak a backdoor deal for its destruction into a spending bill — no matter what mining-company profits or jobs might result. But this is Indian religion. Clearly the Arizona congressional delegation isn’t afraid of a couple of million conquered natives.


I’m terrible at describing myself, so I’m just going to list off some things I enjoy. I like traveling, although I’ve never been outside of the U.S. I like road trips, I like the fact that you can just get in a car and drive in any direction and in a few hours you’ll be somewhere completely different. I like movies and tv shows and books, really anything with a good story. I like meeting people, learning all the things they have to teach, hearing about their lives and their stories. I like talking, maybe too much. I’m that person who has zero control over their volume, I’m completely incapable of whispering. I love music, every single form of it. Except maybe country, but literally everything else. I love dogs, my favorite are the really big dogs that are supposed to be scary but are actually huge babies a.k.a. my dog. Anyways, this ended up being longer than I thought. So, if anyone out there wants to talk, feel free to message me. I may look like a bitch in this picture, but I swear I’m not. 


On May 29, 2015 a group is holding an armed anti-Islam protest outside the Phoenix Islamic Community Center.

The protesters will have weapons.

This group has held protests there before. During this previous protest, they harassed many Muslims and yelled violent things.

The same group is also hosting a “Draw Muhammed” contest.

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