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also (sorry I'm saying so much about this) but what are the signs of Katniss being a demi-girl as well? She never says anything about not being wholly female. Does she? I guess these things aren't really addressed in the book as they don't really commit to the storyline. With taking down the government and all it hardly seems like she would think it's important. But I am curious to see your (or anyone else's) reasoning for thinking these things. I would like to think of her like that.

Demigirl is when you identify as partially a boy/girl and partially something else as a percentage. That’s the most basic definition. Gender roles are a social construct so often people are probably demigirls or demiboys without even realizing it.

Her gender isn’t an issue but people can also headcanon her as a demigirl because she doesn’t adhere to female gender roles.

(personally i’m starting to realize i’m a demigirl - 30% agender to be exact because, though i’ve been comfortable using she/her pronouns and i’ve been comfortable being cis, i really don’t feel like a ‘girl’ sometimes but i also don’t feel like a boy at all. like sometmes i have no gender and it’s cool lol)

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Do you ever find someone Australian on tumblr and you're like "YEEEEAH! Country buddies!!"? Cuz I feel like there's barely any Australians on here (even though there's probably heaps)

I know it’s like there are literally millions of Australians with an entire country’s worth of very different individuals but if you put us in an environment where it isn’t assumed that you’re Australian and we find each other we’re automatically like ‘YOU’RE AUSTRALIAN I’M AUSTRALIAN WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON.’

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You wash your hair daily? Um... I don't mean to be rude but it's kinda bad for your hair to wash it every day. Maybe try every second day? Because when you wash it too much you're stripping the hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy. If you look it up it would explain it far better than I can. Also I'm not an expert I'm just a girl with hair. I'm sure your hair's fine but just consider it. If you like. So yeah sorry to bother you. I don't mean to be critical. Just suggesting something.

You guys make me feel so bad for washing my hair every day.

I mean I know about all the oils and toxins and stuff in hair. Man let me tell you about the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands and arrector pili muscles on your hair follicles and all about your cuticle and cortex and hair growth, hEcKkKK. I mean yes you’ve got natural sebum being produced in your hair but at the same time sweats and toxins are being produced that are totally useless to the hair and scalp too. So if you don’t wash it that stuff’s just sitting there. 

Man I don’t even care what you do with your own hair but I really hate the way my hair feels when it’s not been washed.

Sorry I’m rambling I don’t even wanna talk about this, but I’ve been taking a hair dressing course where I’d probably be shunned for showing up with unclean hair.

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I suppose I should thank you for telling me how Hannibal is a piece of art. Like even the camera shots and the sequence is a masterpiece. Like wow. It's just omg. On one hand you made me watch it so thank you I love you and on the other hand you made me watch so I hate you. Like damn why does it have to be so good!? I have work to do!

Welcome to the fandom

(It really is, though. Seriously, the cinematography is art, the murders are art, the little micro-nuances from the actors are art, the little bits of visual symbolism… Don’t even get me started on food.)

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Hey Yak. I saw that post you reblogged (I would ask the OP but they deleted their blog or something) about "autistic/ptsd/deaf native aro ace demigirl katniss". While I agree with most of it I don't understand how she's autistic? I'm no stranger to mental disorders. I have two sisters with aspergers and we're pretty sure my dad is too. My cousin is staying with us at the moment and while he is 14 he is way younger mentally. So if you know signs of Katniss being autistic I would love to know them

I posted a response to the autistic ask earlier. My younger brother is on the autistic spectrum as well and is non-verbal at the age of 6. It is up to reader interpretation but a lot of her behaviors can be attributed to an autistic headcanon. She doesn’t have to be on the more “extreme” side of the spectrum to be headcanoned as autistic.


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About the Aussie monologue: it's really hard to find a good monologue out of an Australian movie or TV show because to be honest our film industry is pretty shit. It's tiny and whenever they do make movies they either don't try or no one sees it. The only good Aussie film I can think of (well half Aussie) is Happy Feet and all the credit was taken by America. Barely anyone actually knows it's Australian. Sorry I don't have an answer for you and this turned into a rant about our film industry

I totally agree. All we see on TV and the cinema are things from other countries, and the few things that are Australian are either reality shows/game shows or like a couple of dramas. Even though our (non-Foxtel/Austar etc.) TV channels have quotas of Australian content, almost all of the Australian content is reality/game shows because they’re cheaper and easier to produce. I just wish we would put some real effort and money into developing our industry here so students studying acting, film, media, etc. don’t feel like we have to go overseas to be successful.

Well that was also a rant but anyway you should tell this to my acting teacher because she insists that it is very easy to find age, gender and time restricted monologues from Australian film and television and learn them by heart within a week.

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I just saw your selfie and omg! I love your hair! And your glasses! And your nose piercing! And everything! Even "slightly intoxicated" you look lovely. You're so pretty! Have an amazing day.

oh my goodness now this is what i like thank you very much my friend!! how lovely of you

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Voted for #2!


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I love you so much! The top two work so thank you!! THANKYOU!!!!! omg I can't express my delight right now. Just thank you so so soooo much. I love you! I don't know what happened with the site I usually use. The latest episode of about 3 different shows that I watch aren't there. And they usually are. It very weird and slightly worrying. Anyway thank you again. You're awesome.

Not a problem love! I’m happy to send you links anytime I need.

What’s the site you usually use?

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How are you dealing with the swooping at the moment? Personally the magpies seem to hate me

I’m actually pretty lucky with avoiding swooping but one of my friends gets like stalked she was 100% one of those kids with an ice cream bucket on her head all the time but since you can’t really do that at high school we just like avoid trees and go hang out near cool birds like ravens and seagulls. 

Most of my friends will probably be swooped a lot because they’re all going on camp to the northern territory but I’m going to Japan which is like 0% angry magpie so that’s pretty good.

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Yeah. Like they can make 10 seasons of Masterchef (not that it's that bad) or of Farmer wants a Wife but no good things. The only tv shows are dramas like Neighbours or Home and Away. Even Kath and Kim. And there are very little famous Australian actors. I can think of 4. That's it. And they are all in the American film industry. And they don't even get to keep their accent. Hemsworth in Thor. Didn't get to keep his accent. Yet Hiddleston did. And they play brothers. What????

I feel like our TV networks need to know there’s demand for shows that aren’t Masterchef (or Family Feud what the heck is that doing here??). I wish maybe the government could try maybe making some sort of grant or like a financial incentive to make actual Australian works, because in the end it always comes down to what’s cheaper and what will draw an audience for big companies like channel 10, channel 9, channel 7, etc. I think from my (pretty limited so far) experience part of the reason we don’t see many famous Australian actors is because every school seems to try to train them all to work within Australia (thus the ‘you have to find Australian monologues’ assignments), which just leads to a really full cast for Neighbours and a lot of people giving up.