The Others.

Ariel walked into the building. Music was playing and food was being served. An avox walked by carrying a tray full of pastries, Ariel quickly grabbed a chocolate covered strawberry and took a bite. She sat down on a round green sofa and watched the other tributes chat. She wanted to speak to atleast one of them, but no one likes the Careers, only the Careers themself. She took another bite—looking around—Ariel spotted a staircase, she stood up, her fish net dress flowing behind her as she cautiously walked up the steps. Ariel was brought onto a balcony. She carefully walked over to the edge, the peacekeepers watching her. She could she all of the Capitol, “What beauty.”

3: Nose Kiss

He had never seen a girl like this one before. Then again he didn’t stray too far from his home so he hadn’t see a whole lot anyway. Kneeling next to the water’s edge Jack leaned forward enough to reach her, kissing the tip of her nose lightly. “Don’t think I’ve seen you around here before but it’s nice to meet you.”

Off to the Capitol || Ariel and Kai.

Ariel sat on the train, she gazed out the window facing district four. They were about to depart. The crowd waved, Ariel stood on her feet looking towards the window, giving District Four one last wave. The train started to move. Ariel faced away from the crowd, she focused her eyes on her district partner, Kai Renner. She stared at his features, he wasnt paying any attention to Ariel. That was fine, she thought. Ariel continued to stare, he must have trained. He had such a great body structure, his eyes were beautiful. The way he did his hair, Ariel gasped. Was she starting to like Kai?
/No, i cant do this, no. I cant like Kai!/
She walked over to the buffet table. Layed out were Capitol delights. Ariel quickly grabbed a stawberry danish and walked back to her seat. Across from her was the Escort, Elise. Next to Elise was Kai, Ariel faced the Escort.
“Where are our mentors?” She questioned.
Elise made eye contact with Ariel, “They’re in their rooms. They will be out in a little.” Ariel nodded in response, she turned to face Kai.
“Why did you volunteer?” She raised her brow, taking a bite into her danish. The boy’s eyes met Ariel’s.


Meet Ariel’s Prep Team!
-from left to right-
Ivy~ Ivy always lived in the Capitol, she was born wealthy, making her a stone cold bitch. She soon became a member of the District Four’s female prep team. She styles the female tribute’s nails. Doing extraordinary work, is Ivy’s best quality.

Juliee Huang~ Juliee loves doing hair. She is fascinated by it. So she became the hair stylist for the District Four’s female prep team. Juliee has a bubbly personality, she often helps her prep team relieve stress by telling jokes and funny stories. She always tries to connect with the female tributes, so they are not stressed for the Games. She encourages others to follow their dreams, they might just come true.

Auvia Sho~ Auvia hides her emotions. She is the mysterious member on the prep team. Auvia helps by waxing and styling the eyebrows on the District Four’s female tribute. She hardly gets along with any tribute, her resentment for the Games is the cause.

Fleur~ Fleur is the head stylist. She creates the wonderful outfits for District Four, along with (Kai’s stylist). She usually bonds with the female tribute, having a soft spot for any volunteers. She gives little advice about the Games to any tribute, unless she gets close to them.

Ripped Up Mistakes.

Ariel sat on her bed with torn pages infront of her. She had just ripped out every page from her journal out of anger and guilt. Everything she wrote, all her feelings, were spread out on the bed. Her eyes were stained with tears, she had been crying all night. Her father and brother were sleeping, and Ariel sat on her bed looking over her mistakes. She picked up one particular page, it was ripped on the bottom, but it was easy to read. Ariel gazed over the paper tears falling onto the journal entry. She read it aloud holding back tears,

Journal Entry #18 

I had the same feeling again today. The feeling where you know you are in love. The feeling of mockingjays in your stomach, flying around. Giving you the feeling of nervousness, of enjoyment, happiness. It’s bliss. He is so sweet, the way he smiles at me, the way we hug. And when we kiss fireworks go off. I cant wrap my finger around the fact, i am dating the victor i always liked. He makes me smile, i haven’t been this happy after mother passed. I couldnt be any happier, im glad i met him. He is 17 and I’m 15 and in love! I never thought this would happen, but it has, and im glad. And that feeling i get, the fireworks, my heart bursting with love. I actually love him.

Ariel let out another cry. It was winter when she wrote this, Ariel looked out the window, feeling the summer breeze. She was so stupid back then, why did she make the mistake of giving her heart away.

The boy, soon after the journal entry, cheated on her with her friend. Ariel dumped the boy and her friend. Ariel wasnt supicious about her boyfriend cheating, she was stupid. She was too in love to see the obvious. Ariel crumbled up the journal entry and threw it out the open window. She made a mistake dating that boy. She made a mistake befriending that girl. Not again.

Ariel promised herself she wouldn’t be that stupid. If she was to be reaped, Ariel wont win for the the victor she liked. No. Ariel would win for herself. To show her father she is strong, to show her ex boyfriend she doesnt need him in her life. Ariel doesnt need a boy to feel happy. She wont let someone break her heart. Not again.

Ariel's Playlist

~Task Two~
-Bullet Train- Stephen Swartz
-Titanium- David Guetta
-How to Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds
-I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift
-Asleep- Emily Browning (cover i think)
-Secret- The Pierces
-I Wont Give Up- Jason Mraz
-Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
-Im Coming Home, Pt 2- Skylar Grey

Her First Reaping.

~Task One~
Ariel remembers participating in her first reaping. It was the 56th annual Hunger Games, and this one meant a lot to her. The boy that was reaped was her crush. But he wasn’t twelve like her, he was fourteen at the time. His smile made Ariel’s cheeks turn the same color as her hair — red.
Everyday her eyes would be glued to the screen that showed the games. She enjoyed watching her crush kill the other tributes, as strange as that sounds… It was fourth day in the 56th games and it was down to the boy tributes from District 1 and 4 
Career vs. Career.
Ariel’s eyes glued open watching the boy from four maliciously spear the district one Tribute. After his cannon went off, Ariel jumped for joy. The boy she liked was now a Victor.
Now he lives in the victors village and Ariel wanted to live there too. Since then she has been training for the games, like every other teen in the fishing district. Winning the games was everthing to Ariel. She wanted to look strong in front of the victor she liked; also she was tired of being a joke. Winning the Games would make her look vicious and strong. Ariel needed the title, Victor. And she was ready to claim it.

點脈 點穴 || Flashback.

Ariel remembered sitting in the beach with Erik, her brother. He stood up facing Ariel as she sat. “Get up im going to teach you something.” Ariel nodded as she got up. “What are you going to teach me?” She asked wiping the sand from her body. He looked at her and spoke, “點脈  點穴.” Ariel was confused, what did he just say?She smiled, “What’s that?” Her brow raised.
Erik walked closer to Ariel, barely whispering, “The Touch of Death.” Her jaw dropped. He continued to speak, “Once you make it into the arena this will be useful.” He got into a fighting position, “Get ready, im not going to actually do it. Im going to show you lightly. But once you do it in the arena, i want you to jab them hard.” Ariel nodded as she stood in position.
“Let them make the move first. Evade then attack.” She nodded once more. “The Touch of Death is a series of jabs. It is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians.” Erik walked over to his sister, “Im going to show you the pressure points that you’re suppose to attack. Remember them.”

Today Ariel stood upon the mat facing an instructor, read to fight. She knew better than show off her ability she learned on the beach with Erik. I can save it for the arena. And somebody will feel The Touch of Death.

Evade then Attack. || Day Three of Training.

The days in training were dwindling. Ariel was losing time to train. It was day three; only two more days left. Ariel instantly walked over towards the only station that was essential. Hand-to-Hand combat. She stepped apon the mats facing an instructor, he spoke: “Im going to try and take you down, evade and attack.” His words lingered in Ariel’s ears, /evade and attack./ Simple. Ariel stood in position, her arms raised ready to attack. She waited until he made the first move. He tried to put her in a head lock, she laughed. /Silly thing to do./ Ariel slid to her left, as he made his first and only move. In a quick motion, Ariel chopped between his two shoulder blades. Knocking him to the ground. He faced her, “Good job. Let’s try that again, shall we?” She smiled as she extended her hand helping the instructor on his feet.

This is my favorite bag, i love photography so much. When i was eight my parents bought me a camera and i would go out to take photos. And i still do. So this bag means a lot to me. Maybe tomorrow my father can buy me a new camera. I just love photography. Okay well, good night everyone. And may the odds be ever in your favor. Or not. Baiiii. -smiles-

So everyone is wanting questions I totally started a trend. But yet no one asked me questions, it’s fine I guess whatever. Im going to go for a swim, bye.

Hey guys! I’m in a very happy mood right now, i’m just relaxing and it feels great. So my friend, Aria invited me to this beach party; and i might be attending that. I just love beach parties, they are always entertaining. -smiles-


So today was pretty busy. I had some hardcore training then i finally had a break, only to do nothing. (Unless taking funny pictures is something..) Afterwards i had more training.. I finally learned how to set snares, even though my father thinks snares are pointless. I guess he doesnt understand, really. Now im finally done training for today, and its time to relax. Maybe some late-night icecream? Yes please.


Steady The Aim. || Day Two of Training.

Ariel picked up a bow, with a quiver attached to her back already. She faced the targets, steadying the arrow. Her eyes narrowed as she aimed the bow. One. Two. Three. The arrow left Ariel’s grip—flying into the chest of the target, centimeters away from the heart. She grabbed another arrow from the quiver. “Steady Ariel,” she said softly. The fletching brushing against her cheek. The trainer of the “Bows and Arrows” section watched Ariel closely. She steadied her breathing, her eyes narrowed once more. The arrow flew out of her grasp—landing in the throat. A smile grew on her face. She readied another, aiming towards the heart. “One more,” she breathed. The arrow flew from the bow. Seconds later, the targets heart was pierced. Ariel set down the bow and quiver of arrows. She looked towards the trainer, “Thank you,” she smiled as she walked towards the First Aid station.

Broken Damage. || Day Two of Training.

Ariel stepped into the training room for the second time. Little to none people occupied the stations. Ariel decided to train with a deadly weapon— the spiked mace. The maces came in different sizes, Ariel grabbed two smaller ones. She spun both weapons in her hand to get used to it. Ariel never trained with maces back home. She didnt really bothered with the spiked maces, even though they are deadly. Ariel ran towards a dummy, she threw one of the spiked weapons into the head, knocking it over. If it was a real tribute—the skull would have broken, causing internal bleeding. She stopped running, now walking towards the fallen dummy. Ariel reached and pulled out the mace, bringing the other one down with full force, smashing in the chest. She smiled as walked away from the broken dummy. I love spiked maces. she thought with an evil grin upon her face.

Breakfast Before Day 1 of Training

Ariel sat the table in the suite. Her escort and mentors present. Kai was still in his room, Ariel was fine with that. The girl quietly ate her food, not long after Leela spoke. “So how was the party?” She asked with a smile on her face. Elise gave a glance at Leela before taking a sip of her tea. “Did you not see the boy she brought back last night?” Leela was shocked, “What did you do with him Ariel?” Ariel didnt face them, she continued to look at her plate. Leela pushed out her chair, standing up. “Follow.” Ariel stood up, following Leela to her own room.

Leela’s room was remodeled to be identical to her room on the train. The black and white furniture, Ariel sat upon the black sofa. “Did you do what i told you on the train?” Ariel nodded before speaking. “Yes.”
“Well,” Leela placed her hands on her hips. “What happened? Who did you talk to?” Ariel took a deep breath, “I spoke to Kai, Piper, Lily, Topher, Molly, Claudia, and then Seth.” She said naming the names inorder. Leela nodded her head, accepting the people’s name. “Okay good. So what happened?” She raised a brow. Ariel looked at her feet as she spoke, “I asked Kai why did he kiss me during the parade, then i kissed him. With Piper we just talked, then i kissed him as well. But kissing Piper was a mistake, i shouldnt have.” Ariel took a deep breath continuing, “I let Lily borrow a dress and some flats. I had a drink on the balcony with Topher. I didnt get along with Molly, as i planned. I sat on the steps with Claudia, she’s cool.. And with Seth,” she looked at Leela. “We had sex.” Leela sat next to Ariel, “Good. You must make them trust you before making your move.”
Ariel nodded.

The Reaping was tomorrow. Ariel just got the memo when her father walked in. She couldn’t believe it, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Ariel thought she can train for one more day then have the Reaping. She sprung out of the chair, passed her father and dashed up the stairs. She ran into her room and changed into her training outfit. She ran back down stairs, said bye to her father. Minutes later, Ariel was out the front door and running towards the training center. She was going to train all night, as hard as she can. She was going to do anything that might help her. She was going to participate in the 60th Hunger Games. It was her choice. Volunteering or not, she was going play.


This is what i bought when i went shopping today. I finally got a new camera, expect great photos later on. Anyways, I had really fun with my friends: Aria and Ashley. Now it is time to go to sleep. Good night everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Or not.