Edit: I did some digging around and confirmed the left design is fan-made. Whether or not some of Starboardabbey's designs become canon, I thought they were interesting designs.

I was bored and decided to do a sprite edit and comparison of my headcanon version of Kanaya’s godtier outfit and Starboardabbey’s version; wings and shoes are debatable, since we don’t know what they will look like yet.

Starboardabbey’s version: Left

Headcanon version: Right

-Some additional commentary, in response to some of the comments I’m seeing:

The eyes and face are edited from the flash animation [S] Past Karkat: Wake Up. The wings and outfit were created when [S] Cascade was released. The single color wings are because I was lazy to add the design that is seen on my old fanart.

Hussie has used single wing colors before, but it was when the character depicted is too small for the details in the wings. I going by the same logic of when he does the horns in a single color, as a representation of what is/was already established. 


So I’ve continued working on my Eska coplay, these are my progress shots while making these boots/boot covers. I used this pattern/tutorial as a reference, modifying where I saw fit. It took some trial-and-error, but I got the pattern in the end.

I suggest using a flip-flop that fits you as the base to trace for the pattern of the sole of the boot/boot cover. If you’re going to make them boot covers, measure the pattern to the boot you will be using under the cover.

That extra long peice is just to cover the back of the faux fur trim, because it’s attached to the top of the boot, adding two extra inches to the height of the boot.

Two-ish days late, and I think from now on all the entires will be late. orz

Day 21) Humanized Trolls

I’m not even going bother explaining what their nationalities are supposed to be. I’m exhausted. Click though to see the details (like vriska’s sectoral heterochromia)

31 Day Homestuck Challenge

Really old silk screen print from a long time ago.

Based on characters I designed for a board game using the 4 elements as a theme, I adopted these characters into a story I was working on long ago. They are the 4 gods of the elements Air (Ventus), Fire (Pyro), Water (Aqua) and Earth (Terra), as indicated by the decoration framing each person.

The symbols on their face are the symbols I made up to represent the elements, they are based on the platonic solids and their simpler geometric shapes used to describe them (octahedron, tetrahedron, cube, icosahedron, and crescent, triangle, square, and circle, respectively).

The symbol in the middle is a representation of the almighty god/goddess Ourani, who is the 5th element, Aether. It uses the symbols for the other elements. While Ourani is genderless, these are their four children.


Gifts I made for people and gave at today’s hohonewyearstuck meetup in Washington square park. All of the above were made either with sculpey or shrink film, sorry that some of the images are blurry.

The Calliope bow I made for ethereal-nocturne because she makes an adorable Calliope herself.

Troll John necklace was for orangelemonart based off of her headcanon for Troll!John, who is featured in her awesome comic kismesisstuck.

Light aspect stud earrings and Roxy Mutie pin were made for latoolaz as secret sollux gifts. I was going to make something else for her, but I ran out of time. =/

Doom aspect stud earrings for digital-blasphemy because she likes the doom players and owns a doom hoodie. (Now you have matching jewelry :P )

Breath aspect hanging earrings for sasuinurpants to go with her custom john and breath player shirts.

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