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I just had a crazy ephiphany!! it just came to me… Alison was pretending to be Aria. The reason why Alison said to Aria “you know why I picked you right?” Is because Alison picked Aria as her cover, Red Coat aka Vivian Darkbloom. 

First of all, we know Alison liked to “trade personalities” with people, such as CeCe. Maybe she had an obsession with trading personalities, and maybe she stole Arias. Vivian Darkbloom has dark hair like Aria, Aria does have a red coat, and Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram for the author of the book Lolita which is about a student-teacher affair. Ali knows about Byron’s affair, maybe she associates Aria with the book.

Now here’s where it gets even crazier…

In Ezra’s story he says “The first thing Alison told me was a lie.” Now what is usually the first thing you tell someone when you meet them? YOUR NAME. so there is a big possibility that when Ezra met Alison she LIES ABOUT HER NAME.. as well as her age. So what iffffff Alison tells Ezra that her name is Aria or Vivian, and she chooses Aria as the role she plays when she gets to know Ezra. I found it a little weird that Alison was showing Ezra her stories because it seems as if the art of writing is not important to her.. she says in her journals that it is less of a diary and more of a “place to keep things”. so isnt it weird that in the flashback she is asking Ezra for critique?? WHAT IFFFFFF she was actually pretending to be Aria during this time, and what iffff she was showing Ezra ARIA’S STORIES? Maybe Ezra did fall in love with Aria first, but it was the Aria Ali was playing, a character. Also as I have mentioned earlier, the pictures of Arias face while she is sleeping look to me like someone is trying to get a clear image of the shape of arias face and features, maybe to make a mask with or to recreate her face somehow. Jason said Alison took them..

My mind is blown. I don’t know where this came from. But I love the idea of it.

What do you think???


Aria mentioning Toby while she makes no effort to actually interact with him.