15 things that make you happy - tag :)

I was tagged by the tag starter theek-hai-nah ;) :* lipstick-bullet ^_^ its-mary-yum =) and layll :))

Thank youuuuuu!!!!

It was pretty hard.. i wanted to do Istahkhara for it ;) ;p

Here are some of the things that make me happyyy

  1. Tags ofc ;)
  2. When someone reminds you of the old days
  3. Anything made of chocolate especially cakes
  4. Traveling
  5. Adventures with best friends
  6. Opening presents
  7. Books
  8. Being praised
  9. The day I offer all five prayers on time
  10. Watching sports
  11. Enthusiasm
  12. Getting drenched in Heavy rainfalls
  13. Breakfasts
  14. Cold Autumn Winds
  15. My crushes xD

and so many more but abhi yaad nhi arhi…

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Pyaar bhi kya ajeeb ehsaas hai na bhai…{Arnav’s realization}


Arnav: TV ka volume itna loud kyun hai? Aur Lakshmi yaha kya kar rahi hai?
Khushi: Woh Lakshimi ji aur hum rashi bhavishya dekh rahe the. Aur hamne socha ki shayad Lakshmi ji..
Arnav: Tumne TV ka volume iss liye itna loud rakha hai taaki Lakshmi suun sake?
Khushi: Haan..hame pakka pata nahi tha na ki awaaz Lakshmi ji ke kaano tak pauch rahi hai ya nahi..issi liye!