One year later, here we are. It’s our #tumblrversary!

We originally started this Tumblr account as an information hub for our ROMKids programming while the new museum website was being built. It grew, however, to be something far beyond what I could have imagined at the start. Tumblr and Twitter have become such an integral and wonderful part of how we communicate with folks, and I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way. Even with a great new ROM website release just around the corner, I plan to maintain this special environment, full of opportunity to share and interact with an active and inspiring online community. 

I’ve experimented with a number of topics via our social media platforms, and while it’s been great to talk about our programs like #summerclub2012#rom4theholidays#ultimatedinos, and our family weekends, I’ve also truly enjoyed discussing all the other little things that I love about our museum. It’s been super cool to share glimpses into some ‘behind the scenes’ ROM stuff, as well as just the little details I spot while walking about our collections. It’s also been fun doing some of the exclusives like #mirandasmuseum and #ROMKidsGoesWhere. What I’ve perhaps enjoyed the most, though, (apart from interacting with you, of course!), has been the ability to just tell my story. I grew up loving this place, and it’s been really neat that I now get the wonderful opportunity to bring you along through my day-to-day life working here.

To me, museums are not just about accession numbers (what are those?), artifact labels and the blockbuster exhibits that come through every year – although they’re all definitely important. Instead, I feel the most value to be had at museums comes from the stories that each object tells, and the feelings that it evokes in the observer. Tumblr and Twitter, and social media in general, have had a unique and illuminating effect on the way we see things here since they’ve allowed us to share some of the back-stories surrounding events, daily life and collections here at the ROM in an immediate and accessible fashion. I’ve found this to be an incredibly humbling experience and it’s been very rewarding to be a part of this process.

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting so many amazing people, groups and organizations here on the World Wide Web. There is definitely a robust, impressive and positive community of people who share the same enthusiasm for what I enjoy so much: museums. 
… It’s also kind of unreal to see that thousands of people are interested in what we have to say and offer.

Here’s to more sharing, interacting and storytelling as we move into our second year of knowing each other online. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my experiences at the ROM as well as our programs and collections, and I look forward to getting to know YOU better, too!

three pages written. aiming to finish my arguments for continuing excavation tonight, which are half way done, and apparently already over the page limit. which means lots of editing, or limited discussion of my other two positive arguments, or limited discussion of my arguemtns against digging, or a short intro/conclusion. as i don’t have as many arguments against digging, i’m thinking that section can get shorter, and be 3pgs instead of 4pgs. 

i’m also coming across as rather hostile toward academic archaeologists. 

i’m not sorry.