Down The Years, chapter 1, wolfstar.

"Potter!" Sirius clapped James over the head, bouncing excitedly on the plush armchair, "Potter, who IS that?!"
James groaned inwardly, glancing up from his potions essay to see the poor bugger to catch Sirius’ eye this time. Hauling himself up, he follows Sirius’ mad, waving arm until- “Bloody hell..”, he whistled, blinking rapidly, “It’s only 1st year, how did we miss him?”
Sirius had practically crawled onto James’ back at this point, whining impatiently, “Jaaaames! Look at him, that’s not legal! Should I go introduce myself? I’m gonna go introduce myself, don’t wait up!”
With this, he flashed a cheeky grin and bounded over the back of the chair, earning a chuckle from his best mate. He pushed his hair back, stuck his hands into his pockets and ambled towards the young boy across the empty common room.
James watched Sirius saunter over, the poor boy had his nose buried in a book, unaware of the asshole hurricane aimed at him. Stifling a grin, he shamelessly hung over the arm chair, watching them.

Remus had missed the first month of school and was desperately trying to catch up, refusing to waste this opportunity by falling even further behind in his studies. Right now, he was glued to his astronomy textbook, puzzling over constellations and jotting down notes. The common room was blissfully quiet, the silence punctuated only by a few loud whispers from the boys sitting by the fireplace, which he promptly ignored. He couldn’t afford to get close to anybody, not in his condition. With a sigh, he shook his head to clear his thoughts, turning them back to astronomy. Halfway through the page, he realised the boys had gone quiet behind him, had they finally left? He huffed a sigh of relief and ruffled his own hair, closing his eyes and letting the afternoon sun warm his face.
Sirius stopped dead a few feet behind the boy, suddenly and inexplicably nervous. This was ridiculous! Nevermind him being a Black, he was a Gryffindor now, no time to piss about like a coward! Yet he was almost shaking at the thought of talking with this stranger, incredible.. The strange boy had momentarily abandoned his textbook, leaning back slightly, with his eyes closed, the sun shining on his bronze skin and those peculiar, intriguing scars over his cheek. His entire face burned as he realised he’d been stood staring at the fellow Gryffindor, and remembered James’ presence behind him, the git was no doubt enjoying this tragedy! So he cleared his throat, rather loudly, and cried out as the boy yelped in surprise and toppled from his seat, a flash of amber as his shocked eyes caught Sirius’ for a split second before the boy ended up in a heap on the floor.
Neither of them heard the click of a camera going off.

Sirius jumped back as though he’d been electrocuted, hands flung up in defence as he heard James cackling at his back, “Crap, mate. Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you, are you hurt?”, he paused long enough to take a breath and hold a hand out, “I’m Sirius, that’s James, what your name? I came over because we don’t recognise you, see..”
Remus looked up slowly, staring at this boy who spoke so much, had scared him from his seat and was actually looking at him with genuine interest and concern, as opposed to fear and disgust like so many others in his life. He rubbed gently at his shoulder, lips twitching slightly. “I, uh.. I’m Remus”, he started quietly, “I’m not badly hurt, merely a bruise. I’m not surprised you don’t recognise me, I managed to miss the first month of school with fever”, he explained softly, taking the stranger’s hand and hauling himself up from the floor, taking in the scruffy black hair that fell to his chin and the steely grey eyes that smiled at him in the warm sunlight. Those grey eyes furrowed slightly and, without any warning, a cool hand clamped onto his forehead.
“I’m sorry, wh- what do you think you’re doing?!” Remus spluttered helplessly, wide eyes staring at the enigma before him, who was humming and nodding rather knowingly.
“You don’t have a fever anymore, that’s good. I was worried, don’t want you passing out! What’re you studying?”. Ignoring Remus’ protests, he grabbed the textbook, releasing a cheerful whoop!
“Hey Potter! He was studying ME!”, he yelled, causing Remus to gape in confusion and both James and Sirius to laugh even harder, eyes streaming and faces reddening.
Remus narrowed his eyes at the two, emitting a soft snarl as he yanked the textbook from Sirius’ hands and marched out of the common room, “I don’t appreciate being made fun of and you’ll be lucky if Lily Evans doesn’t have words with you both about this” he hissed at the stunned pair before swiftly exiting, an odd stinging behind his eyes.
James and Sirius stared, mouths hung open, until Sirius recovered, “Who’s this Lily Evans and do we know her yet?”
James just shrugged and picked up the abandoned potions essay, “Haven’t a clue, mate. Shimmy your arse over here and read this for me, would you?”
Sirius stared after Remus for a few minutes, remembering how the sun danced through his caramel hair, before rolling his eyes and joining James on the couch. He’d rather forgotten about Remus an hour later.

The next time I am met with a demand for “evidence” when I report incidents of harm as a result of oppression, this is going to be my script: “I am giving you evidence in the form of my lived experience. In so doing, I am asking you to care. About me and about the other people to whom these things are also done. If you care, you will listen. If you don’t, I am politely requesting you be honest enough to simply say that you do not care, instead of obliging me to engage with you in a mendacious argument designed to publicly justify why you won’t.”