I wrote this in my “I Can’t Sleep Journal” last week and thought I’d share. For Lauren, because my conversation with her inspired this entry.

“We want to be able to get to a point in our lives where, even though we may not be 100% happy with the course of our lives, that we’ll still be OKAY with where we are- and more importantly, WHO we are as people.”

areyoumockingmesweetie asked:

Hey hon! How's it going? Almost time for you to go to Spain! You getting excited? I hope you are because its gonna be awesome! I hope you're doing well, send me a sign to know that you're alive! Love you my lady bro ;)

I forgot this was sitting in my ask box… whoops. 

BUT- I am alive! So that’s good. Also, I do hope to see you before I leave in, um- crap. Four days? Yeah. I know I saw you last week, but I’d hate to leave without dropping by again. We’ll see :)

xoxo Lady Bro.