Boun Giorno!

Like you’ve read in our last post about day 6, we camped in the italian part of Switzerand, Locarno. We hiked in the mountains, got a lunch there and later this day we ate terrible food.

But, new day new place!

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Read about our 4th day of our Trip 

Like we told you in the latest post, we’ve tried to reach Castellane. And we did! We drove like 860km through the night. We arrived early in the morning, found a perfect place to stay at the Verdon where we finally could take a shower after 2 days and started our hike to the mountain. There have been a lot of official hiking trails, but we decided to go our own. So we climbed up the mountain to get the perfect view to shoot some awesome stuff with our PhaseOne Camera. It took us like 3 hours to get there, and it was a lot of fun but also pretty dangerous. But we haven’t just took photos, we also filmed a lot of stuff for our documentation, which will be cooming end of summer. We also would like to thank Heimplanet, PhaseOne and H.A.M. Clothing for all the support. check them out. X A Restless Shelter

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We are really happy to finally show you our official trailer from the road trip we’ve made a few weeks ago. We are also very thankful for the huge support from Heimplanet and Phase One Camera System.

Full Length Movie coming autumn 2014.



A big SORRY to all of you because of not keeping you guys updated about the trip, which we already finished, Since we came home, we got a lot of things to do! But here’s a short story about day 9 of the A Restless Shelter trip.

We woke up really early in the morning, because it started raining a lot, thats why we did the pictures black and white. So we had to be really fast to get in the car, before we’ll swim away in the river haha. Once we arrived at the car, we drove to a familypart in austria to stay there for two days. So that was pretty much everything we did. Just to chill out, having some beers and talking a lot with them about the trip.

Just a short new updated :

We already started to do the film, which will be finished end of Summer!

More things will come soon!



Read about our 5th day of the trip.

Our day started with a little problem this time, because the car battery was more or less done after 860 kilometres. But we we’re really lucky that we met an old nice english guy, who helped us out to get the car started again. So let’s hit the road again and leave this place behind. We drove all the way through the Alpes de Côte d’Azur. Every time we found a awesome place, we stopped, took some shots and drove agin in the direction of Torino. We passed by Nice and San Remo and straight to Torino. But Italy wasn’t that interesting for us, so we just drove straight ahead to Lugano. Somewehere between Torino and Lugano, we took a nap on a lay-bay at the highway on our way to Lugano. Stay tuned for more.