Nip Slips Happen!

The fear that comes with some of our most fashionable pieces- nip slips. So my dress is a little low cut, its got no back to it, theres a lot of side boob- SO WHAT?! Those are some of the cutest outfits, yes they come with risks but YOLO SWAG at least Ima look fierce.

That being said.. this weekend I was wearing my favourite LBD, its the perfect above the knee length, very fitted and has a cupped bra neckline.
A game time decision brought me to the bar in this bad boy where I probably had ten one too many Jamesons. My horrific amazing dance moves brought out two things:  

1- People now know for a fact that I am insane

2- A Nip Slip….

I probably did not handle this moment of horrificness in the best manner because I must have blacked out in complete drunkenness embarrassment. While dealing with my embarrassment the next day I thought to myself “I need to start wearing higher necklines and dressing like a boring old hag”. But then it dawned on me, EVERYONE has boobs in some shape or size and I can’t dwell on this moment of poor judgement forever.

As my mother always says, “Shit Happens!” I mean if it happened to THE Emma Watson then that means we’re on the same level, right?  (Although mine was more on Tara Reid’s “Addicted to the Good Times” level)

Next time I’ll just take TECH N9NE’s beautiful words from the greatest song known to man- “That shirt came off and showed a… Oooh Areola!”

Free The Nipple, am I right?