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fave clingy soo moments please? thank you for all you do for this fandom

araaaaaah i’m blushing thank you i’m very glad they bring joy to people :) this is gonna be more of a soo likes touching jongin cause some aren’t considered clingy just touchy-feely but i’ll stop talking now ha

their “argument” it looks silly to me tho cause jongins laughing

i wanna know what this was about

soo keeps trying to touch him still tho


stand beside me cool

soos habit of putting his head on jongins shoulder

jongin “rejecting” soos hug

basically begging to be touched

who drugged kyungsoo

really cute

when they chose the most erotic member like he kept poking his face

did i tell you to stop touching me!

don’t touch him!

i don’t think he’s going anywhere

jongin looks a bit scared ha

nono sit on my dick



“Every day Trans Lifeline answers crisis calls from all over the United States and Canada. Unfortunately we are unable to staff the phone 24 hours and we are having trouble training operators as fast as the demand is increasing. It’s really important to us that we are help as many of the people who call us as possible. Currently we have one full time staff person but in order to expand we need more. Please donate if you are able. Your donations help us save lives!”

Support the Trans Lifeline here <- Any amount helps, even a few bucks! 

Readers, I pretty much never post fund requests because there are just so many important causes and people in need, so if I post one, how can I refuse other requests?

But I am making an exception for Trans Lifeline, a service that literally saves lives, serves a painfully under-represented community, and where there aren’t a lot of other organizations providing this service (huge thanks to those who do, like The Trevor Project).

Trans Lifeline has ONE full time person for ALL OF U.S. AND CANADA. This is real folks, let’s help them help the trans community!!!

Any amount helps - please support trans youth and all trans people!

Trans Lifeline opened to provide a resource for transgender people with suicidal thoughts. In the US, the organization can be reached by phone at 877-565-8860.”

#TransLifeline #RealLifeTransAdult

– The Trevor Lifeline: (866) 488-7386

– National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

– Suicide Awareness Voices of Education:

– Suicide Prevention Resource Center:

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A resource of specifically tagged photos for 1D artists to use as reference. 

Hey all! I created a new blog for the artists out there that need specific reference photos but aren’t able to find what they need. Please note that this is still in the beginning stages so there isn’t much there now. But I’m going to try to post about 5 photos a day and add tags as I go. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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What happened with the fan and dentist or security guard.

An entitled fucking fan asked a security guard if Larry was real. He said no.

I could get into a rant about FUCKED up that fan is and anyone celebrating their story.

I mean, could I have gotten the Truth about Larry if I asked the barista at Starbucks an hour ago? I mean they might no. Or maybe the person who served me at Chipotle.

But like you don’t fucking ask that anyway!!! That’s invasive and nasty and what the fuck?!?!

Do these people not understand what a closet is? Ask anyone in my life what I identify as and 99% of them would say straight! Does that mean I am? No it fucking doesn’t and this dumbass move from that fan attempts to invalidate me and every other LGBTQIA+ person, especially those who aren’t out.

Honestly fuck that attitude! How the fuck did they think they were gonna get an actual answer? WHY do they think they deserve an actual answer? They preach respecting privacy and how we’re invasive but a good chunk of them (not gonna say all because I know all don’t and I don’t like to generalize a group) think it’s okay to walk up to someone and demand they give a sexuality for one of their clients??? That’s so fucking entitled and fucked up!


Well we have a landslide winner, of course! Charlie!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a vote in the survey. It’s cool to see the results! Interestingly, the favourites aren’t necessarily the ones I post the most photos of (I know I post a lot of Kiba, but not much of Charlie).

It wouldn’t let me sort the results, so for easy viewing we’ve got:

  • Charlie 167 (40.9%)
  • Kiba 75 (18.4%)
  • Timber 63 (15.4%)
  • Luka 43 (10.5%)
  • River 37 (9.1%)
  • Loki 23 (5.6%)

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I don't want to live in a world where men push women out of the way to get to the exit of a burning building, because survival of the fittest is equality in it's cruelest form. Some gender roles aren't equal but noble, without these I worry that women would be less appreciated because double standards need to go both ways. What i'm asking is, does equality take the selflessness out of man and woman's relationship? Isn't that harmful?


Equality does not “take the selflessness out” of any relationship- whether it be a heterosexual one, or any other kind.

It’s also important to understand that there’s nothing about being a feminist that claims “survival of the fittest” is the way to go. In fact, I would argue that feminism is actually about the opposite; it’s about recognizing one’s individual power (in terms of gender, race, sexuality, class, etc.) and using it to pull up others who are oppressed by existing systems.

I hope that helps!

The experts I spoke to all said it’s extremely important to reflect the state of the science in coverage, and to avoid giving equal weight to both sides of an argument that aren’t actually equal according to science. When reporters do that, we risk misrepresenting the research and creating controversy where there isn’t any.

Many journalists covering discussions of climate change have struggled with this for years. In the early days, they often allowed those who deny the existence of manmade warming to weigh in on a variety of stories. Broadcast programs typically featured one person who “believes in” climate change alongside one denier, giving the false impression that the evidence is split 50-50. Of course, research for years has overwhelmingly suggested that humans are behind global warming. But even today, reporters aren’t sure how to cover politicians who deny the existence of climate change.
how to give a bitchy characters layers!

so i play bitchy characters a lot and over the past two years, i learned how to develop them so they aren’t flat. so, i decided to make a small guide on how to make it so that your bitchy character isn’t just a bitch for no reason! give them a reason to want to be such a brutally honest or terrifyingly mean person.s o here you go! likes & reblogs would be hella!!

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Jurassic World director confirms how they obtained mosasaur DNA

Since it was first announced that the marine reptile mosasaurus will be appearing in Jurassic World, some have wondered if it would be explained how the film’s scientists obtained genetic material from such creatures. In the previous movies, it was established that dinosaur DNA was retrieved from mosquitoes trapped in amber that had once fed on dinosaur blood… but there aren’t mosquitoes underwater.

Today, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow provided an explanation, answering the question posed by a follower by posting a link to a news article about soft tissue and genetic material being discovered inside fossilized dinosaur bones themselves – no mosquito required.

This technique is briefly referenced in the original movie as well, and Crichton touched on it in the novel (Grant provided Hammond with fractured bone pieces for genetic testing in exchange for his funding), although at the time it was unknown if genetic material could reliably be obtained this way.

In the movie series, as in real life, it appears that the technology has advanced in the past 20-plus years, and InGen/Masrani are now able to retrieve paleo-DNA directly from fossil bones as well as the mosquito-in-amber method.

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I'm sorry but this blog is a bit too much for me... I support vegans but I don't like how you see eggs, honey, milk, etc as evil... I'm sorry but I'm unfollowing.

I know many people just can’t handle the truth and some others just aren’t that open to change or to things that go against everything you’ve been taught since you were born.

The only way I can see Kanan and Ezra getting out of the Vader confrontation alive is with a Big Damn Heroes moment from the Ghost, or some other ship/fleet of ships or walkers. I mean, that’s the way Luke manages to survive in the Star Wars comic. When it comes to a Sith as powerful as Vader, honorable fights aren’t going to be a thing. 

And I’m not so certain about Kanan surviving at all…

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My parents aren't millionaires but my both of my dads' siblings are. My dad is the disappointment of the family lmao. But I've gotten to meet really cool people (Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and I chilled with 1D for a couple hours) and I always get cool gifts at holidays bc of my Aunt and Uncle so I still get the perks.

I wish i was this good a liar

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how do you forget someone that you used to love?

You can’t really forget anyone, that’s the sad part. I do however think, you forget how they once made you feel. As time goes on you get use to not talking to them, you get use to being “alone.” You get use to being the person you are now that they aren’t around. I feel like you just get use to it all, and learn to let go and get over it. Even if you feel desperate right now, you WILL get over the heartbreak. No matter how long it takes you will heal. You just need to take it day by day and give yourself time. You’ll be okay.

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Sunsets in Perth

“It’s starting now,” Troye announced, pushing his laptop aside.

Connor looked over at the sun and was struck by how beautiful it was, the red and orange and gold blending with the odder pink and purple into a watercolored masterpiece. He pulled out his phone excitedly. “This will make a great Instagram picture.”

Connor messed around with the composition and frame for a moment before snapping a few quick photos. He didn’t want to risk missing the sun’s final moments before it dipped below the horizon. He looked over at Troye, and was surprised to find him staring back at him.

“Why aren’t you watching the sunset?” Connor asked, “It’s why we’re on the roof.”

Troye shrugged, his gaze unwavering as his lips curled into a smile. “I’ve seen a hundred of those. All I want to look at right now is you.”

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Won't people freak when they find out ace day(or whatever it's called) is on the same day as Asian invasion?

I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this lately and this is the last time I will go over this:

Yes, there will be people who take issue with the date. The thing is, though, that no matter what date the community chose (and it was put to a vote), there was always going to be SOMETHING else that fell on that day as well. We are working with a finite number of days to cover a potentially infinite number of causes. 

No one community or cause owns a day or a movement. We can share the day without one overshadowing the other. We aren’t doing the same thing as Asian Invasion (not to mention there’s a ton of backlash on Asian Invasion because it’s a direct co-opt of #blackout) so we aren’t stepping on toes that way. We are doing our own thing and just because the day is the same doesn’t mean we’re suddenly taking away from another cause (not that we could anyway, because asexuality isn’t as widely known or acknowledged as any race).