Can the rvb fandom slowly start posting more Agent Washington. So then people that don’t know rvb areLike one day, “wow look some guy in halo armor looks cool, I’ll reblog I guess.” Ten days later, “WHY IS MY DASHBOARD ALL THIS GUY IN YELLOW ACCENTED HALO ARMOR!?!” And they would get like emotionally attached to him so if they see a picture of him they go “nuuuu, yellow accented armor bby, y u so sad? Stop that right now. Here have some kittens and other fluffy small animals.”

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Regardless of anything, Maks was filming All of Me to show Meryl and ya cant tell me any different, That song and dance were so special to both Meryl and Maks! How could he not relive that dance last night in his mind! As Carrie Ann said after they danced, she cried during the dance b/c it was so beautiful! Meryl you arelike something out of this world extrodinary and you can tell cause Maks was so inspired by you! The chemistry the partnership, you are phenominal! 1/2

2/2-So yes do we call wish Meryl was in Italy with Maks, one of her favorite places absolutely! But they are professionals, doing their jobs and honoring commitments to those jobs. I have watched Maks from the beginning and from what I have seen/heard in the last 6 months tells me even more about him If he envys Ryan and Eva, and is private, I don’t think he would be showing these pics if they are nothing more than friends.


I agree.  Thx.

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ppl.. ship… babies????

YES it’s so fucking gross this exact same shit happened when I was in the supernatural fandom