looky here~ I drew my oc in the Last style! ;v; ♥ She is rock lee’s love interest ;v; oh goshhh i love how these turned out! Her outfits are sooo perf x////x I feel bad because I haven’t been drawing her a lot lately..but I still ship her with lee SO HARD!!! xoxoxoxoxo let me know what you think ;v; 

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4,13,22,24 (:

4: Biggest Turn Offs
bad teeth and smoking. 

13: Most embarrassing moment
hm probably swearing loudly in the hallways afterschool and being pulled aside by a teacher who reprimanded me…and everyone was staring HAHA

22: Favorite Movie
loads. but top of the list is the breakfast club 

24: A random fact about yourself
ive broken my right arm and had 15 stitches. i still have the scar and it looks like a centipede :D 

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Nice too see you found the photo I took at MCM Expo haha. If I remember rightly you already found it on DA.

I stalk the deadman wonderland tag

Yes, yes I did! Thank you so much for taking it! Was pretty cool to see people actually recognise who we were. ouo

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((Okay but I had close to that idea myself??? Like Blacklight/Redlight being fucked up Life Thread experiments and Blackwatch effectively wearing Goku uniforms someone kill us both we’re weeb trash))

arekkusu the dumb kamui shape shifter who p much sucks bc u have to have high stamina to wear him. mr. takes half of your blood in .0078 seconds and makes grabby greedy extensions to get at more life fibers. never happy ever.

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Ugh, how I wish, Hikari. How I wish u_u Please, take TONS of pictures. Make your mom and dad take tons of pictures! I want to see them! And you have my number, I am willing to meet up in NY with you at anytime!

i’m sure they’ll take plenty haha

but actually my friend from australia is coming over, and we’re going together to ny, so like if you don’t mind her there too we can all hang out?!?!?!!

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hello gaikokujin dono, I read your translation on the Dara weapon titles. You have a very good working knowledge of kanji. I am impressed. Thanks for sharing. ~arekkusu

You’re very welcome! I love kanji, so it was not that hard for me to learn the 常用漢字 (2000 or so they teach in Japan). I think you have to fall in love with them to learn them well (what’s not to love about them, right?)

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*invides your askbox like a boss* "Hey I’m Alex and my crazy ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is here and I was wondering if you’d pretend to date me so I can get them off my back?”

send my muse a starter sentence!

               ”Arekkusu?” The foreign name sounds awkward on his tongue, and his eyes flicker over the female to confirm it — ah, so she was a foreigner? Well, it wasn’t Arata’s first time encountering one — but for her to ask such a strange thing…

              He blinks at her a few times, processing the information. “Uh. That’s a bit odd to ask a stranger. What if I was crazy too?”


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hello gaikokujin dono, after watching your tutorial, I had a question - why would one choose to use a phialed super burst instead of a phialed ultra burst? What are the pros and cons? Thank you. ~arekkusu

Super is strong, has 3 blasts, and keeps you in boost mode so you can continue with blasting shield thrusts and guard points and 20% higher attack on axe moves. In fact I use super most of the time after realizing staying in boost mode is so solid. Ultra of course the con is that it makes you start over but it’s not that hard to get charged again. The big con is if you miss you will have wasted it all. Many times online I’m about to ht the monster with it and someone cuts the tail it makes it flinch, resulting in me unloading it all into the empty ground :p

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hello, gaikokujin dono, it's a been a while. I follow your blog very closely. Thanks for all the great information you are passing state-side. Has the charge axe dethroned hammer as the king of KO? How much KO damage does CB do in different moves? If hammer really is dethroned, it's literally the end of an era for MH. ~arekkusu

I wouldn’t say that is has been dethroned but it certainly has some competition. The charge blade can ko pretty well but it’s limited to blasts and bursts where the hammer it’s everything. Plus nothing beats the feeling of KOing a monster with hammer or horn.

As far as popularity goes, people love charge blade because it lends itself well to both novice and advanced play where hammer I think is more of an expert weapon.

Phial blasts do 30 stun normally and 40 when in boost mode. 15 stun for shield thrust in boost mode. Ultra burst I’m not sure but it’s some obscene amount.