Protests in Bulgaria. The taxes for electricity were raised a lot and people started rioting. The police or the gandarmerie (whichever you prefer) in my hometown decided to lower their shields, one of them even has his hands in his pockets. They show a lot of solitude and to be honest this picture made me cry. They’re with us in our own struggle, but they’re just doing their job…they too have a family…a wife and kids. This just gives me some kind of hope in humanity :D

Another picture from the protests in my hometown - Varna, Bulgaria. I’ll just translate what the woman in the picture said:

”Another great moment!

I want you to know that I do not know this person. I was just passing by and decided to spontaneously hug him.
I told him that  I am proud that they’re not like their collegues from Sofia and I thanked him for his tolerance and patience. We value that, right!?”