An observation.

I see some beautiful, slender girls post stuff like “ew, I’ve gotten so fat." 

To have such negative body image that a <130lbs full grown adult would think that they are fat, its such a delusive thought. What makes people think such absurdities?

When these girls see other people who are not quite the same shape as them, do they go "ew, she’s so fat?” I certainly hope not, because if that is the case, it’s not their weight that they should be worrying about. But I am sure they don’t, because all they see is themselves– and how much they dislike themselves. They can look at a heavier girl and say she looks amazing, and then look at themselves and say “I look like a fucking whale." 

I realized in high school that I had such a negative body image –Always self conscious and saying "this won’t look right on me because I’m too fat.” It wasn’t until I got to college and I realized that high school WAS the most slender I’ve ever was, and possible ever will be and I had just missed out on such great outfits because I THOUGHT they wouldn’t fit. Now I am plagued with regret– regret of how I should have loved myself a little more back then.  

So what if we gain a couple of pounds here and then? So what if we indulge on two pieces of cakes for the night? Our lovers will not love us less. Our parents will not love us less. Our friends will not love us less. In fact, that one myspace description of body sizes rings true – there will be “more [of us] to love”. But not loving yourself, no matter what size you are, is a pretty unattractive trait.

I am not advocating binging on food. I am not advocating being unhealthy. I am all for healthiness, but having a negative self image is a sign of the opposite. So don’t skip that meal today. Don’t stick that finger down your throat. Just be you.