Shamelessly inspired by The Graduate

I’ve been told I should GIF this, and I always sometimes do as I am told, so here you go. 

For those of you who didn’t know, Sasha’s story arc on Shameless is obviously a little homage to the classic The Graduate (1967, dir.: Mike Nichols). Both stories are about a college kid getting seduced by a significantly older, more experienced married woman and about the consequences of that affair. In The Graduate, it’s Mrs. Robinson; in Shameless, it’s Mrs. Runyon. And as you can see, the visual similarities are also hard to miss. :-)

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Wedding Day~

(I cry whenever I image Aokaga wedding day, so thank you very much anon.And of course they are both late. Are you kidding? They didn’t change just cause they were getting married. lol)

It was a perfect spring day; bright sun, a nice soft breeze, and tons of flowers. Everyone was gathered in one of Akashi’s large gardens, which he had approved to be used for the ceremony. The flowers were beautiful and the colors were vibrant. All of Aomine’s and Kagami’s friends and family were present, but it was still a small, intimate group. Neither of them had wanted something big.
“Yes Midorima kun?”
“Have you gotten a hold of them yet?”
“No. I’ve called and text both of them. I haven’t gotten word back yet.”
“I can’t believe those two. How can they be the ones that are late?!”
Kuroko looked at his phone again, slightly concerned, “I understand. I will try again.”
Kuroko was standing at the altar, impatiently waiting for his two best friends to arrive. He greatly disliked being the center of attention, but as the best man for both of his friends, he was left to answer all questions concerning their whereabouts. It didn’t matter that it was their important day; Kuroko made a mental note to ignite punch both of them in the gut when they arrived.
Finally, Kuroko heard two loud voices coming from the main building, rapidly getting closer. Not a minute later, both Aomine and Kagami came running down the aisle, their jackets missing and their ties not tied correctly. Kuroko also noticed something else about their attire: Aomine was wearing a pair of new red Jordan’s while Kagami was wearing a blue pair.
“Shit! We’re so sorry. We had to get something important,” Kagami stood next to Kuroko, panting hard.
“Fuck…sorry Tetsu. We had trouble finding what we were looking for,” Aomine stood next to Kagami, trying to fix his tie.
Kuroko bit the inside of his cheek, trying to remind himself that this was a very important day for his friends and he should wait to ignite punch them later. Although he was sure they were trying to find shoes in their sizes and he couldn’t understand why it was important to do that today.
“Ahh I can’t get this stupid thing right,” Aomine dropped his hands in frustration, his tie hanging limply around his neck.
Kagami stepped forward, having already fixed his tie, “Here, baka. Let me do it.”
Kuroko watched Kagami maneuver Aomine’s tie into place. He saw the look that Aomine gave to the other boy as well. It was soft and loving, something he never thought he would ever see on Aomine’s face. Finally, they both were presentable, minus their jackets of course. Before they could start though, Kuroko stepped forward.
“Kagami kun, Aomine kun, what are those on your feet?”
Both boys looked down and then grinned.
Aomine threw his arm over Kagami’s shoulder as he smiled, “They are Jordan’s Kuroko.”
“Yes I can tell that, Aomine kun. Why are you wearing basketball shoes to such an event?”
Kagami smiled brightly, “Did you expect something different, Kuroko?”
Kuroko shook his head and stepped back out of the way, wondering why he had bothered to ask in the first place. As the ceremony started, Aomine and Kagami turned to face one another, the minister starting to talk. They were smiling wide, only looking at each other, and actually holding hands. They weren’t paying much attention to what the minister was saying, except when it was time to respond. All they saw was each other, and it was blatantly apparent to the crowd gathered that they were impatiently waiting for the end.
“You may now kiss.”
Aomine smirked as he gripped his husband, “Fuckin finally.”
Their lips met as they held each other tight, not willing to let go until they heard Kuroko clear his throat next to them. Breaking apart only enough to breathe, they pressed their foreheads together.
Aomine whispered as he looked into Kagami’s eyes, “I love you, Taiga.”
Kagami’s eyes started glistening as he whispered back, “I love you, Daiki.”

No Matter What - AU!Wolf! Lay

NA: Sorry it took so long, themimixd. Love you.


Happy? Check. Together? Check. In love? Eternal check. Family? Nope. 

Recently Yixing came to you speaking about having a family. You had married about a year ago. You both were stable economically and emotionally. You didn’t have many arguments to say “no” to Yixing about the subject. You just didn’t want to have children.

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Naruto meme: 18 and 5

#5: Who is your Anti-OTP

I’m just not into any of the -cest ships. No Sandcest, Uchihacest, etc. (I don’t mind NejiHinata that much because it’s perfectly normal for cousins to marry in Japan and even legal in many of the states here in the US so it doesn’t seem necessarily incestuous to me?) Other than that just any adult/kid ships are nonos to me. Frankly if it’s well written you can convince me of just about anything. Like I’m not really a fan of LeeSaku, not entirely against it either though, you’d just have to do some great writing for me to see them actually working together, despite how much I love both characters.

#18: Sexiest Naruto character? Include pictures.

Well duh.

Perfect Day by Mornesonge

But since that’s the obvious choice, my second is Gaara. There is truly a tremendous dearth of hot Gaara art though, which needs to be remedied. But be prepared to be spammed by some of what I do have.

I searched high and low for the sources on these but could only find reposted art. If any of you have any idea who the original artist is, please let me know!

kazekage by lpilz

Little Wrath by Orioto       Just look at dem eyes. I mean seriously.

Gaara by 69XuXu69

Gaara by Myrsk

Tame Darkness by Tenaku

TBH all the SandSibs are pretty hot.

No Sudden Movements by Quedam

Also bonus Shikamaru in a kilt, mainly just because I went to a Scottish festival today so I’m all about the kilts atm.

Kilted Shika by g2677

So there you go. Lots of pretty arts for ya’ll. Hope you enjoy.

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My boyfriend is really religious. He laughes it off when I wanna kiss on the lips, we've been together for 3 years. I want to move further in the relationship but he doesn't want to do anything till we're married and he wants to get married around the age of 28. He's 21 this year and I've just tuned 21 a month ago. I'm a virgin and I feel like I'm wasting my youth, I can't go out and party or get drunk or Anything. I'm so in love with him, but I don't know if I can take this anymore.

I know you love him, but what are you really gaining out of the relationship? If you get married at 28, do you really wanna be having kids at 30? (If you want kids) You should be dating somebody who is compatible with you and will share your values, and as should he! You both should be dating people who can give the other what they want. In my opinion, have a nice break up, don’t leave rigid edges, just part ways and do you. You’re 21! Have some fun!

Belcher Family Meeting
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Bob:</b> Kids your mother and I need to talk to you.<p/><b>Linda:</b> But before we start we want you to know that we both love you very much.<p/><b>Children:</b> ok... ?<p/><b>Bob:</b> your mother and I have decided to get a divorce.<p/><b>Linda:</b> but that does change the way we feel about you.<p/><b>Children:</b> What?<p/><b>Louise:</b> What are you talking about?<p/><b>Linda:</b> your father and I just aren't the same people we where when we got married.<p/><b>Bob:</b> that's right.<p/><b>Gene:</b> So we're not going to live together anymore? How's going tell me when I fart?<p/><b>Tina:</b> Was it something we did?<p/><b>Louise:</b> Are you going to battle for our love... with gifts?<p/><b>Gene:</b> No with farts.<p/><b>Linda:</b> We'll always be a family.<p/><b>Bob:</b> You guys did nothing wrong. Even though we might not all be you together in one house it doesn't mean we're not a family.<p/><b>Tina:</b> do we have to choose right now? Because if we do I choose the parent that moves to the country and buys me a horse... sorry dad.<p/><b>Linda:</b> Aww Tina I love you too sweetie.<p/><b>Bob:</b> What wait no. We'll take it on step at a time.<p/><b>Gene:</b> I want the parent that fart the loudest. Fart battle. Go.*strains to fart*<p/><b>Bob:</b> We're not having a farting contest<p/><b>Gene:</b> I could be farting right now. Silent but deadly.<p/><b>Linda:</b> April Fools.<p/><b>Children:</b> What... ?<p/><b>Bob:</b> Linda we're suppose to say it together.<p/><b>Linda:</b> Sorry I was caught in the moment.<p/><b>Bob:</b> I can't believe you fell for that.<p/><b>Louise:</b> Fine no Christmas Day duels. I choose to not show you affection equally.<p/><b>Tina:</b> What about Justin and Veronica?<p/><b>Bob:</b> Justin and Veronica?<p/><b>Tina:</b> My horses. I've already named them.<p/><b>Linda:</b> Sorry honey.<p/><b>Gene:</b> Can we still have a fart battle *ppppffff* Oh no that wasn't suppose to come out.<p/></p><p/></p>

“Dad, let’s be honest here. Our family is so full of drama it should have it’s own show. Great Great Grandma was with three different people, both you and Grandma married young to older people, we’re pretty close in age right now, I’m close to the same age as cousin Joy, and I had a baby when I was in highschool. Hell, my kid and my wife go to school across the street from each other. But that said, I think you shouldn’t be so mad about the teenage pregnancy thing. Not to mention Grandpa’s family wears pretty much all black, they have a family cemetary too, and their family name is ‘Goth’.”

Kim So Yeon Selects Ideal Type among “Abnormal Summit” G12: Actress Kim So Yeon appears as a guest on the most recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit,” which aired on March 30.

Jeon Hyun Moo asks Kim So Yeon to choose her ideal type out of the G12, the cast members of the program, and Kim So Yeon chooses Zhang Yuan.

The MCs follow up with a number of additional questions including “Have you thought about how many children you might want when you get married?”

Kim So Yeon answers, “Yes, I would like about two.”

Zhang Yuan, who previously stated that he wants three kids, says, “Well… I mean two kids are okay too,” causing the studio to erupt in both laughter and groans.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon is starring alongside Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min in upcoming JTBC drama “Falling for Innocence,” which is slated to premiere on Friday April 3, KST.

Who is your ideal type among the G12 members?

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If you could go back and give advice to each couple when they were just starting off what would you say to them? Mercedes and Sam, Britt and Santana, You and Jesse, Quinn and Puck, & Yourself and Blaine.

Mercedes & Sam: (circa post-that first Summer) You might have to spend some time apart every so often, and you’re future isn’t going to be easy, but eventually you’re going to make each other so happy. Love is worth waiting for if you’re with the right person and I truly believe you both have found that person in each other.

Britt & Santana: (circa sophomore & junior year) You’re too young to get married! Kidding. I have different advice for each of them. I would tell Brittany to stay strong and to not give up on Santana. Santana’s working on it and it’ll be so amazing once she finally catches up to you and let’s herself shine. As for Santana— Honestly, it’s more like I would do things differently than give her any words or wisdom. When she was going through coming out and struggling with herself I really should have been a better friend and helped her through it. I think that would have went much farther than any sagely advice I could have tossed out.

Rachel & Jesse: (I’m assuming you mean Rachel and not me because I am absolutely not in a relationship with Jesse) Rachel, I love you and support you through all your decisions. No farther comment.

Quinn & Puck: (circa skank!Quinn because really they weren’t together together before then) Please don’t hold any resentment for each other over Beth and give in to the obvious chemistry you’ve had since the beginning. You’re both surprisingly good people and things will be easier once you have each other to hold on to.

Blaine & Myself: (circa post-Blaine’s transfer because we were perfect when we were at Dalton :b) Communication is key. Please talk to each other. Your mouths just aren’t for kissing and gabbing about what song you’re doing in glee that week. Please tell each other how you feel. This is very important.

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How long were you with your boyfriend before your baby? Did you have to convince him? You weren't married, but living together how did that happen?. Just wondering for a situation of my own. Did you argue or do you? .

We had been together for a couple years before I fell pregnant with Mae. We weren’t planning on getting pregnant, it just kind of happened.. We were two broke kids in uni so having a baby wasn’t on our priority list. We were both super stoked to find out I was pregnant though! We decided to live together because I was moving up to the city for uni (where Kody already was) and idk, it just seemed like the best option. After doing long distance for a year, we really just wanted to not have to say ‘goodbye’ again so we moved in together. Yeah we do argue occasionally but it’s always over petty things like house work haha. We’ve had a few ‘big’ fights in our time but Kody hates conflict and I can always admit where I’m wrong and apologise so we always move on and grow from them.

My best advice would be to go for it! You don’t need to be married to live together or have a baby. If that’s what you truly want then just be open about how you feel and be willing to compromise. It’s hard work but it’s all worth it, I promise. ♥

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10; 15; 17.

10. Your idol
I wouldn’t say I have a “One-true-idol”. I appreciate people who are genuine, mature and interesting; for both people I know personally and not.

15. Do you want to get married? If yes, where?
I am married to pyromantic-princess and we have gotten married several times and are planning like millions of different themed weddings. Yeah.
(Idk I might get married, I might not. Outdoors is better.)

17. What would you name your future child if it was a girl?
I wouldn’t give a fuck if my child was born male/female/other, any kid of mine would have a gender neutral name. And I would base it off their personality, so I have noooo idea yet.


 : I’m going with the verse with kids, just so you know. 


  • Who was the one to propose: I’m pretty sure it was Pepper. It was a mutual decision though. 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: There was no wedding. Went to the courthouse. Done and over with, no stress!
  • Who decorated the house: Pepper, but Tony has some nifty thingamabobs that have a spot in their home. 
  • Who is more organized: Pepper.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Both…?
  • Who suggested kids first: Pepper may have suggested it first.
  • Who’s more dominant:
  • Who’s the cuddler: Tony!
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Cuddling. Duh. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Tony. 
  • Who falls asleep first: Pepper. Only because Tony can be in the workshop for hours on end.
  • Who is louder?
  • Who is more experimental?
  • Do they fuck or make love? They make love. 
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?
  • Who comes first?
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?
  • Who usually initiates things? They both do.
  • Who is more sensitive? Tony…?
  • Who has the most patience? Pepper has a lot of patience, but so does Tony.

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  • Who was the one to propose: Adam
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Neither really, but maybe more so Eunice because Adam would be chill about it.
  • Who decorated the house: Eunice.
  • Who is more organized: Eunice.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Both.
  • Who suggested kids first: Eunice, but not in a “let’s have them” kind of why. More so “what do you think” way.
  • Who’s more dominant: Depending on the situation.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Eunice.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Watching a good movie.
  • Who kills the spiders: Either.
  • Who falls asleep first: Eunice.
  • Who is louder? Both can be pretty loud.
  • Who is more experimental? Adam, but Eunice would be the one to really get things done.
  • Do they fuck or make love? Make love.
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Adam.
  • Who comes first? Adam.
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Both are good, but Adam prefers it.
  • Who usually initiates things? Eunice.
  • Who is more sensitive? Eunice.
  • Who has the most patience? Eunice.

Congrats to the big bro on getting married yesterday to the beautiful Nicky Mason @nickyjmason . It’s so crazy to think about us hanging out and balling as kids and now you’re finally married. You’ve always been an awesome friend, neighbour, and most of all older brother. I remember when you first met Nicky when I was in Dubai and how taken back you were by her. She is truly a special girl and you’re lucky to have one another. Wishing you guys a lifetime of blessings and joy. I love you both hugs and kisses ! #brother #married #omg #wearegettingold #bigbro #family #ohengland #liverpool #dubai #lebanon #beautiful #iloveyou #bro #statenisland #newyork


Category: Comedy Movie Review
Rating: 8 out of 10
Review: My first movie review…can’t believe I got around to it. For future reference, I will give a brief description of the movie before the actual “review.” Ok, let’s get started. So this older lady and this old guy start dating and they eventually get married…I think. I can’t remember…that’s not important. Anyway, they get married and move in together, but they each have a kid still living at home with them. The thing is, their kids are old enough to be my parents…but they both act like their 13. I thought this movie was pretty hilarious. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it already but there is this part where one of the brothers gets so pissed he rubs his balls on his stepbrothers drum-set. I don’t know why, but that part had me in tears. If you like goofy movies, Will Farrell, or just life in general, I would suggest you go check it out.
Rent or Buy: Step Brothers

Book excerpt 2

*Yet another book excerpt. Feedback is appreciated!

“Kids, your mother has something to tell you.”

I detected a look of irritation in her eyes. I don’t think I could have told them, the father in me never wanted to be responsible for what we were about to tell them.

“Kids, you know we love you very much. But we just aren’t as happy being married to each other as we used to be, so your father and I are going to get a divorce.”

They said nothing. Kathy was the one who wanted to break up, but It still felt like it was my fault. They looked devastated.

“Will we still see both of you?” Sally asked, trying to hold back tears. Sally never likes to get emotional around people.

As for the boys, I couldn’t see the tears in their eyes, but I knew they were upset.

“You will still see both of us, just not at the same time.” I said as I looked at Kathy. Her face was solemn. She knew what she had done. I thought about the custody agreement. There was no way I’d let her take them away from me.

“I’m going to go stay with grandma tonight kids, I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I’ll bring you the papers tomorrow, Kathy.”

No one said a word. I went into what once was our bedroom, and now, just a bad memory. I threw everything she had missed into my coat pockets. I didn’t want to have to come back for anything. I didn’t want to take the chance of seeing her again. But some part of me wanted to leave something. I wanted to show her that I was much better off without her. I would have walked in there with a smile on my face. I would have kindly offered to let her keep most of my things. Hoping that she’d somehow realize what she was missing out on somehow from how nice I was being.

I got in my car and  drove around for a little while before it occurred to me that I had to call my mom. I didn’t want to wake her at 10:30 at night, but I didn’t think that she’d mind once I told her what happened. I pulled into a parking space in Mcdonald’s after I had gone through the drive-thru for my 3rd order of milkshake and fries. I had no idea how much I was eating, I  wanted something to remind me that this wasn’t just a bad dream.

Hearing people pity you is just awful. “Awww, Jeanie, I’m so sorry. My poor baby, you can stay with me for as long as you like.”

AS much as a I wanted to throw up, I was surprised that she had called me her “poor baby”, though I knew she probably didn’t even realize she said it. I don’t know why she apologized, either. It’s not like it was her fault.

Funny thing about loss, people always say they’re sorry. It’s not like they were responsible for it, but they do it anyway. I’ll never understand that.  But nonetheless mom’s sincerity was comforting to hear.

I pulled out of the Mcdonald’s and began the long drive to Maine. My mom lives in a small town in Maine called “Esperanza.” As for my dad, I never knew the guy.  He was shot in the line of duty when my mom was only 6 months pregnant with me. He was only 26. People say he was one of the best cops the NYPD had ever known. After that, my mom immediately moved out of the city before I was born. Fisher’s Lagoon was about a six hour drive, but it gave me perfect time to think.

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I'm sending you Truth or Dare numbers!! :D 1, 9, 11, 16, 21.

Since you didn’t specify if I should do the truth or dare for the numbers I’m going to do BOTH MWAHA

1 truth - Who was your first major celebrity crush?

not even kidding, I married him in my hallway. This movie came out when I was 3 so..

1 dare - Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.

a. Banana G.NA

b. Freeze Beast

c. Time to Go Ukiss

d. Back to You Beast

e. Black and White G.NA

9 truth - How did you meet your best friend?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm will this would make me pick a best friend. I have a few friends that I love love a lot, most of which I met in high school so

9 dare - Refresh your dashboard. Open the blog of the person who posted whatever’s at the top of your dash. Reblog their most recent selfie.

Idk if it’s their most recent, but. done.

11 truth - Where did you get each article of clothing you’re wearing right now?

underwear is probably target, pants are goodwill, shirt is goodwill, cardigan is probably target, pad from somebody who sells on facebook

11 dare - Pick up the closest book to you. Turn to page 39 and copy down line 7.

so this was the closest book: “who’d stood closest to the emperor in the audience”

and this was the book I was hoping would be the closest: “feet and Durham her head ; both pressing hard on her butt, they” (that’s Rapmon’s fave book btw)

16 truth - What is your dream job?

Well I want to be a preschool teacher but if I could DO ANYTHING I’d want to work on the sets for claymation movies.

16 dare - Post the four most recent pictures in your camera roll.

my most recent 4 are the selfies I already posted.

21 truth - What three fictional characters would you most like to meet?

HMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm Idek. …idk.

21 dare - Write your name down on a piece of paper and draw a quick picture of yourself. Take a photo of it and post it.

I used my ipad instead of paper

send more?