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Shamelessly inspired by The Graduate

I’ve been told I should GIF this, and I always sometimes do as I am told, so here you go. 

For those of you who didn’t know, Sasha’s story arc on Shameless is obviously a little homage to the classic The Graduate (1967, dir.: Mike Nichols). Both stories are about a college kid getting seduced by a significantly older, more experienced married woman and about the consequences of that affair. In The Graduate, it’s Mrs. Robinson; in Shameless, it’s Mrs. Runyon. And as you can see, the visual similarities are also hard to miss. :-)

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Wedding Day~

(I cry whenever I image Aokaga wedding day, so thank you very much anon.And of course they are both late. Are you kidding? They didn’t change just cause they were getting married. lol)

It was a perfect spring day; bright sun, a nice soft breeze, and tons of flowers. Everyone was gathered in one of Akashi’s large gardens, which he had approved to be used for the ceremony. The flowers were beautiful and the colors were vibrant. All of Aomine’s and Kagami’s friends and family were present, but it was still a small, intimate group. Neither of them had wanted something big.
“Yes Midorima kun?”
“Have you gotten a hold of them yet?”
“No. I’ve called and text both of them. I haven’t gotten word back yet.”
“I can’t believe those two. How can they be the ones that are late?!”
Kuroko looked at his phone again, slightly concerned, “I understand. I will try again.”
Kuroko was standing at the altar, impatiently waiting for his two best friends to arrive. He greatly disliked being the center of attention, but as the best man for both of his friends, he was left to answer all questions concerning their whereabouts. It didn’t matter that it was their important day; Kuroko made a mental note to ignite punch both of them in the gut when they arrived.
Finally, Kuroko heard two loud voices coming from the main building, rapidly getting closer. Not a minute later, both Aomine and Kagami came running down the aisle, their jackets missing and their ties not tied correctly. Kuroko also noticed something else about their attire: Aomine was wearing a pair of new red Jordan’s while Kagami was wearing a blue pair.
“Shit! We’re so sorry. We had to get something important,” Kagami stood next to Kuroko, panting hard.
“Fuck…sorry Tetsu. We had trouble finding what we were looking for,” Aomine stood next to Kagami, trying to fix his tie.
Kuroko bit the inside of his cheek, trying to remind himself that this was a very important day for his friends and he should wait to ignite punch them later. Although he was sure they were trying to find shoes in their sizes and he couldn’t understand why it was important to do that today.
“Ahh I can’t get this stupid thing right,” Aomine dropped his hands in frustration, his tie hanging limply around his neck.
Kagami stepped forward, having already fixed his tie, “Here, baka. Let me do it.”
Kuroko watched Kagami maneuver Aomine’s tie into place. He saw the look that Aomine gave to the other boy as well. It was soft and loving, something he never thought he would ever see on Aomine’s face. Finally, they both were presentable, minus their jackets of course. Before they could start though, Kuroko stepped forward.
“Kagami kun, Aomine kun, what are those on your feet?”
Both boys looked down and then grinned.
Aomine threw his arm over Kagami’s shoulder as he smiled, “They are Jordan’s Kuroko.”
“Yes I can tell that, Aomine kun. Why are you wearing basketball shoes to such an event?”
Kagami smiled brightly, “Did you expect something different, Kuroko?”
Kuroko shook his head and stepped back out of the way, wondering why he had bothered to ask in the first place. As the ceremony started, Aomine and Kagami turned to face one another, the minister starting to talk. They were smiling wide, only looking at each other, and actually holding hands. They weren’t paying much attention to what the minister was saying, except when it was time to respond. All they saw was each other, and it was blatantly apparent to the crowd gathered that they were impatiently waiting for the end.
“You may now kiss.”
Aomine smirked as he gripped his husband, “Fuckin finally.”
Their lips met as they held each other tight, not willing to let go until they heard Kuroko clear his throat next to them. Breaking apart only enough to breathe, they pressed their foreheads together.
Aomine whispered as he looked into Kagami’s eyes, “I love you, Taiga.”
Kagami’s eyes started glistening as he whispered back, “I love you, Daiki.”

Jungle Book Starters
  • This will take brains, not brawn. 
  • You better believe it, and I’m loaded with both.
  • I wanna stay with you. 
  • Oh? And just how do you think he will survive? 
  • You wouldn’t marry a panther, would you? 
  • Gee, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. 
  • I wanna tell you something. Now listen to me. 
  • Now look, kid, I can explain… 
  • But-but you said we were partners. 
  • Now just a minute! That’s going too far! 
  • I can’t be bothered with that, I have no time for that nonesense. 
  • Cross my heart, hope to die. 
  • Oh, who does he think he’s fooling.
  • So just try and… relax.
  • Now, I’m the king of the swingers
  • What we gonna do? 
  • What you wanna do?
  • Okay, so what we gonna do?
  • Let’s do SOMETHING! 
  • Oh, blimey! There you go again. The same notes again! 
  • I’ve got it! This time, I’ve really got it! 
  • What do they call you? 
  • I’d like a word with you, if you don’t mind. 
  • I just dropped by. Now forgive me if I’ve interrupted anything. 
  • I thought perhaps that you were entertaining someone
  • What a pity! 
  • Yes… yes, you see I have… trouble with my sinuses.
  • You know, self-hypnosis. Let me show you how it works.
  • Now, it’s no use arguing anymore. No more talk until morning. 
  • You said I could trust you! 
  • It’s like YOU said: you can’t trust ANYONE! 
  • Bravo, Bravo. An extraordinary performance. And thank you for detaining my victim. 
  • Let me look at you.
  • You don’t scare me. I won’t run from anyone. 

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hey yo do you imagine a romantic comedy where the main characters are asexual and they become really close friends and suddenly they decide to get married to adopt kids ??????? idk why i imagine that today ?????

ooh yasss anon i like your thinking



and one of them is like “hey so do you want to get married?”

and its like “wait what? seriously? i thought you were aro?”

“well yeah i am, but your my best friend life partner and why shouldn’t we get married?”

“…fine but i get to throw the flowers.”

and then fast forward a year or two and they’re like “hey i kinda like kids.”

“yeah your point is?”

“what if we had one?”

“what a kid?”

“yeah why not, it’ll be fun.”

“this is a human child you’re talking about, are you sure it’ll be fun?

im really into this ohmygod

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Naruto meme: 18 and 5

#5: Who is your Anti-OTP

I’m just not into any of the -cest ships. No Sandcest, Uchihacest, etc. (I don’t mind NejiHinata that much because it’s perfectly normal for cousins to marry in Japan and even legal in many of the states here in the US so it doesn’t seem necessarily incestuous to me?) Other than that just any adult/kid ships are nonos to me. Frankly if it’s well written you can convince me of just about anything. Like I’m not really a fan of LeeSaku, not entirely against it either though, you’d just have to do some great writing for me to see them actually working together, despite how much I love both characters.

#18: Sexiest Naruto character? Include pictures.

Well duh.

Perfect Day by Mornesonge

But since that’s the obvious choice, my second is Gaara. There is truly a tremendous dearth of hot Gaara art though, which needs to be remedied. But be prepared to be spammed by some of what I do have.

I searched high and low for the sources on these but could only find reposted art. If any of you have any idea who the original artist is, please let me know!

kazekage by lpilz

Little Wrath by Orioto       Just look at dem eyes. I mean seriously.

Gaara by 69XuXu69

Gaara by Myrsk

Tame Darkness by Tenaku

TBH all the SandSibs are pretty hot.

No Sudden Movements by Quedam

Also bonus Shikamaru in a kilt, mainly just because I went to a Scottish festival today so I’m all about the kilts atm.

Kilted Shika by g2677

So there you go. Lots of pretty arts for ya’ll. Hope you enjoy.

Names (sim and partners): Cosmic Gossamer and Cosmo Celadon
Berry Lineage(If so how berry are you and/or your partner): Both are 100% berry
Age: Both are 21
Marital Status: Married
The name of the Baby Sweet you’d like to adopt: Tangaroa Lace Meringue
Reason why: Cosmic and Cosmo want a big family to fill their big house, and while they want to adopt and have their own kids, they aren’t quite ready to take care of a newborn. They both think that they are ready to take care of a baby witch, since Cosmic’s mom, Vassa, is a witch and Cosmic is developing some powers of her own, so she can learn alongside Tangaroa. They both have non-traditional jobs - Cosmic’s a private investigator/author and Cosmo’s a musician, so they would be able to take time off whenever they need to to take care of Tangaroa.

Application by: foofylittlesimmer

We’re still accepting applications to adopt Cupid, Neptune, Tangaroa and Dusty!

I’m so tired of people responding to my anxiety about school with “Well it was your choice to go back to school, no one made you do it.”

Really? So the fact that you’ve got about ten options upon graduating high school and most of those are things like ‘win the lottery’ ‘marry rich’ or ‘become a succesful entrepreneur’ doesn’t put any pressure on kids to go for post-secondary education right?

And the fact that we’re told from day one that the only way to get a decent job and support yourself in this economy is to get a university degree won’t make us feel like we’re failing if we don’t, right?

And the fact that both my parents told me I was ‘too smart’ not to go to University isn’t going to make me feel like I have to go back to school, right?

When it’s been weeks since I got more than 5 hours of sleep and I have hives from stress and I get anxiety attacks on the regular because I’m overwhelmed and unhappy in school I don’t need a reminder that I chose to do this to myself. I just need people to be in my corner and know that they’ll support me whether I graduate with honors or fail every single class.

Shrek Forever After Starters
  • Man, you are a cat-tastrophe.
  • And you, are ri-donk-ulous.
  • Do the roar!
  • I know everything about you
  • I know you sing so beautifully that birds explode.
  • I know that when you sign your name, you put a heart over the i.
  • I know that when you see a shooting star you cross your fingers on both hands, squinch up your nose, and you make a wish
  • I know that you don't like the covers wrapped around your feet
  • Are my kids cute or do they make people uncomfortable?
  • And I thought the waffle fairy was just a bedtime story!
  • Okay, I know you don't remember me but we're married
  • ...and the next thing I knew, my donkey fell in your waffle hole.
  • You're not going to eat me?
  • I already had a big bowl of curly-toed weirdo for breakfast.
  • Feed me, if you dare.
  • It was you who rescued me.
  • You know, I always thought I'd rescued you
  • There's a stack of freshly made waffles in the middle of the forest! Don't you find that a wee bit suspicious?
  • Do I know you?
  • Hey! I may have let myself go a little since my retirement, but hanging up my sword was the best decision of my life.
  • Help! I'm being assnapped!
  • Y'all gonna be really hungry after this ambush, OK? Now go and finish your little speech.
  • I'm a daddy?
  • Why don't you just tell her what you told me? You know, about how you're her true love and you came from an alternate universe.
  • You saw what happened. She's going to think I'm crazy.
  • Nobody's smart but me!
  • You know what would pick up the morale in here? Flip-flop Fridays. You can feel the breeze in your toes.

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My boyfriend is really religious. He laughes it off when I wanna kiss on the lips, we've been together for 3 years. I want to move further in the relationship but he doesn't want to do anything till we're married and he wants to get married around the age of 28. He's 21 this year and I've just tuned 21 a month ago. I'm a virgin and I feel like I'm wasting my youth, I can't go out and party or get drunk or Anything. I'm so in love with him, but I don't know if I can take this anymore.

I know you love him, but what are you really gaining out of the relationship? If you get married at 28, do you really wanna be having kids at 30? (If you want kids) You should be dating somebody who is compatible with you and will share your values, and as should he! You both should be dating people who can give the other what they want. In my opinion, have a nice break up, don’t leave rigid edges, just part ways and do you. You’re 21! Have some fun!

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If/when (lets be honest, it's when) Alec and Ellie get together, do you think they would get married again and do you think they'd have kids?

I think at first they’d agree that they didn’t want to get married.  What’s the point, really?  They’re both adults, divorced, and too cool for that sort of thing (kidding).  But then I think eventually they’re like wellllllllll I mean it would be nice.  Yeah.  Let’s do it.  So they get married, but it’s a small thing.  Just city hall, you know.  But then of course Beth and the town throw a big party afterwards.  And it’s lovely.  

But no, I really don’t think they would have kids.  Especially not by the time they finally get together ffs

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“Dad, let’s be honest here. Our family is so full of drama it should have it’s own show. Great Great Grandma was with three different people, both you and Grandma married young to older people, we’re pretty close in age right now, I’m close to the same age as cousin Joy, and I had a baby when I was in highschool. Hell, my kid and my wife go to school across the street from each other. But that said, I think you shouldn’t be so mad about the teenage pregnancy thing. Not to mention Grandpa’s family wears pretty much all black, they have a family cemetary too, and their family name is ‘Goth’.”

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If you could go back and give advice to each couple when they were just starting off what would you say to them? Mercedes and Sam, Britt and Santana, You and Jesse, Quinn and Puck, & Yourself and Blaine.

Mercedes & Sam: (circa post-that first Summer) You might have to spend some time apart every so often, and you’re future isn’t going to be easy, but eventually you’re going to make each other so happy. Love is worth waiting for if you’re with the right person and I truly believe you both have found that person in each other.

Britt & Santana: (circa sophomore & junior year) You’re too young to get married! Kidding. I have different advice for each of them. I would tell Brittany to stay strong and to not give up on Santana. Santana’s working on it and it’ll be so amazing once she finally catches up to you and let’s herself shine. As for Santana— Honestly, it’s more like I would do things differently than give her any words or wisdom. When she was going through coming out and struggling with herself I really should have been a better friend and helped her through it. I think that would have went much farther than any sagely advice I could have tossed out.

Rachel & Jesse: (I’m assuming you mean Rachel and not me because I am absolutely not in a relationship with Jesse) Rachel, I love you and support you through all your decisions. No farther comment.

Quinn & Puck: (circa skank!Quinn because really they weren’t together together before then) Please don’t hold any resentment for each other over Beth and give in to the obvious chemistry you’ve had since the beginning. You’re both surprisingly good people and things will be easier once you have each other to hold on to.

Blaine & Myself: (circa post-Blaine’s transfer because we were perfect when we were at Dalton :b) Communication is key. Please talk to each other. Your mouths just aren’t for kissing and gabbing about what song you’re doing in glee that week. Please tell each other how you feel. This is very important.

Looka here....

I’m from the South Side of Chicago.  To quote our old nigga Kanye, “I’m from the 312, where cops don’t through and dreams don’t come true.”  I legit have polaroids from my late teens/early 20’s with a squad of 15-20 of the homies and my cousin and I are the only ones still alive.  I went to college, got married,  a corporate job, a kid, a Camry and a Pilot.  But all the cats on the corner, all the young thuggas in the graves are ME.  Shit, Mike Brown was me in High School, Eric Garner is me NOW.  So I get what K. Dot is saying, but even though 85-90% of ALL CRIME is intraracial, if you don’t see black-on-black crime and police brutality as both being fruit of same white supremacist tree, you need to open your eyes and look at the big picture.  

To paraphrase brother Malcolm, they sell us liquor and arrest us for being drunk; they bombard our communities with images of death, divide us by favoring those that look most like them, deny us the equal education afforded to us by the law of the land, deny us resources to help ourselves and flood our communities with drugs and guns….then have the nerve to wonder why we kill each other at a rate which to be quite honest is only slightly higher than the rate of white-on-white crime, to the point that it begs the questions; you all have EVERYTHING while we have nothing, why do you continue to murder your own kind and turnaround and have the nerve to be afraid of ME?

I’m not even mad at Kendrick because I get his frustration and where he’s coming from and the fact that he’s a genuinely dude off the block trying to find his way is why we love him, but it’s also why we need him to keep his eye on the bigger picture and realize that his new world and the people for whom he has come to represent is so much bigger than “black-on-black” violence as every second we spend discussing it is time taken away from the REAL issues and stopping “black-on-black” crime isn’t going to do a GODDAMNED thing about getting the white boot off of our neck and out of our ass.  Ferguson Is proof of that, 0 murders and very little, if any “crime” yet the Ferguson PD was giving those good folks so much hell that even the notoriously myopic DOJ couldn’t turn a blind eye to the happenings there.

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Grima!Robin kek

3 things in common:
- We both love hoodies….
- We definitely look like normal people but deep inside… heeheeheeheehee
- “…NOOOOOOO!” (both of us at the end of the game)

3 things are different:
- Why are you so obsessed with Chrom you dragon-human beast????
- “Tell me Robin, are you a boi……” -“Yes. I’m the fell dragon.”
- Make friends with Chrom -> Possibly marry Chrom’s daughter Lucina -> Kill Chrom -> Have a kid, Morgan, with Lucina -> Using Morgan to destroy the world your wife, Lucina, protects -> Eventually tell Lucina the man who used to control this body loved her father aka father-in-law aka best friend……. WHERE’S THE LOGIC AND WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

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Okay is it weird I'm a 21 year old girl that likes an 18 year old guy? He's mature for his age and apparently he likes me a lot but idk if he's too young like I'm graduating college soon and he just started

It’s not weird. You’re both adults. I know this kid who was 20 and married a 24 yr old. So you’re good. But school might be an issue. So just be careful if you guys plan on doing anything.

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I just found you from another blog, instantly followed. My fiancée and I are getting married in October, also at a Noahs. Seeing your amazing, beautiful photos warms my heart and makes me so excited for our own! Congrats you two! <3

Oh you’re kidding? Noahs was such an awesome, supportive venue! Congrats to both of you, that’s so amazing! :)

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Hi, what is your family's opinion on television and video games? Are you allowed to play them? We limit both at very near zero, although my son plays, but he is very balanced about it. He will play outside for hours, ride his bike, have BB gun fights, etc. We don't allow them fantasy role playing games, I basically limit it to the sports games. What's your home's policy? What do your parents/your kids have? Thanks and reblog!

Well I’m not married yet so I really can’t tell you about how I do things but I know that growing up, I rarely spent time playing video games or watching tv because my parents never really bought me any sort of game console and we also didn’t have cable for the greater part of my childhood. The reason for our not having cable was mostly because my parents were mostly interested in the local news because they were really busy so it just wasn’t very necessary. We also believed that there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with watching tv as long as the right things were being watched. Also, I was a huge fan of books (and I still am!) so I guess I just didn’t really care. I think it’s wonderful that you’re keeping your son on that kind of regime though, it’s so important for kids these days to go out and play in the sunshine! To many kids these days are developing all sorts of problems from not getting out enough and sticking too closely to technology. But I do think there’s a lot to be learned later on from watching tv, especially the documentaries out there, which are my personal favourite, as they are often entertaining as well as educative. As for video games, I think especially because he’s so young, limiting it to sport games might be wise but later on, as he gains more discernment, non violent role playing games might be able to be introduced but it’s really important to keep a sharp eye on those. In the meantime, I think what you’re doing for your son is the best for him physically and spiritually. If you need any sort of clarification or explanation whatsoever, feel absolutely free to ask, I’d be happy to help! -I.

God I am so tired of seeing people hate on 50 shades of grey. Like seriously if you’re gonna try to shit on something, at least make sure you know about it. Like maybe learn that it is a trilogy?? Or that she leaves him?? Or that by the third book they are married with kids?? And he realizes that he is a sadist and they both go to get him help??? FORREAL stop being a shithead and stop thinking you are better because you don’t like the book