Hey Steven universe fandom

if u wanna cosplay as a body type ur not thats okay

if u wanna cosplay whoever the fuck u want no matter what thats cool

if ur gunna shame someone for cosplaying a favorite charector thats not cool bye

Sometimes I wonder if I’m someone’s favorite blog.

Other times I wonder if there’s people on Tumblr who can’t stand my blog.

Technically speaking, we all put effort into our Tumblr blogs (unless maybe you’re a lurker, but even still), and while some of us put more work into it than others, we all love Tumblr and we’re here because we want to be. Are favorite blogs relevant when everyone puts some sort of love into their work?

I don’t know. Personally, I’m a very self-conscious person, so if someone asks me if I deserve all of my followers, I’d say ‘no’ without hesitation, then go on an hour long rant about why/how I’m not worthy and why I don’t think people ‘actually want’ to follow me. It’s not like I think the whole thing’s a conspiracy or something like that, but when one lies awake in bed as much as I do, the mind starts to wander.

Since I’ve been through a lot of self-esteem shattering moments, I think it’s natural for me at this point to wave off someone’s follow or compliment as them just trying to be nice. It’s like someone pandering to a little child who shows them a drawing; even if it’s the worst drawing in existence, you might lie anyway because the child just seems so happy about it.

Though, at the same time, everyone puts things on their own ranking lists, even if they don’t know it. It’s a bit of a human thing. I for one end up ranking my friends on how well they match up with me. It’s not intentional, it just happens. Good friend, great friend, best friend; all terms used to describe different types of friends. It’s generally not a matter of how much you talk to said-friend; it’s more of just how well you connect and relate to them. If you can fangirl or spaz out about the same things that another friend does, it’s likely that you think of them as either a great friend or a best friends, but that doesn’t technically mean that they feel the same way about you, right?

In the grand scheme of things, most of one’s relationships with others won’t line up perfectly vice versa. Person X might think of Person Y as a good friend, while Person Y thinks of Person X as a great friend. It’s nothing personal; just being human. I’m sure we’d all prefer it if relationships like that were more even, but human opinion and the general human mindset forbids such things.

I honestly have a lot of blogs that I follow where I think they’re a thousand times better than me in every sense and I might as well delete my own because ‘why should I even try’. I have a bad tendency to get jealous of other blogs and it causes my own blog to look inferior by comparison. My own opinion technically doesn’t count in the matter since a person’s self is their own worst critic, but my mind naturally goes to that when I think about who I follow and who follows me.

Maybe I’ll never understand it, but then again, maybe I’m not supposed to.

I like how the library literally just opened 8 minutes ago and I was THERE when it opened and someone already took my favorite spot in the entire building like

real?????????????????????? is this for real?????????????????????????

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I completely agree with you about having a soft spot for the dancers you first watched on YouTube! Sophia Lucia, Jordyn Jones, Asia Monet Ray, Autumn Miller, and Mia Diaz were the first dancers I ever watched and they'll always be my favorites.

Glad someone else feels that way! Yea I can remember just going through hundreds of YouTube videos just watching them over and over. So I completely have a soft spot for them because they always remind me of my happy childhood days of watching them and trying to imitate it all! 😂

Thanks for the feedback!

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Surprise! You have been secret chosen as someone's favorite Tumblr blog! You know what this means? Someone actually likes the stuff you post on your blog! Isn't that great? In honor of this occasion, you must list ten facts about yourself, and pass this on to five people, or else you will get gonorrhea just for lusting after a celebrity, which in your case may happen at any instant! Congratulations!

okay first of all who the shit

The Signs React To: Someone Not Liking Their Favorite Band
  • Taurus:oh
  • Gemini:haha your loss man
  • Cancer:*gets anxious* yeah well
  • Leo:okay well I like them so shut up
  • Virgo:first of all
  • Libra:well I think they're actually pretty good
  • Scorpio:time to die
  • Sagittarius:lol more for me
  • Capricorn:yeah I know right they fucking suck
  • Aquarius:I mean I like them but that's just my opinion so
  • Pisces:wow that's mean
like waking up again

prompt: “Last night when I took the subway home I saw a girl crying and a random guy stopped in front of her and started talking to her. And before I left, I noticed the girl was no longer crying and instead she was smiling.”

word count: ~1500

rating: s for stupidly cute

an: for my girls lovelycaptainswan, piratesails, and hookshappiness <333 I hope your studying is going well!

She has had the day from hell.

Her heels are aching and her already swollen toes have been scrunched because of her ridiculous heels. Interviewing wasn’t ever supposed to be this difficult and it isn’t fair that after four weeks in this stupid city, she has gotten absolutely no response to any of her applications and interviews.

She’s been working close to her apartment, in a little diner called Granny’s as a waitress. Granny is nice and she’s made friends with Ruby, a fellow waitress, but other than that, her job sucks. Its long hours and people in this city aren’t exactly the nicest.

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Someone asked me what home was and all I could think of were the stars on the tip of your tongue, the flowers sprouting from your mouth, the roots entwined in the gaps between your fingers, the ocean echoing inside of your ribcage.
—  E.E. Cummings

Commission! I was asked to redraw this screenshot from Naruto

but with Ghirahim and Fi in the place of the characters. Not gonna lie, this has so far been my favorite thing someone has paid me to draw.

Normally I would say “commissions are open!” (cause they are) but right now the commissions I have left will require a lot of time for me to work on (they’re comic commissions!) so I’m gonna temporarily put off accepting more commissions until I clear out the list more. But if you want to reserve a slot go ahead! Check out my prices here.