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We're all part of a dying generation. How else do you explain the existence of us weebs?

Tbh I feel like there are two variations of weebs like there are the classic weebs that have seen 100+ series and then there are the recent weebs like that aren’t in the full on weaboo call yourself an otaku state. Not like I never went through any of those stages, just as an elitist nerd I find differentiating to be important for my ego. Anyways, I feel like the other type of weeb is slowly dying out. Like people are gaining experience but never leveling up, you feel? You just don’t see waifu wars the way you used to and that’s frustrating because I enjoyed the drama.

Current Feelings.

I think my problem as a lover is that I care so much about the person and sometimes there isn’t the same feelings being shown back. And I get to this point, like where I am at right now, where I feel like emotions are DYING but in reality it’s just me caring to much about you. And like when I see you show other people more appreciation or PDA I do ge jealous because that’s what I really want to. Idk at this point I’m just rambling but it’s like what I’m feeling at the moment. I’m feeling like I’m not truly valued by people latley and it just means I have to stop caring less so that I don’t keep getting hurt. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll bend over backwards for them and I’ll do anything for them especially my lover but now I feel like I’ve been doing it to much and they’re taking my kindness for granted making me feel worthless at the end of the day. Idk if anyone has any advice for me you are more than welcome to message me.

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im having anxiety attacks and icant stop being sad i cant leave my house my only life is my social media but lately im being negative im a littleand i find myself hating other littles on my dash all i see is them complaining of stupid shit and being just so ungrateful for everything like its the end of the world being bored or not having a daddy im dying and they act like its the end so what im 22 ive never been told im cute,pretty or specialand i probably never will i keep getting triggered :(

people will always complain about their lives. because at that time whatever is the worst thing in their lives is the worst thing they will experience. 

people always have it worse than you. everyone. 

my dad died, my child died, i have cancer, but my mum has cancer, but i have exam stress, but i have no money, but i’m homeless, but i have noone to love. omg my face has a pimple it’s the end of my world. 

people will always complain about something. 

yesterday was so lovely because i did another day at the skinny and they’ve offered me another 5 or 6 days this month :)) and then i went to get my hair cut at rubber soul and i’ve also booked in to get it dyed there tomorrow, and then rhys and i went to the castle for a drink and i bumped into an old school friend and then we went to gullivers to see BRJ and a few other bands and i bumped into so so many people i know it was super lovely!! a few gig buddies and shell from amazing radio and ben from nai harvest/fruit bomb and a few other people from bands that i know including two guys from the first band i ever interviewed which was lovely because i haven’t seen them for a few months and they told me they’re doing other stuff now so i just said i owe them a lot because i probably wouldn’t be doing what i’m doing now if it wasn’t for me interviewing them, and one of them said that they owe me a lot too which made my heart explode because it’s such a nice feeling to know that bands appreciate what u do omg.

also had a super long chat with nick from sunflower bean, and i finally met liam from by the sea so it was nice to speak to him because we’ve only ever spoken over email before, and also nick from the coral (liam’s brother) started talking to him in the middle of us having a chat and i wish i’d said something to him because the coral were one of my first favourite bands. also wish i’d spoken to bill but i didn’t because im a big nervous baby who can’t ever pluck up the courage to speak to her fave musicians lolz. 

also had a tweet from someone working at the bbc about blogging/content creating for them??? so that’s a thing that’s happening i guess

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I know a lot of people are complaining about about the new Mad Max having feminist themes, but I don't think that's fair. I know feminism gets a bad rap these, but I don't really see anything wrong with works having feminist elements. I think people need to be more open minded and objective when tackling any form of media. I wish people would watch the movie before writing it off because it's being described as feminist. What do you think? Do you plan to watch it or write it off too?

Really the only people I’ve heard to be complaining about it are the creeps from Return of Kings.  Honestly I have no idea what’s going on with anything surrounding Mad Max and people complaining that other were complaining about the movie is the first I had even heard about it.  So like I previously stated I’ll probably wait until it comes out to watch it just because it isn’t anything I’ve been waiting and dying to see. 

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How do you feel after the final? Although I would have preferred it any other way, it was the best way since nina leaving. I didn't want her to die because she deserve a happy ending and damon too. I'm I'm shocked to see people say ian's acting is off in the episode, I mean they saw his face, you can see his pain, distress. Ian didn't to do too much or crying because just to see his face, attitude, I'm sad.

i liked the finale. i think this as well that this is the best we could’ve gotten because alternatives are elena dying or being compelled to leave. i think that even if nina didn’t leave, in s7 they would probably make human delena that would have many many arguments and a lot of angst which again, wouldn’t satisfy and give us what we wanted. i think that the sleeping spell works good and i loved the choices they made in the episode and i loved goodbyes. no, i don’t think ian’s acting was off, after all damon knew he’d see elena again.

I feel like it makes perfect sense When black people try to convince other black people that the reason we're dying is because we don't respect ourselves.

But for a different reason.

They say we’re thugs, criminals, fatherless, it’s raps fault, black on black crime. There’s so many excuses made as to why we for some reason “deserve” to be killed. We say it’s racism and they refuse to see that. We’re already well aware that even if we manage to fix our problems we still will get killed, what would happen in a society where we did exactly that. With no way to justify it, no way to criminalize or dehumanize, they will be forced to face the reality of racism. That’s just how I see it.

Spent part of Sunday with my parents, having dinner and leaving Elias there overnight so Tall Cake and I can properly celebrate our 3 yr anniversary. Because the Greenville MI ward is much closer to my folks than our branch, and really because I am dying to move to Greenville and we wanted to check out what the ward is like, we visited the church there. We figured it was the best day to go since it was normal for people to be travelling visiting family for the holiday anyway. 

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i wasn’t disappointed with the vampire diaries finale, i’m just a bit more confused with why they chose to go the way they did. I’m so glad they didn’t just kill of elena or make her disappear, but this whole sleeping spell thing doesn’t make as much sense as her disappearing or dying, only because she really isn’t supposed to come back. I’m interested to see how they play out this storyline because literally everything in Mystic Falls ends up reversed, and spells and dead people are always being broken and coming back to life, so i don’t see how they’re going to keep elena under this spell. Obviously Damon & others will be frantic trying to find a way to fix this, and if they aren’t then that is just bad writing because that will be completely out of character for him/them. Also, are we to just assume Damon & Elena will be together and happy at the end of the series? Or will we actually get some kind of scene and see elena wake up? Because if they drag out this sleeping curse and leave us at the end never letting us see what happened, that would be really terrible and definitely disrespectful to the fans that have watched & loved elena for all of these years. This was not a storyline with closure whatsoever, and I think that because Nina was definitely leaving the show, they should have gone with something with a little bit more closure.

The Vampire Diaries: I'm Thinking of You All the While (6x22)

Okay so this actually made me cry real tears. But despite that significant accomplishment, I still feel like there were a couple of things that didn’t quite work. Let’s go over this emotionally devastating finale, as we say a tearful goodbye to Nina Dobrev!

In the aftermath of Kai’s attack on the wedding, we see that Jo has died, and many people are injured. Elena has been knocked out, and Damon can’t get her to wake up. He rushes her to the hospital. Kai stabs himself in the neck, killing himself and thus killing all of the other Gemini Coven members. Liv is dying because of this. Tyler has a huge piece of glass embedded in his torso, and it looks like he won’t make it either. Liv convinces Tyler to smother her, killing her and triggering his werewolf curse. It’s a full moon, so the transformation will cure Tyler. Tyler, tears in his eyes, does it. He manages to get a message to Matt that he’s a werewolf now, so all the vampires need to stay away from him for his own safety.

Meanwhile, Lily is looking for her friends - Kai promised that they would be brought back. She tells Enzo that she gave Kai her blood in exchange for the rescue of her friends. This means… Kai is a vampire and a witch! He shows up just as Alaric is putting Jo’s body into his car for transport. Kai gets ready to attack Alaric, when Tyler shows up and bites Kai!

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Why I love Jupiter Ascending

Honestly, I loved how absolutely batsh*t insane and nonsensical everything was. It’s unfair to compare it to Aliens or Terminator, because that’s not what it is. In the way that people love terrible movies because they are terrible, I see Jupiter Ascending as a tribute to the madness of sci fi and fan fiction: Over the top plot, stupid dialogue, super complicated hybrid characters, Mary Sues, not knowing where to pull back, so everything feels bloated, twists based on pop culture references (like Sean Bean not dying), and lots of other things. If you look through the bargain bin of a sci fi book section, or browse through fan fiction archives, this is what you’ll find. I think this movie fails so hard because most people don’t know what they’re looking at. I, for one, had a great time.

I Wanna Marry You!

Have you seen your girlfriend glowing or the electric thing that make your haertbeats faster and faster ?

Im proud of my girlfriend  because she fights for me and i just realized the real worth of a loving/Fighter girlfriend!

          Hi, Babe Marla Feliciano iloveyou 

and ilove every part of you! iLove how the sunshine in the morning dying to kiss your soft skin but still im the only one allowed and the first organism to kiss you every start of the new day.

Do i have an eye sight problem or i just Love how you glow among other people every time i see you with your gals or just you around people i can easily see you because of the glitter glowing your skin and you have  the most beautiful hair. Your hair that makes me go crazy and makes me wanna play with yours. iLove how your hands perfectly fit in my hands its like your hands are objectively made only for me. iLove how you heavily breath when i try to kiss you from you nape , neck upward to your sweetest lips. iLove rainy days because the friction of your perfect body makes mine warmer when they kiss. iLove how your angelic voice soothes my furious mind and it heals every part of me. iLove how your voice penetrates to my veins and triggered the electrical impulses that travel down a special pathway through my heart that makes me fall inlove more and more and more:  






 (No Space between the word iLoveYou because theres no spcae between that can seperate me from YOU, the wonderful art of god)


do you think everything was really meant to happen? are people meant to die? are people meant to live? are people just meant to be here? i see people who aren’t happy to be alive and i just want them to know it will be okay but i’m just here. i mean sometimes i want to die but there’s no use in dying. i’m glad i’m here, i’m glad i wanted to die, because now i really want to live more than ever. i wish people knew it would be okay. i wish i knew what was after death.. are we eradicated? do we just haunt the ones who hurt us? are we reincarnated to help others with our past knowledge? is there a heaven? a hell? a god???? is there a reason to question everything? why do people like me want so many answers. why can’t we just be happy to be here? were we put here to question everything?

do you think there’s a bigger meaning behind everything? is that why i’m so curious? 

Have the BBC ever shown a successful fictional homosexual relationship?

Because the only gay relationships that I can think of ever seeing have either ended by one of the couple dying (Torchwood, Last Tango in Halifax), one of the pair losing their memory and being sent away from the other (Call the Midwife) or never really got going because the show was cancelled (Atlantis)! Whilst it’s nice that there are gay people on the TV at all, why do they all the relationships seem to end in disaster? Why not a happy ending for once?

I’m sorry but please stop shipping Kaylor. I’m not homophobic, one of my best friends is gay, and I’m not just hating it cause I want to. It’s because they have a beautiful friendship and they love each other whole heartedly and as perfectly as best friends can, and people keep trying to make it seem like they are together. People don’t have to be “in love” to love each other or be soul mates. People keep dying “but look at how they look at one another!” Yes, that look is a look of love, happiness, and pride in the other person, but not of “true love”. I look at my best friend that way. It’s because I see the stunning young women she is and all that she can become and I’m so proud of her strength and bravery. So please, don’t keep pinning them like that. Best friends are supposed to be different from relationships.

Why we’re not friends

Telling your “best friend” 5 days after she got told her sister was dying that you wouldn’t be there for her and she’d have to talk to other people about it because you’re just going to do your own thing is a pretty fucking big sign that you don’t care, especially when said “best friend” had spent the last year doing everything she could to support you through a long-term relationship ending and then getting involved in another that nearly destroyed you. You did that completely out of nowhere and seemed to be surprised that I was hurt. What the fuck? How did you imagine I wouldn’t be hurt by that? What world do you live in? Of course I was hurt! And don’t fucking dare 5 months later try and make out in front of other people that you care just to take the high ground, not when you’ve spent those 5 months making it very clear just how little of a shit you give. We fell out because you didn’t care. We’re not friends because you don’t care.

For not just the white racist people on here, but the black ones who think just because a person is white, they are automatically racist. “Blacks arent racist” is a lie because thinking every single white person is racist, is a racist thought. I get people are upset about black people dying and all, but rioting doesnt bring back the dead or solve the racism. How to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it. Its impossible to erase black history as it is. It happen, we need to learn it so it wont happen again. You dont see white people being upset about the fact that some whites were slaves. Scottish, Irish, and other types too. The real forgotten history guys. White slaves cost less then black ones. White ones were in the fields just like black ones. There was black slave owners. Isn’t that an equal balance? Both black and whites were either slaves or slave owners? And about the deaths of black people now, the cop wouldnt have shot at him if they hadnt run, or pointed the fake gun at. Growing up i was taught not to fully trust the cops, but if i was walking around and someone tried to kidnap me, then run to either the police station, or the nearest local business and call dad. If i got stopped by the cops for any reason, dont run, just do as the cop says. Dont have hands in your pockets, dont run away. No im not saying that the cops had the right to shoot those black peoples, but you have to look at how they are trained. They are trained to shoot when they feel threatened. Not shoot at the leg or arm, but center mass. Whether thats the heart or stomach, they are trained to hit center mass.
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