it was a rough day n i almost didnt even post but… this is my first year/tdov official out n i wanted to participate happy transgender day of visibility! ! much love and comfort to all my trans sisters n brothers n non-binary babes!! love, the gender dragon (hey/xi/they)

mayadile asked:

Oh my god let me pet one of the crows they're gorgeous

AAHHH THANK YOU MAYA ;U; Yes you can pet them!! But watch out, they bite!

Lemme tell u a bit more about them! These crows hang around abandoned graveyards to dig up corpses and eat them. They are completely carnivorous and if they see an animal/human sleeping they will not hesitate to attack and eat.

If something doesnt move, it’s their dinner. They also come in all shapes an sizes but the average size of them is close to a medium sized dog. They are huge!