IMMINENT DOOM ~ round 30

Welcome my darling Luvs to your Imminent Doom!

Well…it’s more like their Imminent Doom tonight. They all are so sad! What would you do to put those gorgeous smiles back where they belong? Get your fucking minds out of the gutter! HA! No it’s cool my mind has been in the gutter all day thanks to a select few of these bastards! But they’re all still so pretty even when they are sad. So turn those frowns upside down boys! You’ll be back to your sexy, life ruining selves in no time! 

Enjoy your stay my Luvs =)

Cry me a fucking river 

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going on a long car ride and falling asleep on Michael

The boys had yet another a busy day and instead of staying back at the hotel like you usually did, your tagging along with him as they go from interview to interview to photoshoot to photoshoot. Your eyelids are heavy with sleep and your beyond tired, but you keep on going and following the boys around, forcing to keep your eyes wide open to keep yourself from falling asleep. But your plan seems to fail as your hopping back into the car to head to yet another interview, seated in the back with Michael next to you, your head propped up on his shoulder comfortably. The boys are chatty and loud as per usual, and you can hear Michael laughing and feel it rumble through his chest, but despite all the noise and distractions around you, your eyelids become heavier and heavier and before you know it, you’ve fallen into a deep sleep, small, almost inaudible snores, falling from your lips. And Michael doesn’t notice you sleeping until he feels the tiniest bit of drool drop down onto his shoulder with your eyes are fluttered shut and your lips parted as you breath in and out, and even though your kind of drooling on him, he thinks your still the most adorable thing ever as he pushes your hair away from your face before shifting around so you can lay comfortably in his lap. The boys are still chattering loudly and Michael is shooting all of them pointed glares before whispering loudly enough for them to hear and softly enough so he doesn’t disturb your sleeping form, ‘keep it down, my girl’s sleeping.’

Hi-Res ! 2014 11 09 - California - Burbank -  ’ 5 Lead Actors ’ LA Times Portraits  by Kirk McKoy

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Caption  : Benedict Cumberbatch, Los Angeles Times, December 18, 2014
Credit:  Kirk McKoy / Contributor
Caption : BURBANK, CA - NOVEMBER 09: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is photographed for Los Angeles Times on November 9, 2014 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kirk McKoy for the Los Angeles Times)


the only thing that gets me through destiel never being canon is the fact that if Misha was asked by the writers to make it so, he would totally do it

not because of some secret jensen crush or whatever, but because he knows how much the ship means to the LGBT community and knows how much of an impact representation could put on the world

and obviously he is a selfless, giving, kind soul who is a literal angel walking on earth and he’d probably love being able to make even more stupid destiel innuendos on Twitter and at cons

I just love Misha Collins.

I’m sorry but, like…I am extremely protective of my mother, because you do not even want to hear what that woman has been through in her lifetime.  She has lived through hell.  The handgun we have in this house is hers.  I pretty much gave up college for her, and I am not going to stand for some flippant teenage brat laughing at what she has gone through.

Want to hear a story?

The man that put her through this hell…His father passed away recently. 

Nobody knew until a week later.


Because he was too busy going to look at getting a condo in Florida to tend to his own father’s funerary needs.