are you seeing how funny this is

My piece of advice:
  • Aries:why do you act so tough? Is there something you're hiding? You're very mean and cold, you don't see how your words hurt others. You think you're being funny, but in the end you just look like a bitch.
  • Taurus:not everyone is out to get you. No one means to hurt your feelings. You're so much stronger than you think. Go outside, meet some new people, learn to forgive and forget.
  • Gemini:you're so kind, you don't even know. You think you're so ordinary but you love so deeply and you're so smart. Who took that light from your eyes?
  • Cancer:you're not as sweet as people think you are. You're cold hearted and scared. Scared of what? No ones going to hurt you. Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. You can't just walk into someone's life just to leave.
  • Leo:learn to love just one person. I know you love the attention, I know a lot of people want to be with you, just pick one. Find someone and hold onto them forever.
  • Virgo:you're no better than anyone else. You put everyone down to keep yourself on top and we can all see through it.
  • Libra:BE FUCKING HAPPY. See what you have in your life and be grateful. Stop wanting more! You're never going to be satisfied.
  • Scorpio:so easily hurt but you never show it. Open up to others, we all want to hear what you have to say.
  • Sagittarius:who made you king of the world? Come off your high horse and relax.
  • Capricorn:give yourself some time. You're a hard worker, take a vacation.
  • Aquarius:stop running away. Come home and see we all love you and we're all waiting.
  • Pisces:stop trying to play the "cool" guy. We all know who you really are and we love who you are! Just be you!

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Yall need to tag your head cannons and stop stating things as facts. Yeah that joke was funny but I'm almost sure it's because we collectively have this mind set why we see it that way. It's simply a head cannon.

People magazine literally made a joke about it.

There’s no way it was worded like that unintentionally.

And given that it took the majority of the fandom hours to realize it, no, it’s not because of any blinders we have on.

We don’t “have” to do anything, if you don’t like how your dash looks then you should unfollow some people. :)

it’s funny how people apparenty still consider over the garden wall to be a “big fandom,” like. otgw was fuckin good but i don’t see anyone talking about it on my dash more than maybe two or three times a week at this point. it was kinda, you know. a miniseries. that ended after five days


How many followers did smash-chu lose enjoying herself doing some silly stuff?

10 followers, smash-chu lost 10 followers because she let herself loose for once.


i fucking hate tumblr bc I was scrolling with one hand and applying aloe vera gel on my skin with the other (bc moisturizing is important kids if you want smooth soft skin but i digress) but i was thirsty so i reached for my mug of tea without looking but as you can see the two containers are the same colour and very close to each other and long story short i accidentally got a large splat of aloe vera gel on my face and teeth and mouth and it all happened in a matter of seconds and this is why i hate tumblr

I don’t know who told you you’re funny but you’re not. Every time I see your URL I gag. The sooner you delete, the sooner the rest of us can be happy. Everything you say is annoying. Sixty percent of it is offensive. I’m half-convinced this is a troll blog, because how could someone make so many nasty ass, rat ass, dumpster ass, bottom-of-the-barrel ass posts with a straight face. So, please, I’m begging you, delete. This is a serious request. Delete. What will it take? I don’t have any money, but I’m sure we could scrape together a couple thousand toward that cause. Here’s to hoping you never post on this hell again! beardedhockeyguy

Pewey Hate?

Oh! Hello there! I am logic-ape and I’m here to talk about pewey.
Pewey is a ship between Mayor Dewey and Pearl and it is receiving a lot of hate for some reason…

But it’s a CRACK SHIP, people! That means it has been created for shits and giggles, funny fanart etc.

You are hating somebody for liking something you dislike! Is that fair? People can ship whatever they want no matter how stupid or irrational you may think it is! What’s really stupid and irrational? Your hate for a goddamn fictional ship.

Ya don’t like it? Blacklist it and stop complaining! I see no real reason for this hate.

Sorry for any grammatical errors…English is my secondary language
and it’s 2 AM so who knows what I screwed up?
All Hail Rick Astley!

Jin - Children Love

“Seokjinnie pabo!” Y’N’s voice shouted out at the boy as he fell face first into the sand. Both toddlers were at the playground with the other kids as their mothers all gathered around to talk about anything under the sun, from complains of what Namjoon had broken to how Taehyung had managed to single-handedly cause a flood just by leaving the tap on to “see if a waterfall could happen”.

The eldest boy at the playground got up and brushed off the sand with a pout evident on his face. Yoongi who was nearby laughed at the scene, being younger than Seokjin by a year, he found it funny of his hyung to not know how to slide down a slide.

“Hyung, watch us!!!” Taehyung’s voice echoed from the top of the slide as he came down with ease, a proud smile on his face.

“Will you love me, princess Y/N?” He proclaimed, grinning happily up at Y/N as she clapped when he reached the end. She was happy to be around her group of friends and all of them were fun to be around. Yet her young mind seemed to like Seokjin the most even though she loved all of them very much.

“Andwae!!! Y/N is mine!” Seokjin shouted, running over to hug Y/N tightly and keeping her away from Taehyung. After that, he pulled her over to the trees nearby, making sure the others didn’t follow them.

Turning towards her, he smiled shyly, his plump lips stretching to reveal white teeth. “Y/N, when you grow up, you will marry me, right?” He asked hopefully as he held up a single blade of grass, proceeding to tie it up to form a ring around her ring finger.

“Yes pabo Seokjinnie~~~” She sang happily, hugging him and placing a peck on his cheek. “I want to put it on for you!” She said after pulling away, attempting to tie the same ring around his fingers but failing as she didn’t know how to.

“I’ll tie it and you can put it on for me!” The seven year old boy took the blade of grass from her, the handmade grass ring forming within a matter of seconds.

“My hyung taught me how to do it the other day!” He said excitedly as Y/N wore the ring on his ring finger.

“If you’re not with me, it would be meaningless without you! I love you Y/N!” Seokjin shouted as he held onto her hand, running back to the playground.

“I love Seokjin oppa too!” She yelled back with as much enthusiasm as he had, a cute, gummy smile on her face when they reached the rest.

This if for the anon who requested it! I’m really sorry for the constant lack of updates.. I’ll try to get them out soon okay? ;; I hope all of you will enjoy this and will find this cute? I’m not satisfied with it though.. /sobbing/


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I hate how people seem to keep bothering you about your views. I may not agree with you on everything but I'm not going to be rude and unfollow you or start an argument. That will get no where. You seem like a good person, and I'm not going to ruin your day by being an asshole. Your a good artist, your funny, and I like seeing what you post. I didn't follow you to judge what you do/think, I followed you because you seem like a decent human being. And there aren't many of those.

My god…the Voice of Reason?? Here??

Run, run you rare, beautiful creature!! This place, it will get everyone in the end! We can’t afford to  lose you;_;

*hides you under my bed forever*

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The day you end Sonic zombies how would you like it end? Have everyone get eaten alive, cure the zombie plague, Something funny or no idea.

I have it all in mind. You will have to wait and see ;)

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Is always funny to see, how everytime you post a selfie, people will ask u if you are a girl or a boy, and sends you that type of questions

i dont mind it ig but i have no idea where it comes from

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After seeing your 'dead baby' post I just thought of this: How do you get 50 babies in a bath tub? A blender. How do you get the dead babies out? Tortilla chips. Irrelevant, but still funny.

on the subject of food, what’s red and screams when you shake it?? a skinned baby in a bag of salt


LA was honestly so, SO great. I never would’ve imagined I would enjoy it this much. Kinda funny how we went and planned an entire trip over a Taylor Swift exhibit. Mine and Hannah’s new motto is “why not” (aka the song by Hilary Duff).

Not only did we plan tours, but we are also very spontaneous which is kinda not me AT ALL. We hopped on a bus to an adjacent city to see Still Alice. We went to a movie premiere. We shopped. We got lost lots. We walked around the richest area of Beverly Hills. We wasted no time what-so-ever. Love you, kid. So glad I got to share this with you. fireflycatchingdaze

Also taylorswift should see this because we literally hopped on a plane from Canada to see your exhibit :) And if that isn’t cool, idk what is

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Please post more text conversations about you and Zach! It's awesome seeing a bit of how you guys talk to each other :D. Of course, only if you guys are both okay with it. :3

Haha we keep most of it private but if I see something cute or funny I’ll make sure to show you guys