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Just Want to Point Something Out




My tags didn’t fit. Too much for Tumblr, I guess. But I have been keeping this inside for too long so - here:

now i explain why i spent the last 2 hours watching as my favorite character in the world was systematically beaten and humiliated.x

ever since i came to tumblr and the buffy fandom in it not a day goes by without some Spike hate ‘cause of SR. But I have yet to see any Buffy hate …x

You wondering about that too considering this photoset? Please. Let me explain!x

Everything in Buffy is taken with the consideration that this is a supernatural show!x

Xander trying to rape Buffy and then lying about not remembering is completely forgiveable!x

Angel killing Jenny and trying to end the world is completely forgiveable!x

Anya creating a world where everyone dies and wanting to go back to killing and torturing men is compeletely forgiveable!x

Giles killing a human being and abandoning everyone in there time of need and trying to kill Spike (yay for Giles right?) is completely forgiveable…x

Tara hiding a huge and probably dangerous secret and then almost getting everyone killed is completely forgiveable!x

Willow raping Tara’s mind(and everyone else’s) killing a human and trying to end the world is completely forgiveable!x

Faith killing humans and trying to kill Angel and help the Mayor kill basically everyone is completely forgiveable!x

Andrew trying to harm everyone for a whole season and killing his best friend is comepletely forgiveable!x

Riley cheating on Buffy and at the same time putting everyone’s life at risk is completely forgiveable!x

Yet Spike’s action are not forgiveable!x

Repeat after me now: everyone’s actions should be considered through the aspect of the show!x

But Spike’s actions should be taken out of it and viewed as his crime is viewed in the real world!x

Anything anyone does is forgiveable EXCEPT what Spike does!x

This photoset? Do not even think of placing blame on Buffy or accusing her of being wrong!x

Buffy is a fucking angel! You hear me?x

Things are not supposed to be judged according to logic and humanism!x

Wrong is everything Buffy doesn’t approve of! Right is everything Buffy does!x

If you kill people and try to end a world a time or two but you are Buffy’s friend it’s completely ok!x

Now this here is Buffy beating and humiliating Spike again.x

Destroying him every time and every chance she got with both words and fists.x

That’s ok ‘cause it’s Buffy.x

This is Buffy telling Spike that he can’t feel. That he’s wrong. Bad. Evil. Disgusting. Monster. Thing.x

Buffy is pretty much the only person Spike has a connection with. She is his light. His direction to right and wrong.x

Do not dare to assume that after months of psychological and physical abuse Spike has the option to lose control.x

Do not dare to think that on someone who’s moral compass is grey already such actions and words would hammer home the point that he’s evi…x

evil and good for nothing and should act accordingly.x

Do not try to make any excuses for Spike! If you do you’re a rape apologist!x

It’s ok to make excuses for Buffy though. It’s ok even to be in denial about this whole photoset.x

That way you do not apologize and encourage violence!x

While he’s being beaten Spike is a disgusting soulless vampire and Buffy is a powerful Slayer in her right!x

Do not think that this is always true!x

For SR specifically Spike should be viewed as a just man who is trying to rape a woman.x

That bathroom scene should always be taken out of the Buffyverse’s context!x

Dedicating episodes to Spike searching and suffering for his soul and then being crazy and devastated from all the guild and trying to sw…x

swallow it all so he can fight the good fight is overlooking the issue!x

That he did wrong is not addressed in any way on the show so don’t look for it!x

However Buffy’s severe beating on Spike(which should not be taken out of the Buffyverse’s context because that would make Buffy someone w…x

who beated someone else to death)x

is completely resolved by the absolute lack of mention of it in any episode following the end of Dead Things and her absolutely unchanged…x

behavior towards Spike and her absolute lack of remorse despite the apparent bruises the next time we see them together.x

Buffy being depressed gives her every right to degrade and abuse someone.x

She has to let out the steam right? You can’t blame the poor girl!x

And remember Buffy’s friends who are actually at fault for her depression are completely off limits!x

However Spike is Spike so he doesn’t count!x

Angel was different! He should be forgiven everything he did both as Angel and as Angelus!x

Angel and Angelus are also two completely different people! Do not forget that!x

Spike is always just an evil disgusting rapist! He did not get a soul forced into him so nothing else counts!x

And anyway! This isn’t a vampire thing! This is a Spike thing!x

Spike should never be forgiven! Do not even dare! He hurt Buffy!x

So basically all this in this photoset is what Spike deserved.x

What reasons? No need for reasons! Buffy does it so he deserved it!x

None of her actions here should be connected to his breakdown in SR. Buffy was completely uninvolved and blameless in each and every situ…x

situation. And her emotional and physical and mental abuse should never ever be connected to Spike’s actions ‘cause what does what she did…x

what she did to him even matter??x

Also you should be aware that any Buffy hate is very likely to get you kicked out of fandom!x

However hating on Spike is completely acceptable and it’s most likely that Spike fans would apologize to you after you have bashed their …x

favorite character.x

You are not to reverse Spike and Buffy’s roles either!x

'Cause then you might think about how the fandom would have reacted if Spike had beaten Buffy to within an inch of her life!x

Or if Spike had become invisible; gone to Buffy’s; smashed her against the wall and ripped her shirt off.x

Or if Drusilla had shown up and Spike had hit and humilated Buffy in front of her before she had been proven to have done anything wrong.x

Do not take into account the fact that Buffy has a sister; a home; friends who love her; endless support and the knowledge that she would one day go to Heaven…x

While the only thing that resembles Heaven and goodness for Spike is Buffy.x

Buffy was depressed! What was wrong with Spike??x

I mean sure he had lost the love of his last 100+ years just a few short years ago.x

And he had lost his whole life and identity because of the chip.x

And he had every demon in Sunnydale on his heels ‘cause of helping the Slayer.x

And the people he had worked with and saved all summer had all turned their backs on him.x

And the girl he loved morethan anything in the whole world constantly abused him and degraded him.x

And yeah when he made a move at moving on he was threated with death and the absolutely reasonable contempt of said girl who had dumped him.x

But he’s Spike so he couldn’t have been depressed or confused or hurt or anything!x

He had to be clear-minded and responsible and reasonable and in control and take responsibility for his actions.x

Because that’s what everybody in Sunnydale does.. except it’s not but that’s ok ‘cause it’s Spike!x

Oh and don’t forget that you can’t ship Spuffy if you hate Buffy but hating Spike is to be expected!x

And really if you don’t hate Spike - what’s wrong with you?x

So take Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Xander and everyone else’s and, most of all, fandom’s example and never ever cut Spike any slack!x

Never ever defend him!x

Never ever make excuses for him!x

If you do you are wrong!x

.. that’s that. i’ve exhausted my sarcasm for the next 5 to 6 thousand years.x