are giving me emotions

So I was scrolling through old photos and I came across this one- I remember when I saw it and smiled like an idiot because I thought it was adorable, how he put in the effort to still get as close as possible to her even though she was in the chair, and I then recall feeling sad because the second thought was “I guess I’ll never know what that feels like.”

But then I scroll a little more to my more recent pictures and Matty is literally sitting on my wheelchair. 

from what i’ve seen the tolkien fandom is handling getting a popular movie and a wave of new fangirls a lot better than the marvel fandom did

like the marvel fandom was like “you didn’t read the comics? get out of here you poser”

and the tolkien fandom is just like “COME HERE FRIENDS, WE FEAST”


Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey

"You know nothing, no one, and no place will ever fix that.”

i love how the creators of Avatar and LoK just outright said it: korra is bisexual and korrasami is canon (x) (x)

its so fucking refreshing to see content creators of a huge franchise be unambiguous about a queer romantic endgame no “wellll you can choose to interpret it that way bUT-” there’s not buts or maybes its real guys. i hope this is a precursor to something bigger in the mainstream media and we get to see more equal representation of everything

I seriously CANNOT get over how much I love that most of the older women in LOK are silver haired goddesses because like

usually women don’t go gray on tv and in movies

at least not until they’re much much older and it’s made very clear to the audience that they are not to be considered attractive (regardless of whether or not they are attractive, it’s what we’re told to think)

but like


and every single one of them is gorgeous and badass and perfect and just ugh hold me