16-step Arduino synthesizer, 3D printed models, Glitched Image, Webcam, and Processing Visuals

I was inspired by Duchamp’s art boxes full of small ready-mades and prints. I wanted to create a similar object within the realm of New Genre art. 

I am also interested in Wunderkammern and attempting to create poor facsimiles of existing technology (e.g. a macbook). Filmed in the Whitman College Book Arts Studio. 


Let’s Robot Image Collection #6

Shots from some of the more recent Let’s Robot events, and my rebuilding of Aylobot to add a sword arm and new power pack. 

These Twitch controlled robots will be streaming on Friday, June 5th @ 1pm PST. 
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The 3D model for the Operator character was made by jeremyku, You should check out his stuff, it’s pretty cool! Thanks also to blackbookalpha for helping run the bots, and taking some cool photos!

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Using Muscle Sensor V3 from Advancer Technologies to control InMoov arm

Código de Arduino en github:…

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An Electronic Modules On LEGO.

Microduino mCookie is a small, magnetically stackable, Arduino-compatible electronic modules on LEGO.  There are four magnets inside four corners and the modules will reject each other if they are not angled correctly, you can’t get it wrong and also it eliminates the need of sol…

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Hello. I am trying to wire up one of these LAN ports to an arduino. The problem I’m experiencing is that while the arduino is plugged through the USB cable, and hooked to a network cable which goes directly to the same pc, everything works as expected.When I’m using a 9V battery to power the device, all lights go on and seemingly work ok, but the device never appears on the network.I thought that maybe the arduino side and the router side don’t share the same ground reference. LAN cable should carry a ground reference though, and the ground on the lan board is connected to my arduino ground.what could I be doing wrong? via /r/arduino

You too can build a robot!


#PocketOperator (#PO14) tempo control with #Teensy #Arduino //@teenageengineering


We are so excited to share our story with you guys. Help us better the day-to-day lives of 100 people who can’t speak by giving them the power to communicate at the push of a button.

I need to trigger a relay after the user press the 5 key, but before starting the relay the user must confirm a password.My idea is to save in a vector the user-pressed numbers.My problem is when he presses the 5 key… when he press the 5 key the frist time, that key should’t be inserted into the vector “teste”, i need the next number press by the user, so i can add into the vector and compare with the password already save in the vector “password"void setup() { lcd.begin(16, 2); pinMode (rele1, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver }void loop() { int tecla1= 0xE12440BF; int tecla2= 0xE12428D7; int tecla3= 0xE1246897; int tecla4= 0xE124B847; int tecla5= 0xE124F00F; int tecla6= 0xE1249867; int tecla7= 0xE1247887; int tecla8= 0xE124B04F; int tecla9= 0xE124F807; int number= 0xE124E817; int cont =0; int password [1] = {0xE12440BF}; int teste [1]; if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {Serial.println(results.value, HEX); irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value delay (2000); armazenavalor = (results.value); }if (results.value == 0xE12440BF){ lcd.clear(); lcd.print("Insirir a senha :”); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print(“# para confirmar”); for (int i=0;i
You too can build a robot!