رجب طيب أردوغان رئيس وزراء تركيا يهدي زوجته أمينة أردوغان 36 وردة حمراء أمــــام الملأ بمناسبة عيد زواجهما السادس والثلاثين ..

الصورة تعبر عن الحب والجمال .. تعبر عن مدى احترامه للإنسانة التي قضت معه أحسن وأسوء لحظاته .. ! 


anonymous asked:

"Not a fan of Turkey"?! So you side with Armenians only because you're not a fan of Turkey!! Lol sorry, I had to do that! Why is that? Come on man! Ardogan actually did something to help Gazzians during the war! While "king" Abdulla and "president" Abbas "criticized" that awful act by Israel! And The great UAE sent spies to spy on Gazzians! And the friendly Egypt drowned the tunnels during the siege! Btw I'm not being offensive but text fails to convey impressions :)

I didn’t side with Armenians because I’m not a fan of Turkey, but the point was to the people who kept talking about Turkey, it wasn’t a good point with me.

Turkey is horrible to Kurds. The way they treat Kurds is extremely oppressive. Mimics the way Palestinians are treated in some places.