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I was tagged by the lovely dance-little-turner

1.- Where are you from?

2.- who are your tumblr crushes according to tumblr?

3.- What do you like the most about yourself?
I’ll say my hair tho I have a love-hate relationship with it

4.- Five favourite movies?
My neighbor totoro
Legally blonde (yea)
Mean girls
Shawn of the dead
Back to the future

5.-old or new?
It depends like I like to get new clothes and I like those old vintage cars like a 1967 Chevrolet impala! So I guess both? Can I do that? (Sorry for all the “likes”)

6.-Favorite picture of anything or anyone?


7.-Last song you listened?
Catapult by arctic monkeys

8.-Do you speak another language?

9.-Sun or rain?
Def rain!!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

10.-Dogs or cats?

11.-Favorite Album?
 ♥♥♥ I’m married to Humbug♥♥♥

My questions:
1. What’s your favorite blog?
2. Tea or juice?
3. Favorite colour?
4. Favorite ice cream flavor?
5. Have you ever had Mac and cheese pizza?
6. What’s your favorite dessert?
7. Do you like spicy food?
8. What’s your spirit animal?
9. Do you still have stuffed animals?
10. Are you vegetarian?
11. Do you know who’s Alexa Chung?

I tag:

(I don’t think you have to do this but Wutever)

I was tagged by the lovely


Always post the rules

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1. What’s your dream holiday?

My dream holiday is to travel and discover new countries.

2. Do you write as a hobby?

No, I actually hate writing and I’m not good at it.

3. A book that stayed with you through the years.

Because romanticism is my favourite literary era, ‘The sorrows of Young Werther’ is such a book.

4. What’s your mother tongue?

My mother tongue is Polish.

5. Favourite ice cream flavour.


6. Whose autobiography would you like to read? (doesn’t have to exist)

I’d love to read Juliusz Słowacki (Polish romantic poet) autobiography.

7. Favourite tv series.

That’s a good question! I love Friends, Scrubs,That 70’s Show, 2 broke girls…

8. A smell you really like. 

It’s the smell of lilac and new books.

9. A song that makes you happy.

'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' by The Beatles.

10. Someone you think is beautiful.

Definiately my mother.

11. Have you ever been in love?

Unfortunately not…

My Questions:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

2. Are you interested in history?

3. The best film you have ever seen.

4. What country would you like to visit?

5. How would you describe yourself?

6. Is music important to you?

7. What motivates you?

8. Are you afraid of something?

9. What are your hobbies?

10. How tall are you?

11. What’s your favourite cartoon character?

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askmab said:


Kincaid swore under his breath as he ran at a full sprint through the icy halls of Arctis Tor. He should have never agreed to help Dresden out, but he couldn’t chance him dragging Murphy along. Of course, the stubborn woman had shown up anyway, but that was to be expected. He had encouraged them to go ahead while he had stayed behind to deal with some of the Shifts and other nightmare creatures that had been hidden in the piles of bones. Once they had stopped coming after him he had tried to catch up with the rest of the team, only to have gotten himself lost in the twists and turns of the frigid maze of a castle. When he finally heard a voice through one of the doors he slid to a stop, then bodily pushed his way in through the double doors, not even noticing the last few seconds of his timer counting down as he entered.

Why Me?

So, recent conversations have brought up a few good questions about why I’m Jack Frost. 

As in the actual reasons why Mab and Kringle picked me. Before taking the mantle I didn’t have any magical talents, didn’t even know real magic existed. One suggestion was that Kringle probably picked me because of my Viking heritage from both sides of my family…

But, good question, why me?

askmab and beware-the-secretaries

Oh, and Kringle! Can I have a month off to go to Arctis Tor, there are some things I want to go over with Molly.

I’ve been tagged twice. Twice. Like, I’m not that interesting. I don’t know if I’m supposed to tag who tagged me like but I got this elsewhere and just wanted to put it on tumblr and tag some people who I love because, I do that… anyway! I hope I don’t bore y’all.

1. My name is Megan
2. I just turned 16
3. I’m Scottish
4. I don’t believe in true love
5. My mum calls me a hippie but I’m not really part of a particular ‘social group’ like, I’m not really a music nerd, I’m certainly not popular/pretty, I’m not an emo (even though I also get called that because I listen to metal music) I sometimes gets called a hipster, but I’m just all of that rolled into one!
6. I meditate daily (or night, whatever XD)
7. I use emojis way to often
8. I have a fear of sleep (Somniphobia)
9. I am very socially awkward
10. I prefer fantasy to reality
11. I always worry about what people think of me
12. I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes, too many to count
13. I don’t believe in hate
14. I am fascinated by Ancient Greece and the greek myths
15. I’m a huge fangirl of many followings (too many to list)
16. I am very quick to trust and forgive (a major flaw…)
17. I believe love & peace is better than war & hate
18. Tumblr is my life!
19. I love technology
20. I want to go into film/TV doing editing
21. I’m very over emotional.

Why did I do 21? Because I’m a rebel. That’s why.

Ok, now I have to tag people… you better do it, because I did it… so you have to do it! And tag me in it so I can read it! Or I’ll cry (no seriously, I will)

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arcti-ic said:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers

YAY, I’m always so happy when i get these

  1. I can make people laugh
  2. People like my hair
  3. I know a lot about Harry Potter. Like a lot (Shut up, i’m very proud of that)
  4. It takes a lot to make me dislike somebody
  5. You can literally tell me anything 

Thanks arcti-ic , stay Hella Rad!!


On the road, and on to the next

My time in the Faroes has come to an end. I had an amazing time and met so many kind welcoming people.

After I got over the shock of being locked in such a small place (the furthest you can drive in a straight(ish) line is nearly 2 hours) I fell in love with these grass and sheep covered rocks.

I’ll keep updating here with Faroese-inspired work I will evidently make. 

But for now, back to the road, AKA sleeping in public.