Redirection Redirecting Wrong

Lost out on that bonus productivity from getting up early when my freelance writer blog at ArcticLlama ended up having the homepage redirected to the latest post.

A search shows that people think the “solution” is to turn off monitoring modified posts.  That isn’t a solution as it disables one of the best things about the WordPress Redirection plugin which is that whenever you change the url of one of your posts the plugin automatically throws in a 301 permanent redirect. Turn that off and its just an interface for manual redirects.

Besides, I’ve been using the plugin for years and this never happened before. I guess I’ll have to do the digging if I want a real answer.

LinkedIn Work It Guide

I need a guide on how to work LinkedIn. Not a how to USE LinkedIn guide, but a guide on what I should be doing on there to make it worthwhile somehow.

Here’s the deal.

Long ago, I built a LinkedIn profile, because, well… that’s what you were supposed to do. Then, I added to it here and there, and I added everyone on there that was on it when I joined up, and… that’s it.

Since then, I get invitations when someone else I know happens to join LinkedIn, but they don’t really seem to know what to do with it either. Recently, I was “endorsed” by some people I respect, and not only do I not know what that means, I don’t know how to do it back, or if it really matters.

Long story short, I know how to click all of the buttons on LinkedIn and I know how to setup my profile, check it out: ArcticLlama on LinkedIn, but I don’t really know how to work it, or what to do with it, or if I should really even care. Maybe it would be more obvious if the people that I do know were more active on it.

Anyway, has anyone seen a useful guide that does not start with, “First, pick a username,” because that would be helpful.

P.S. Does anyone know how to gramatically end a sentence that is a question, but ends with a non-question quote? For example, from above:

Has anyone seen a useful guide that does not start with, “First, pick a username?”

That seems to follow the proper punctuation, but it seems very stupid because the quote is not a question, while putting the ? outside of the quotes would require an ending like …username,”?