Abdul Hay Mosallam has created detailed sculptures and paintings that document and archve Palestinian folk traditions as well as important figures and events on the modern history of Palestine. This work, which is acrylic on sawdust and glue, is titled “A Military Statent/The Martyr Dalal Mughrabi” (1978). We’re open Wed-Sun! #HereandElsewhere by newmuseum http://ift.tt/1qeZdbj


WIP.. I think it’s the biggest canvas I’ve worked on at a 6.2k x 3.5k pixel dimension. been abusing the new brush pack here since it works better for large canvases, and I’m quite happy with the progress so far *u*

I’ll explain the idea when i’m done with the painting but. I suppose you already can tell. gotta run for class now. bye.


Part 1 of 2. I never trusted Caitlyn too much..

Vi/Cait was a really popular request in my inbox, so I’m giving you my two cents of their relationship. Someone mentioned Vi being quite a dork, and I can agree with.that; I like to think of her being the awkward one in the relationship.

'Black Frost' Sejuani, or more like just half of it. I imagined a scene where she had made the pact with Lissandra and gotten corrupted by the black ice.. I know there's a Dark Rider skin around but I didn't quite take to its design :U

Lissandra, black frost Anivia and Kassadin’s armour were my inspirations for this so it’s not madly original or anything.. it was fun painting textures here but not as fun when working around this central composition. Liss had to go, sadly.

When you spend so long running after people, you don’t realize that sometimes, you’ve been running from yourself.

what if Vi had always been hiding her natural hair colour. what if Vi had always been hiding her true identity. but unlike her blonde roots inevitably showing up, she has yet to truly reveal her nature.