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Reasons Why Hoechlin was already out of the door during S4

When all is said and done, it’s easier to see the whole picture behind the fractured pieces, and it’s now quite easy to tell that Hoechlin was already out of the door during season 4.

1. June 28 - after 4x01 The Dark Moon
Tyler saying goodbye to the crew. After the pic was released they tried to backtrack saying it was just for the break before S5 shooting. 

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2. June 30 / July 2 - before and after 4x02 117
Hoechlin’s mother retweeting 2 tweets calling the show out.

3. July 3 - after 4x02 117
Cody’s farewell to Hoechlin. Since the tweet caused a storm, Cody tried to backpedal, saying, again, it was a goodbye just because they wrapped.
Then he deleted the whole thing.

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4. July 17 - after 4x03 Muted
Nobody gives anon spoiler too much credits. This one was different.

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5. September 11 - one week after the finale
Holland said a cast member wasn’t returning for S5, and heavily hintend at Hoechlin.
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6. Too many conventions
As many people pointed out - but were usually mocked into silence Teen Wolf stans style - Hoechlin booked too many conventions for someone that should have been shooting in those weeks and was quite simple and logical to tell that the remainings working days between the cons and travelling to get there and back would have affected a regular schedule too much.

Hoechlin is no longer a series regular on the show. He came to me a little while ago and told me about this experience he had shooting an independent movie and how it had excited him and scared him and he wanted to do other things that scared him. And I said ‘Are you asking me if you can move on?’ And he said ‘Well I want to try new things.’ And I said ‘Alright, well I’ll talk to the network but we’re not going to give you a complete goodbye in the end of the season. I want to see you back.’ I’m trying to keep my hook in everyone. And actually we met just a couple weeks ago to talk about possible storylines and we came up with some stuff that we’re all really excited about. So while Tyler Hoechlin won’t be a series regular anymore, you have not seen the last of Derek Hale.
Jeff Davis

Everybody knew Hoechlin was out at least since S4 started airing, back in june 2014.
Given S4 ratings, they lead the fans on (Teen Wolf style) to the point of posting a pic from set, while Hoechlin 99% didn’t even film that day. 

If they took their time to try to convince Hoechlin to stay, we’ll never know, as many other things in this messy show that based its success in misleading and using fans. 
One thing we are sure about: Hoechlin’s departure is being played with great indifference from everybody right now, let’s hope it’s just because they need to sell the whole “you have not seen the last of Derek Hale" that worked so well for Danny.