Your name is ARCHIT EUTHIS, and you have lived what some would call an EXTRAVAGANT LIFESTYLE. Some of these people are what you would call your FRIENDS, although you have few of them because you often come off as ANNOYING and OVERLY CLINGY, some even say you have a JEALOUSY PROBLEM. You live underwater with your OCTOPUS LUSUS, and your room is a mess of what you believe to be PIRATE PARAPHERNALIA, since you are convinced you will one day be a seafaring PIRATE, despite that having no parallels in REALITY. That doesn’t stop you from playing as one when you force your friends to FLARP with you. You’re often called SPOILED and IMMATURE, which leaves you in a constant SOUR MOOD. Your troll tag is malignantCephalopod and ye type eXceptionally well, an ye sometimes be usin’ eXtravagant words to remind ye peers how intelligent ye be! 

What will you do? 


Astounding Tilt-Shift Perspectives of World Monuments!

Anyone who’s traveled to popular touristic sites knows the feeling of being caught in the crossfire of countless camera lenses—the annoyed (and annoying) jockeying to capture the perfect shot…which in most cases looks exactly like everyone else’s. When we stumbled across Richard Silver’s photographs of iconic monuments, we were shocked—caught in the same tourist hustle, Silver manages to give us a new perspective on famous landmarks we didn’t think possible. Read more!

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SO JAMES kindly made me a theme for my fantroll archit euthis and like wow i can’t get over how beautiful it is!!! dang how cool is that, how awesome is this?! thanks again man i love it!! i was having a hard time drawing some track art for this since i’d hit a bit of an art block, so i tried out a different and simpler style this time UuU

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Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn need your help with the Favela Painting Project! 

Working together with local residents, the duo provides opportunities for Brazilian community members to transform their own neighborhood and create public artworks in Rio de Janeiro. Haas&Hahn’s newest artistic endeavor is to take their idea to the next level and paint an entire favela in the city.

Learn more and donate to their Kickstarter campaign here.

Read an interview with the architects and the New Museum’s Deputy Director, Karen Wong.