L'architecture vivante. 1927. Documents sur l'activité constructive dans tous les pays. Editor: Jean Badovici. Éditions Albert Morancé, Paris. Featuring Le Corbusier or Hans Scharoun projects.

Badovici edited this magazine devoted to avant-garde architecture and published quarterly between 1923 and 1932. He was an influential critic and mentor in France of international architecture. He cultivated relations with other magazines such as Wendingen (Netherlands) and Cahiers d'Art (France), founded in 1926 by his friend Christian Zervos. Source: Antiquariat Rohlmann


Van Nelle Factory
Rotterdam, Netherlands; 1925-31

Van der Vlugt, Johannes Brinkman

~ (office building) view from the main entrance at night; (office building) view from the main entrance; (office building) view from the northwest side; perspective drawing of the basic plan, as seen from the main entrance; perspective drawing of the office building, as seen from the main entrance; axonometry of the maximum size of the factories/ basic plan for the complex construction

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Taken from “Van der Vlugt: architect 1894-1936” by Jeroen Geurst, Delft: Delftse Universitaire Pers” (1983)