About exchange programs

I’m actually really looking forward going to Paris and be really confused about their priorities in designing, and I’ll be like

"Wait you need THAT much isolation for your walls?"

"Lol what’s that structure made from? You know when the earthquakes comes…. oh"


"So your social housing is NOT in a 45 degrees angle mountain… interesting"

So I just heard about the spikes things going on in some countries to prevent homeless people sleeping in the street or at the entrance of buildings. 

I would like to ask you, as students, graduates, or at whatever level you are as architects/designers/urban planners, how do you feel about this? 

Update: about Uni

No Read More, I’m on my phone. Sorry.
University is a bitch. Really.
They have decided that this year they would change our entire curricula for graduation. Well, normally when other faculties have done this, the new one applies only to the students that are starting their mayor, BUT NOOOOOO, they want for all of us to feel the change.

So apparently now i have to take like 15 new classes that didn’t exist before so I’ll be staying a student for the rest of my life BAHAHAHAHA. *heavily breathes*

We are trying to get the administration and the council to help us… We’ll see how it goes. Sign up week for next term starts next week. *Aggressively hyperventilates*

One about travel preparations

Seriously guys how do you do it?! 

I have no idea if i should take my mat or how many markers or rulers and cutters and just stuff that i use here. 

Note to self: REMOVE your cutter from your purse before going to the airport. 

Also: I seriously have to make a list. Also, I’ll make a post about final project presentations, how it all went and my usual shenanigans. 

One about health

I don’t know about any of you but I tend to push my body to limits because of studio or anything really that involves my career (studying or working). And sometimes people ask me how can I manage to do it. 

I say I don’t. 

Right now is an example. I just spend 10 days in the LIMAPOLIS: Un Plam para Lima workshop and today I have a cold and a fever. I don’t endure tireness, I just survived it until due day and then I die.