Han Solo at Stars’ End - based on the novel by Brian Daley, adapted by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala. (Part 142 of 160)

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omggg so May likes Steven Universe, right? Well what if she watches Jailbreak and sees Ruby and Sapphire, and they make her think of her dads??? And then they kiss and she's like !!! and then they fuse and she's like !!!!!!!!!!! So then she keeps talking so much about how her dads should fuse and she even draws a picture of what their fusion would look like. Maxie is so confused. Why is May singing about wanting to see him and Archie turn into a "giant daddy"??? So many questions

Ohhh, someone noticed the reference! :O

tbh I think she would be super into that chapter while the dads are just :/

And she would insist that they dance and twirl and all that shit so they can fuse into giant daddy (btw that sounds super cute!! <3)

but Maxie would be like “I don’t dance ¬_¬” and Archie “yeaH THAT’S THE ONLY FLAW OF THE PLAN” 

ahh wait until she meets steven stone 

shit wait this was meant to be a secret oh well

10 Kick-Ass WOC on TV Who’d Make Great Charlie’s Angels

1. Lucy Liu – Elementary. Obvs. She’s already rocked it in the role. Action, acting, intelligence, humor, style – the queen still rules. So Townsend/Munday Associates?

2. Nichole Beharie – Sleepy Hollow. Impressive onscreen confidence, strength, snark.

3. Ming-Na Wen – Agents of SHIELD. Fierce in every way.

4. Danai Gurira – The Walking Dead. Bring the katana.

5. Archie Panjabi – The Good Wife. Emmy winner. ‘Nuff said.

6. Maggie Q – Stalker. Plus, Nikita and about a million other action gems.

7. Naya Rivera – Glee. Perfect mix of snark and toughness.

8. Angela Bassett – American Horror Story. Brilliant in every role. Plus, look at those arms.

9. Grace Park – Hawaii 5-0. Awesome and underrated.

10. Jada Pinkett-Smith – Gotham. She has stepped it up. Scary good.

Bonus: Rosario Dawson – Daredevil. Currently tearing it up.

Please note: This list is entirely subjective, incomplete and subject to change. But I am glad there are so many great TV actors/characters to choose from. Would’ve been tough to fill this list even 10 years ago.

Belle Unleashed, Chapter 4

Summary: The adventures of Heartless!Belle. Today, we take a turn from crack to angst to I don’t know. Consider yourself warned.

Full Story Here on AO3

Gold sat with the Author. So far the man had been largely useless, lamenting Cruella’s demise and eating seemingly endless bags of Utz potato chips. There was a knock on the door of the cabin.

“What? You have friends coming up here now?,” asked Isaac. “Wait, you don’t have friends.”

Gold grimaced and walked to the door to see that it was Archie and Pongo.

“Hi, Mr. Gold,” said Archie.

“Doctor Hopper.”

“Oh, the cricket?!,” exclaimed Isaac. “Come on…”

Archie entered with the dog.

“What brings you out here?,” asked Isaac to Gold’s chagrin. “Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been stuck with this guy all day.”

Archie turned to Gold. “Henry came to me.”

Gold frowned.

“He was worried about Belle. Actually, a few of us are worried about Belle.”

“Well, you should be,” said Gold. “Regina stole her heart.”

Archie looked taken aback. He shook his head.

“No, Regina’s worked so hard to change.”

“Yes, but I fear she may not have worked quite as hard at changing back.”

“Well, I suppose backslides are normal,” said Archie. “As you must know yourself.”

Gold ignored Archie and walked away.

“So, are you going to get it back?,” asked Archie.

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Give Your Heart A Break--Part 1

So I’m avoiding studying so here’s Part 1 out of a potentially 3 part fic about Finn in his post-Rae slump during his last night in Stamford.

Also some fun sprinkled in for Archie!!

how-ardently mmfdiaryfan kneekeyta i-dream-of-emus mirandasmadeofstone and I know there were others but again, I’m on my phone (tumblr is blocked from my laptop until exams are over) so I apologize and will try and make a legit tag list very soon!

Still struggling with POV so critique/feedback always welcome.

Sorry I can’t do read more on mobile!!


“Dating Olivia was shit. Dating anyone other than Rae is shit. Fucking life is shit.” Finn spat out the words and chugged another pint and slammed it down on the table.

Archie looked on helplessly as he watched Finn’s hands fiddle with the beer mat. He was already three pints in and was still being a grumpy sod, but what else was new?

“Is Leeds gunna be not shit?” he asked gently, worried the answer would result in broken pint glasses or worse.

Finn pushed his fourth, now empty pint hard across the table, nearly crashing it onto the floor and got up. Archie didn’t want his best mate to leave Stamford, but he sure wasn’t excited to be around his moody ass 24/7. He thought maybe a night at the Pub would remind Finn how much fun they could have, just the gang. But a half hour in Finn started a fight with Chop, talking about the guys he’s seen chatting up Izzy, which was Chops last straw and lead to Archie holding him back so he wouldn’t beat the living shit outta Finn. He left the pub cursing Finn out, not exactly the fond farewell Archie had in mind.

The girls didn’t even make it out. Izzy was under the weather and Chloe had been acting funny and mumbled that she had plans when he tried to get her to come out. He hadn’t talked to Rae in two days and wished he could have gotten ahold of her and convinced her to come out. Not like it would do any good. Her and Finn together had been unbearable to watch. He just wanted to lock them in the handicap bathroom and throw a Johnny at them so they could sort their shit out. Even though he was unbearably alone, he loved seeing his two best mates so happy in love, even if it only lasted a week. He couldn’t stand their current tension filled moody standoff.

Finn wobbled off to get another drink, ignoring Archie’s question. Archie sat there frustrated with what the night had become. He wanted Finn to stay, but if he couldn’t make him happy, maybe Leeds was what was best. Finn returned to the table and slammed down two giant cups of a clear liquid.

“Please tell me this is water, Finn”
“Fuck that, It’s tequila! Drink up Archibald”

Christ this night was about to become a shit show. Tequila drunk Finn could be anything from talkative as fuck or a sappy fucking dickhead, or a rowdy wanker that would get them thrown out before midnight. Archie didn’t think he had the energy for any of that tonight. They cheers’d glasses and Archie took a small sip as Finn downed the whole glass like it was water. Things were gunna get shitty real quick.

As if on cue, the lights dimmed. A cute dark haired boy stood in the corner where the tables had been pushed away and a small make shift stage laid out. The little spotlight shone on him as he set up a microphone and a small speaker. He watched as the cute microphone man bent down to plug in the karaoke contraption. Oh man. Yup. Definitely. I’m definitely gay, Archie thought, trying desperately to not picture what he looked like without those tight jeans.

Archie turned back around to the table and sees both glasses are empty. Oh for fucks sake, Finn’s gunna puke his brains out tonight. Gary’s gunna kill both of em. He’s about to force Finn to drink some water or something so tomorrow he doesn’t have the hangover from hell when he realizes, shit. He’s fucking gone.

He glanced around the pub with no signs of his inebriated friend. Where could that fucker be? Maybe he’s already puking, he thought, looking around the Pub one more time then headed to the washroom. Pushing open the door he saw every stall was full. He tried to look under the stalls, as inconspicuously as possible to see if his friends black chucks were peeking out. He had almost finished when a door swung open and microphone man walked out giving him a quizzical look.

“You alright chap?” The guy was smiling

“Oh yeah, well I’m fine, just my friends had one too many and I can’t find the dickhead.” He tried to sound nonchalant but his cheeks were growing red and giving him away. He was never any good at keeping his cool. Especially around men with dark chocolate eyes that he couldn’t stop from staring into.

“Ahhh, that moody gent you were sitting with?” microphone man headed to the sink and Archie stood to the side trying to hide the excitement that microphone man noticed him. I mean. Finn was making a bit of a scene with all his grumpiness. But still.

“Yeah, he can’t get over a girl. Been right distraught over her for weeks now.”

“Oh, so you two aren’t dating?” Now Archie was sure his face was red and his hands seemed to instantaneously start sweating.

“Oh, we’re just best mates. Known him since we were little” he rubbed his hands down his jeans in an effort to get rid of some of the dampness, and just to do something with his hands to try and hide how nervous he had become.

“So you have a boyfriend at home waiting for you to get done trying to cheer up Mr. Grumps? Or a girlfriend?” There was another question hidden in the subtext and Archie was not going to fuck this up. Since realizing he liked men the biggest frustration was never knowing if the ones he fancied even fancied men. But microphone man had found a way to slyly hint and Archie was ready to finally have a chance to put himself out there.

“No, no boyfriend” he tried his best to sound seductive. Well as seductive as one can be when standing next to a urinal.

“Well I gotta go finish setting up, you should bring me a beer once it’s started so we can chat” he smiled and finished washing his hands, giving Archie a wink and a sly smile in the mirror before exiting the washroom.

“Did that just happen” he mumbled to no one in particular. Then before he could get caught up in a beautiful daydream involving microphone man and, well, let’s say a microphone, he remember what had brought him in here. That dickhead. Where the fuck was he?

He left the washroom and went out the side door where Finn usually smoked. He asked a couple people if they’d seen him but everyone was too pissed to be of any help. He did a quick jog around the premise to be sure he wasn’t doing anything stupid like lying down in the car park.

“Where the fuck is the wanker?” Archie mumbled as he headed back inside. Their glasses had been cleared from their table and Finn had not returned. Now he was starting to worry. Fucker can’t do this shit to me. Uncle Archie is getting to old for hide and seek. He stared to pace round the pub thinking of other places Finn could be. As he strode past the jukebox he tripped over something. He looked down and saw a black converse attached to a slumped over body.

His anger dissipated when he saw what he held in his hand. A 20 quid. Finn was silently staring at it like it held magic powers. Archie sat down and scooted next to him.

“Are you alright, mate?” He lightly rubbed Finn’s leg and looked at him till he stopped staring at the quid and finally acknowledged Archie’s presence beside him. He shook his head back and forth slightly and Archie recognized the look on his face and immediately pulled him into a hug. He hadn’t seen Finn this distraught since his mum left. Finn acted fine for a week or two, a little angrier then usual, then one day Archie came by after school, let himself in the front door, and saw Finn curled up on the sofa, with the same grief stricken face as he saw just now.

“Hey, Finn, I know this is hard right now mate. I wish I could make his easier for you. It kills me that I can’t. You’re my best mate and I need you to know that if you go to Leeds I’m going to miss you every fucking day, but you’re my best mate and I want you to do what’s best for you.” Archie whispered into Finn’s ear and held Finn close to him, rubbing his back as Finn’s body shook with held back tears he was refusing to shed.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over her Archie.” His voice was barely audible. Archie didn’t know what he could say. Sure, he could say one day he’ll get over her, but when? In a month? Or a year? Someday he may move on from Rae. But what about today, and tomorrow. What was he supposed to do until then. Archie wasn’t versed in navigating relationships, at least ones that didn’t involve Greek Mythology. He knew Finn was hurting and he honestly was unsure how or when the pain would subside.

“What did I do Arch? What could I have done to make her break up with me? Was it making a move in that bloody fuckin caravan? Or falling asleep after she shoved glasses of vodka at me that night? Why couldn’t she just tell me what I did wrong? Even if she wouldn’t give me a second chance. I just want to know why I fuck everything up.” Finn had broken out of his embrace and drew his knees up to lay his head on. “I know she has stuff. I know people have been shit to her before. I get it’s not easy for her Arch. It’s not easy for me either. What about me? I finally find a girl who loves Oasis and music and is funny as hell and I finally get her to realize I’m bloody obsessed with her and she’s barely my girl for a week before I done fuck it all up. I talked to her Arch. I talked to her and you know how I don’t talk to anyone. You know. And I thought she knew. She’s special and I’m just shit. Shit that needs to just fuck off to Leeds” Archie sat next to Finn silently as he racked his brain to figure out what he could possibly tell the boy to make him feel better.

“Honestly Finn, I don’t know why she broke it off with yah. You’re not shit and I don’t want to hear you keep saying that bout yourself. You’re my best mate because you’ve always cared about me and I always knew, even if you barely say anything. You never let anyone take the piss at me. I see the way you care about the whole gang, and I had never seen you try harder to support and care about someone then when you were with Rae. I know I keep saying this, but have you talked to her?”

Finn lifted his forehead from his knees and stared at Archie for a moment before he croaked out, “She doesn’t want me. She doesn’t even want me to stay in Stamford. She doesn’t want me Arch and I don’t know what to do.” Archie wasn’t sure in all his years of being Finn’s friend if he’d ever seen him cry, even over a skinned knee. Even that day on the sofa there were no tears. Just solemn silence. It was as if Finn had been saving up tears for the past decade and those tears had chosen this moment to cascade down his face and onto Archie’s shirt as Finn weeped into Archie’s chest. Archie knee Rae wasn’t just a crush. But he didn’t realize just how hard Finn had fell for their Raven haired mate.

Archie sat there listening as Morrissey’s Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself faded. As the song ended he realized Finn had grown quiet again and released Archie from his grasp. “I thought Tequilla was supposed to make you dance on tables, not cry on the floor.” Finn joked, wiping his eyes with his flannel sleeve.

“Why don’t you sit down and let me get you some water.” He grabbed two glasses of water from the bartender and headed back to their table. He walked past microphone man who gave him another wink and a saucy “next time you walk past those arms better be holding something for me” that nearly lead to three puddles on the ground. Two from the water, and a third all that would be left of Archie after melting into a puddle of horn. He tried to tame down his big smile as he sat across from Finn. They drank water in silence till Finn got up.

“I need a cigarette.” He said while fishing through his pockets looking for his lighter.
“Want me to come with?”
“Thanks mate, but I’ll be right back” he turned and headed out the side door.

Archie hopped up and nearly ran to the bar to get a beer for microphone man. The karaoke had started and a man was singing an Elvis song so poorly it was barely recognizable.

“Why thank you!” Microphone Man smiled and took the glass from him and took a sip. They chatted, just small talk, taking quick breaks as he switched songs for the parade of awful singers waiting to karaoke. Archie discovered his name was Mike and had to stifle a giggle when he thought how minutes before he was referring to him as Mike-rophone Man. Luckily he realized Mike would probably find this less then humorous and kept the joke to himself.

“I’m going to give everyone’s ears a break for 15 min or so, let me buy you a drink.” Archie follows him to the bar and then to a small booth in the back of the pub.

“Archie, I’m so glad I didn’t spook yah back in the washroom. I’m not usually so forward about my inquiries but I didn’t want to waste my time with another gorgeous straight guy.”

Did he just infer that I was gorgeous. Is this a bloody dream? Fuck it. In the chance that this is actually real life he wasn’t going to mess around. “I’m glad you asked because I doubted I was lucky enough to spot such a handsome man who for once is actually attracted to men.” Archie felt color rush to his cheeks once again, but Mike’s smile put him at ease.

Before either of them could say anything music started to play again and they looked towards the stage to see Finn, a new drink in hand, at the mic.

“Looks like he has my job covered” Mike laughed.
“This can’t end well” Archie shook his head and braced himself for whatever Finn was about to grace the pub with.
“Is this Demi Lovato?” Mike asked, but before Archie could answer Finn’s voice bellowed through the speakers and they both fell silent as he started his drunken performance.