autumnpug asked:

What was the moment you feel terribly horribly in love with Parker?

OH GOD. I’m not sure I can pinpoint the exact moment, because there have been SO MANY MOMENTS and I’ve only watched the whole series once, and my memory isn’t great with keeping things in chronological order. So instead, here is a list of all the moments that are popping into my head as “PARKER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” moments. One of them was probably the first one. 

  • Obviously (see: tag choice) “Thief Juice: it’s a mouth crime.” 
  • God, that moment in the ice cave with Eliot, when she wants so much to do the right thing, and doesn’t even entirely understand why, and is trying so hard and, ugh, my fucking heart. PARKER. 
  • "Alice made a friend.” “YOU made a friend, Parker.” It will not be necessary to kill me because I have already died
  • This, I know, is a weird one, but: obviously that whole Archie/Sterenko episode is chock full of Parker feels (her warehouse with lights that go on automatically when the doors open and the bedroom part right in the middle so she’d have ample warning/time/distance to defend herself/get away if anyone broke in, PARKERRRRRR), but the moment that really gets me is that when Archie tells her she’s got a good crew, and her response is, “A little undisciplined, but yeah.” Like. Not that the Leverage crew isn’t a little undisciplined but until that moment I hadn’t really thought about the amount of constant, unceasing training and conditioning it must take for Parker to remain Parker, and I’m so glad the show took the moment to point that out, you know? Because with a character like Eliot, for example, you do think about it, because nobody could have that kind of musculature or reaction time in a fight without major physical upkeep — but Parker must do that too. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker did more of it, because what Parker does takes more muscle control even than Eliot’s talents. I don’t know if this bullet point is even making sense I just like, PARKER JUMPS OFF BUILDINGS LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY but thinks of her crew as undisciplined and that makes me love her so much I don’t even know how to explain it. 
  • That episode where she gets put in group therapy for the con and actually like. Does some therapy. For herself. Because she’s there anyway and might as well.
  • That entire episode with her torn ACL but especially the phone call with Hardison, where she’s like “I’m fine” and he’s like “You TORE YOUR ACL take your medicine” and she’s like “Pain pills make things all wibbly-wobbly, I GOTTA BE IN CONTROL, [quote from Heat].” And then later in that same episode where she calls Eliot and he’s like “How’s the knee,” and she’s like “DRIVING ME TO CRAZYTOWN” because she hates not being able to slip away at a moment’s notice and/or crawl through the air vents. WHICH SHE THEN DOES WITH A TORN ACL. Parker you beautiful messy bizarre control freak ilu so much
  • “A man with one watch knows the time. A man with two is never sure […] I had fortune cookies for breakfast.”
  • “Cops bad. Thieves go!” 
  • Her entire Christmas thing. And I mean like obviously with Parker the Christmas thing is part of the general like, childlike innocent super dangerous master thief thing, but I just. She loves the things she loves so much! And so unashamedly! And it’s great. 
  • BUT REALLY, I realized as I typed this out, the real answer to this question is: when she stabbed that guy with that fork. That was it. That was the moment. 

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do you like bridges at all?

Yes I do, bridges are one of the structures where architecture and engineering meet most purely to resolve a problem. Not very convinced about any of the bridges proposed in the latest London competition to span the River Thames between Nine Elms on the south bank and Pimlico on the north bank. Instead of designing a bridge whose beauty comes from the development of the structure they all seem very “gimmicky”.

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Do you think that architecture is more important for the "3rd world country" that are building their economies than let say America? I think so because the "1st world countries" are no longer interested in design but more interested in the price of production.

Loaded question. I think architecture is important for all countries. Developing nations that want to let the world know how their country is doing might use architecture to demonstrate this, this is one of the reasons for the skyscraper race going on in Asia at the moment. If by “America” you mean to say the “United States” there is a lot of design being done that has nothing to do with the price of production. Remember, the cost of a building will never determine if it is good architecture or not.

Phoenix Towers

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I'm following the footsteps of my parents and will be studying architecture this fall as a freshman. Do you have any advice? I asked them and they said that I should be prepared to dedicate a lot of time on my work and to be ready to stay up later than usual for work.

I would tend to agree with them. Make sure you are doing this because YOU love architecture. You can check other responses to similar questions in the Dear ARCHy tag of my blog…

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Another great thing about Kalinda is her different relationships with other different characters on the show, the core one being Kalinda and Alicia. That is something that we saw. They didn’t quite know what to think about each other in the beginning, they turned into friends. Something really big happened in season 2 when we discovered that Kalinda had in fact slept with Peter. How of you enjoy of that relationship evolving over the years? Do you think there’s real love between those two women? (x)